It was the penultimate day of the expedition. It was just a practice for each school to prepare their participants for the state championships.

The three friends walked away from the camp. They were by the town park.

-Don't you think you overdid it? We left the camp without permission.

-There are a lot of people watching us, that's why I preferred that we leave.

-What happened? -What happened?

-Regarding hate-you, what happened was that Luan activated an ability without knowing it.

Luan was surprised to hear it and spoke.

-What skill?

-Just check your system.

Just as his friend told him. Luan checked his system and saw a notification.


He logged in there and saw it.

-This is it? He says earth movement

-It's dangerous, but it will help distract. Anyone. We can see how strong it is, or if it can lift dirt off the ground.

-Interesting. When we get back to Glosbar I'll give it a try.

-Well, I guess that's it. Luan, don't forget to do the daily mission.

-Don't worry, I won't forget
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