A new beginning (2)

Poof !! Amon who was sitting crossed legged on the huge flying sword vommitted blood from his mouth and his expression became pale.

His body swayed slightly as he became dizzy . He had to hold the both edge of the sword in order to avoid falling from it.

"It's not working ..it's still working !". Amon gasped for breath as he felt a nerve wrecking pain in the centre of his chest.

He tried to cultivate again but his body completely rejected the surrounding spiritual energy. The spiritual energy could not even enter his body as it was bounced back by a mysterious force.

He had tried several times only to become injured from his several forceful attempt of absorbing spiritual energy.

The expression of Amon was bleak as he lowered his head slightly and said nothing afterward. Blood tickled down from one corner of his lips , staining the surface of the sword.

"Kid , you have take it slow ". The phantom who was sitting at the hilt of the sword said heavily.

"The more anxious you get
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