Blackwood territory (2)

"How dare you hurt the young lord !!". Max roared out with immense rage , intending to rush forward and fight .

"No ! , wait !!". The young man got up anxiously and yelled out . Not minding the destroyed carriage and dusty clothes , the young man immediately rushed forward and waved his hands with the intention of the stopping the attacks of the guards.

"But young lord ...". Max tried to object but he was meet with a fierce glare from the young man and he immediately shrank his neck out of fear.

He had almost forgotten that the young lord was a homicidal maniac that killed without any reason.

"Are you trying to go against my orders ?". The young man asked with a dangerous glow in his eyes.

"I will never do that !!". Max immediately sheathed his sword and bowed slowly before taking several steps back.

"Better for you!". The young man sneered slightly before looking at Amon with intense fervor.

"What a powerful bloodline !!". The young man licked his lips with an intoxicated exp
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