Broken Dao heart (End domain)

Cough !! cough !! cough !! Amon regained consciousness and coughed heavily before trying to open his drowsily eyes .

His eyelids seemed heavy and with each breathing , he felt a sharp pain in his chest . It was as if his heart was pierced by a sharp object.

His breathing was laboured and he felt complete exhaustion that stemmed to his bone marrow.

After a long struggle , he was able to open his eyes and what he saw left him completely astonished .

An endless yellow desert that stretched to an unknown length . He had to make use of his hand to Shield his face from the fierce wind that was blowing sand into his eyes.

The sky was covered in yellow glow and three glowing suns could be seen hanging up in the sky , emitting resplendent light.

Took a deep breath , he slowly gathered strength and slowly got up from the ground with shabby steps.

"Where is this place ,?". He covered his face slightly with his left hand as he felt a blinding light flash past his eyes.

His brain was st
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