Broken Dao heart (6)

"Die !!". Ryden did not even listen to what the light Ancestor was saying as he immediately attacked with all his strength.

Time was running out and be will not be able to maintain his peak state for long.

"Myriad swords return , Heaven calamity !!".

Ryden pointed his hand forward and the billions of sword qi immediately gathered and formed an extremely long sword that spanned unknown length.

"Go !!". Ryden muttered slowly as the sword streaked towards the light Ancestor.

Boooom!! the void started collapsing as spacetime became extremely chaotic. The various Dao laws rumbled incessantly and was showing signs of dispersing.

In the middle of the Dark void , only a single sword seemed to exist in the current spacetime as everything else became a vacuum.

The surrounding void for billions of miles seemed to have been slashed into two.

"Heavenly rune!!". The light Ancestor roared out with immense fright as he sensed death from the incoming attack.

Boooom!! a blue rune immediate
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