II Broken Writer Arc : Chapter 1 “The Research”

Buzz of the laptop woke me up. It was still the middle of the night.

The work that I kept on exploring - my great quest - still in the document format on the screen. Auto saved multiple times.

I looked at the door - closed. It was open before. I remember how it was absolutely open before.

My eyes darted across the room - checking if all was still intact, in the same place, untouched.

I breathed out in relief - Erick was on the sofa. Asleep.

"Thank goodness it was just you." - I thought to myself.

Finding lighter and ashtray in the pile of paperwork scattered across the table was a little task. The piles of the paper could slush down if not moved carefully.

After finding the two ingredients, I reached into my pocket to pull a pack of reds out.

Flicker of a lighter, zip sound and the cigarette was lit. I took a sweet dose of nicotine.

Looking at my sleeping brother was my great meditation. He always looked absolutely peaceful, like all the worries in their world never exis

This is the Arc of Broken Writer start. More things will be unveiled and shown.

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