II Broken Writer Arc : Chapter 2 “The Editor”


One bedroom apartment, quite spacious and at the same time absolutely crammed up with endless papers.

I was indulging in my morning coffee, whilst taking in the view from his window - outside it was sunrise, it was early autumn morning. The mist in the air gave the mysterious feeling to the town below. Everyone was waking up to their jobs, to the assignments that were waiting for them in the office, to the never ending flow of consumers and service.

I was enjoying this time of the day. When all was still about to wake up for a day filled with tasks and things to do.

Staying in Tokyo made me absolutely comfortable in many ways. Although it was such a buzz filled place, I enjoyed living here. Outskirts of a big city, the more "down to earth" feeling to it, compared with the central.

I came here barely a year ago. Luckily for me, I landed a job with a publishing company. Being the writer for a publishing house. Every few weeks I'd have my manager come over to have a chat, check pr
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