A Mother's Sacrifice

Under the dark starry sky, a graceful figure standing at the highest point of the silent echoes city the spindle tower. This figure was overlooking the entire city from her perch on the tower and, although she was so far away and high up in the tower, her gaze was sharp and focused, as if nothing could ever escape her sight.

Eunice Valerian stood silently as the cool night breeze blow against her face. Her blonde hair blew in the air. She was wearing loose white clothing that fluttered in the wind.

Standing at the edge of the garden on top of the tower, Eunice resembled a fallen fairy that was trapped after descending to the mortal world.

Behind her, Eudora stood silently while watching her back. There was a faint smile on Eudora's lips as she watched Eunice, who was looking into the distance.

Standing at the edge of the garden, Eunice looked into the distance with a pallid face. Her eyes seemed to pierce into the distance at a certain location in the

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