Attack And Ambush

Actually, the squad leader was already regretting what he said just now. He wished he could take it back and not trouble this assassin.

When the leader noticed the assassin clutching her shortswords tightly and looking as if she was trying very hard to hold herself back, he knew that he had successfully angered her right now. From this moment, there was no way for the two groups to actually get along anymore.

In that case, the squad leader was thinking of what to do in this situation. If he wanted to mend the friction that had developed between the assassin and his squad, it was actually quite easy. All he had to do was retract his statement while apologizing sincerely. If he did that, then the assassin would likely give a face to the Avalon family that had commissioned the squad and not to quibble with time anymore.

In the end, the squad leader actually hesitated and did not immediately try to apologize. He was feeling very conflicted based on certain matters.<

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