The middle-aged woman who had just entered was Eudora, Eunice's nanny, as well as Trapp's publicly recognized mother.

Eudora was the one who had taken care of Eunice ever since she was born and hidden away by her father and she had also taken care of Trapp too and helped to deliver him in secret. Now, Eudora was Eunice's most trusted and closest confidante as well as the second in command of the Silent Echoes city.

There was a gentle smile on Eudora's face as well, a kind of motherly aura that came from years of taking care of Trapp and Eunice.

In the Valerian family, Eudora had quite a high status that was in no way inferior to the head of the family, Giovanni Valerian. Her words and opinions carried a lot of weight and nobody dared to not take her seriously at all.

As soon as Eudora showed up in the garden on top of the spindle tower, the stifling atmosphere between mother and son immediately vanished.

Trapp, who had grown up under Eudora's care and love, turned his face away from her awkwardly. Although there was still that gentle smile on Eudora's face, Trapp could not bring himself to look her straight in the face.

Of all the people who were close to Trapp, Eudora was the only one that he would ever show a guilty expression.

In front of his own mother, Trapp did not mind behaving as uncouth as possible, but when it came to Eudora, Trapp would always behave himself.

As for Eunice, although she did not turn away as Trapp had done, she too no longer had the same imposing manner as before. There was still an air of authority about Eunice's person, but the imposing and cold aura that Eunice had in front of Trapp was greatly subdued.

Following Eudora's entrance into the garden, there was a brief and awkward silence. This did not last long before Eudora said, "Well, don't just stand there... get going already and set the table. Let's all have some tea and talk, shall we?"

Immediately, everybody started moving.

Della was the first to walk towards the garden table that was placed on a side of the garden. She immediately got down to set the table.

While busying herself with that, Della secretly let out a sigh of relief. Right now, Della was more than happy to be spared from the tension of the previous situation. If there was one thing Della did not like about her job, it was that he was always caught in the middle between Trapp's and his mother's fights. Because of this, Della had suffered untold hardships just by standing on the sidelines.

Every time the mother and son duo met, Della would always find herself standing in a veritable minefield that would explode at the slightest disturbance.

Della would always almost find herself suffocating from holding her breath due to the tension.

While Della was setting the table, Eudora came up to help her. At the same time, Trapp wanted to help out too, but he instead found himself being chased away by Eudora and being made to stand by the side.

"Get out of here, boy, and let me work before you destroy my tableware for me," Eudora said to Trapp.

"The only thing you're ever good at is picking up girls and causing trouble. I don't want to hear from you until I'm done. Now go stand at the side. Let me finish what I'm doing," Eudora commanded.

Having been chased away by Eudora, Trapp could only rub his nose awkwardly before moving away.

Looking around the small garden, Trapp could not find a place to stand, since the place they were in was a bit too small.

The only place that was relatively empty and had enough space for Trapp to stand was beside his mother.

Looking at Eunice, whose face was still cold and expressionless, Trapp decided against standing beside her. He could only stand at the corner of the garden next to a few exotic plants.

Finally, after a short time, the table was set and Eudora immediately called out.

"Alrighty then, everything is set. Down we can all sit down for some relaxing tea."

"You can all come and sit. I'll be pouring the tea."

At Eudora's call, Trapp and his mother finally went over to sit at the table.

There were four garden chairs arranged around the table, and the mother and son occupied two of the chairs directly opposite each other. Meanwhile, Eudora started to pour out some tea for everybody and Della stood behind Trapp.

Looking at Della, Eudora asked, "Didn't I say everybody should sit... why then are you still standing there, girl? Are you going to take your tea standing?"

"Oh!" Della was surprised. She never thought that she was expected to sit along with the rest of them.

Della was caught in a dilemma.

As a servant, it didn't seem appropriate for Della to sit and eat at the same table as her masters.

In truth, this would not be the first time that she would do so, as most of the time, whenever Eudora was around, Della would also be invited to eat together with the family.

In the entire silent echoes castle estate, Della was the only servant that had this kind of privilege. Still, Della could bring herself to get used to it, and she was always conscious about this.

Every time it would have to be Eudora who invited her to sit at the table. Also, it was not as if trapped and his mother ever shared a meal together. Most of the time, unless Eudora was around, Trapp would always eat his meals straight in the kitchen.

Facing Eudora's invitation, Della could only woodenly sit down and wait to be served tea.

At this time, footsteps could be heard coming from the door of the garden, and eventually, a figure came through the door.

This figure belonged to Head Cook Clara. she was actually rolling a serving cart through the door towards them.

Seeing her, Eudora smiled while saying to Trapp, "Having heard that you had some company last night I knew you wouldn't wake up in time for breakfast so on my way up I ordered Clara to prepare a few snacks for you to eat while he had tea."

"Seriously, boy, you need to start taking better care of yourself. Lord knows just how much you make me worry about the kind of company you keep. If you love sleeping with women so much, why don't you go for those high-class consorts that are popular with the nobles and not these low-born women you can find anywhere. It makes me worry thinking about what kind of diseases you can catch from these women. At least I could help you raise and train a few women for your personal use whom you can use to fulfill all your desires. I trust that you'll be satisfied with the girls I select for you. This way you'll be much safer and I wouldn't have to worry about you all the time."

Trapp broke out into a cold sweat, following Eudora's words. He was greatly embarrassed that she would bring up such a sensitive topic right now, so much that Trapp was blushing furiously.

Although Trapp did not care about his reputation, nor was he bothered by his womanizing habits, it did not mean that he wanted to hear talks like this from Eudora.

This was not the first time Eudora was bringing up this topic. Ever since Trapp had gotten hooked on indulging in sex and debauchery, Eudora had immediately offered to build him his own harem.

Like every time Eudora brought up this topic, Trapp always adamantly refused. He was afraid that if he let Eudora do as she wished, she would eventually start to talk about Trapp taking a wife and having children.

The thought of that terrified Trapp so much.

He was only so young, so Trapp was not yet ready to settle down.

Eudora was still talking as she poured tea and served snacks. This time, Eudora directed her speech to Della.

"And you too, Della, you're also to blame for the kind of women your young master brings home. What are you even doing? As his butler, you should be more strict in screening these women. You can't just let any random person approach him anyhow. Is this how you were trained? Or have you completely forgotten all your training? I know that Trapp can be so unreasonable at times and he doesn't like to listen to others, but at this time, you can just take drastic measures yourself. By following your training and pleasing your young master like you were taught, you can prevent all of those unsavory women from approaching."

Della too blushed uncontrollably. This was also not the first time she was hearing this and, as always, Della did not know how to respond at all.

She could only bury herself down and keep quiet.

As for Eunice, she had been silently sipping her tea without saying anything at all.

There was not a ripple in her expression, as if this embarrassing topic was not affecting her at all.

Seeing as Eudora was not going to stop her nagging anytime soon, Trapp quickly brought up a question in a bid to change the topic.

Turning to Eunice, Trapp asked, "Right mother, I came here because you called for me. Can you tell me why you were looking for me?"

Finally, silence once more came to the small garden and Eudora stopped talking.

Although there was a slight frown between her brows, Eudora no longer said anything and instead waited for Eunice to speak.

Finally, after finishing the tea in her cup, Eunice looked at Trapp and slowly said, "I called you here because I have something for you to do."

"It is time you went on another mission!"

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