With various worries in his heart, the leader decided to end this matter here quickly before it got out of hand.

"Listen, now is not the time to deal with this now. We can settle who is at fault later, but right now we need to make sure we aren't discovered and we can complete the mission without any problems developing. Do you hear me, all of you?"

The leader shot a piercing glare at all the people that were causing trouble. His tone revoked any chance for disobedience and he exerted his authority as the leader to completely end this topic. None of the squad members dared to disobey the leader because he still held a lot of prestige among the squad members and they respected him very much. They simply lowered their heads and said nothing after that.

Seeing as the matter had come to an end, the leader was pleased.

Nodding his head, his expression became serious once more before he started addressing a more important issue.

"What are we going to do

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