Rags to Stardom

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Rags to Stardom

By: Whitley Skywater Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Ethan Banks, a poor business analyst is cheated on and despised by his wife and her family simply because he was broke but his life suddenly takes a surprising twist…

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Chapter 1
As Ethan walked home, so many thoughts clouded his mind. Throughout the several months he spent in jail, not once did Ariella his wife or any other member of the Gray family pay him a single visit. He knew they despised him but his present predicament showed him just how much. "Move loser," a driver screamed at him as he had drifted carelessly to the road while he was deep in thought. He didn't know what awaited him at home. Even though the warden had informed Ariella of his release, she never came to pick him up or even considered sending a vehicle to get him. Just as he passed a newspaper stand, the front page of the most popular dailies, Cedarwood times, caught his attention. It was the picture of Ariella, his wife receiving an award for being the most successful Pharmacist in Cedarwood. Despite the way he had been treated by her, he still felt proud of her. She had accomplished all that she had always wanted and it was mostly because of him.Feelings of despair returned, washin
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Chapter 2
As the events of the past couple of minutes replayed in Ethan’s mind, he suddenly felt like he was losing air. He had always believed Ariella was his soulmate and that they would grow old together but alas all that was a mirage. As Ethan contemplated on all that had recently befallen him, a glittering object caught his attention. As he drew closer, he realized it was a strange looking medallion that was lodged between a small rock by the roadside. Something strange happened as Ethan picked up the medallion, the rock mysteriously vanished.At that instant, Ethan's phone began to ring so he quickly kept the medallion in his pocket. As he reached for his phone to see who the caller was, his heart leapt. The caller id showed it was the hospital calling. Without hesitation, he picked up.As Ethan received the most devastating news of all from the hospital he immediately lost his composure, falling to the ground in tears. There was nothing more painful than the death of his mother. The hos
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Chapter 3
“By keen observation. I noticed the tattoo on the arm of one of the masked men as I took him down. I also observed the hidden glances that your driver and the leader of the kidnappers exchanged.” From the moment Ethan wore the medallion, he noticed he could not only see the future but his senses had become heightened, giving him the ability to think and observe things very quickly.Ian instantly took a liking to Ethan as he sensed that there was something special about him. Ian was a man vast in years and as such had acquired wisdom. The same wisdom that had enabled him tremendously increase the fortune of the Lopez family in the last few years, so he was no fool.“I have something for you Ethan.”He immediately signaled his butler who handed Ethan a briefcase. As Ethan opened the briefcase, his eyes widened as he had never seen such amount of money before.“That's 5 million dollars. Consider it a token of our deepest appreciation.” Ian added, to the surprise of other members of the
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Chapter 4
"Yes, sure. I'm starving myself.” Ethan's remark reminded him that he had not eaten anything since he left jail.He couldn't help laughing at what Loretta had just said. Loretta noticed it and asked, “What's making my hero laugh?” She asked sweetly. Ethan felt a bit flattered at her statement, “It's amazing that I did all the fighting and yet you are the one talking about hunger.”She bursted out in laughter. “I never knew you had such a great sense of humor, Ethan Banks.”Something in him enjoyed hearing her call his name and he joined in her laughter.As they entered the restaurant, a waitress hurriedly attended to them. Within minutes, she returned with their order. After she left, a well dressed man suddenly approached their table, “If it isn't Ethan Banks. What is a poor peasant like you doing in a place like this?” His tone was both condescending and insulting.It was none other than Raphael Thornton and like his name he had been a thorn in Ethan's flesh in highschool.Before E
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Chapter 5
“Thank me for what exactly?” She asked, feigning ignorance.She was different from most ladies that came from wealthy families like herself. Her grandfather would always tease her that she had a good heart like her grandmother but then her father used to say the exact same thing to her; that she had the heart of her mother, so Loretta didn't know exactly who to believe.It was true that both men loved their late wives so much and maybe because of that saw similar traits in her, but whichever was the case, they both agreed one thing, that she had a good heart.“For covering my ass out there. I will never forget it,” he responded, gratefully.Loretta couldn't help blushing at his statement as they approached sunrise villa.“We are finally here,” she announced happily.Ethan could hardly believe he actually owned sunrise villa. A little while ago he was literarily homeless but now he owned an entire villa. Life was indeed truly unpredictable afterall, he thought to himself.As they enter
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Chapter 6
The melodious jingle from Ethan's phone woke him up from sleep the following morning. As he peered at the caller id, he became furious, “Why is she calling me. What does she want now.”Still pissed that his sleep had been interrupted so early in the morning, he ignored the call as he struggled to go back to sleep.Ethan had left Lopez conglomerate with Loretta earlier in the day for the Lopez estate before he drove the Range Rover back to sunrise villa, so he was extremely tired.His phone rang out again, forcing him to pick the call in anger, “Ariella, what do you want? Why the hell are you bugging my phone?”Before she could respond, he ended the call abruptly. Ariella’s voice only brought back painful memories and Ethan wasn't sure he was ready to deal with all that just yet.But Ariella wasn't ready to give up as she kept calling over and over again, until Ethan couldn't take it anymore.“Yes! What do you want. You have ten seconds.” He spoke sternly.“Ethan, it’s Jake. He won't
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Chapter 7
As Ethan drove, he thought about Samantha and what she had said to him. A bad feeling crept within him.“I looked up the plate number of those hooligans that tried to rob us.” Loretta announced.“It turned out nothing. The vehicle was stolen some minutes before they stopped us.”Ethan wasn't too surprised to hear how fast Loretta had found out about the stolen vehicle. She was not just beautiful and smart but she was also a sophisticated tech genius. It was no wonder the red dragons tried to kidnap her a while ago.Ethan furrowed his brows, “They sound like pros. Can you try pulling surveillance footage from the street?”“Alright, I'll handle it.” She affirmed.Loretta’s eyes suddenly fell on Ethan's lottery ticket, “Don't tell me you believe in this game of…..” She stopped before completing her statement as she caught sight of the amount he had staked on the ticket.Loretta looked at Ethan with shock written all over her face, “You spent five million dollars on it? Wait, wasn't it th
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Chapter 8
The manager was taken aback by such a strong statement from such an ordinary looking man.Not wanting to jump into any conclusions, he approached Ethan carefully, “Such a strong statement should be backed up by proof, young man! Can I know who you are?”On hearing this, Joshua blurted out, “He’s a nobody. He’s the divorced live-in-son-in-law of the Gray's family. I even heard he recently got out of jail.”There were mocking comments from other customers in the store at that point.“So he was the useless son-in-law of the Gray’s family. He must have really been a burden to them.”“How did he get out of jail so quickly? Such a fellow should never have been let out in the first place!”Ethan ignored the comments as he responded to the manager’s question, “He is right, I'm not anyone important.”The manager furrowed his brows. Initially, he felt Ethan was someone important who was an expert in authentic fabrics but now it turns out that he was just a nobody that had just recently been fre
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Chapter 9
As Ethan read the message, he furrowed his brows. It was a message from Carmelo telling him that his time was up.Though Ethan had never met the landlord in person, his nephew, Carmelo, had always terrorized him and his mother for money as he deemed fit, simply because they were poor and his uncle was King Fisher, a well known crime boss.Ethan had always paid the money promptly in the past to prevent Carmelo harassing his foster mother but had been unable to while in prison, making the sum of money that Carmelo was now demanding for to be enormous.Ethan got into the car, ignoring his thoughts about Carmelo briefly.“Why didn't you tell me?” Loretta suddenly asked.Ethan turned to her curiously, “Tell you what?”“That you went to jail. Why did you keep it from me?”Ethan had been expecting this question since Joshua announced it in Mela outfits.“I didn't want you or your family to judge me because of my past.” He answered sincerely.“And why did you go to jail?” She pressed further.
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Chapter 10
“And where do you think you are going to? You can't leave until we figure out where you got the money to purchase such an expensive outfit.” Andrew's response angered Ethan even more.“You have four seconds to get out of my way!” Ethan's voice thundered.Ethan's bold response shocked Andrew momentarily. In the past, Ethan would always cower at his presence but his demeanor now was the direct opposite, a behavior that somewhat terrified Andrew.But not wanting to back down in front of his entire family, he pushed away the doubts within him and continued with his condescending behavior.Andrew laughed scornfully, in a final attempt to convince himself that he was in charge of the situation. He was used to beating Ethan for no reason in the past and he had been looking forward to doing it again especially now that Ethan came with a really gorgeous woman.“If I show her what a wimp he is maybe she would consider leaving him for me,” he thought secretly in his heart.“Or wha…” Before Andre
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