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Other people don't know about me, and I don't even know who I am. Before, everything was so unfair, and I only got miserable things. When my father showed up, he told me everything. I was a rich man! Even very rich!

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Chapter 0001
“I can't accept you to work for my company," said a man sitting in his oversized chair without looking at Logan. He just crossed his legs and looked busy with the cell phone he kept playing. Logan raised one eyebrow. "How can you not accept my job application, when you didn't even touch the applica
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Chapter 0002
"What are you doing!?" Logan yelled out loud. Logan was disappointed to see his girlfriend under another man's thumb. He never thought that Ivy could cheat on him. Ivy immediately covered her body with a blanket, but the man she was with wasn't bothered at all. In fact, he boldly wrapped his arms a
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Chapter 0003
Toby laughed as Ivy reached out to block Logan from hitting her. "Did you see that? The woman you call lover is protecting me. Do you know what for?" Toby paused his sentence for a moment, then looked intensely at Logan. "Of course because I'm rich. That's why she cheated on you and protected me i
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Chapter 0004
An elderly figure had just gotten out of his luxury car. The old man was dressed very neatly. He wore a formal suit with shiny leather shoes that further supported his appearance and had just gotten of a luxury car at a fantastic price. Everyone who looked at him was amazed. "Is he the old man who
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Chapter 0005
Logan was perplexed about what had happened today. Logan's confusion at being picked up by a luxury car had not disappeared, but he had to be even more confused by seeing his father, who was now sitting with his legs crossed. His father sat as if he was the owner of this luxury villa. "Dad, how com
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Chapter 0006
"One million dollars? How could I spend that money in one moment?" Logan looked at his father with a look of disbelief. Spending a million dollars was not easy for Logan because he had never had that much money before. But this time, his father challenged him, making Logan want to think hard. "Why
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Chapter 0007
Brian was dumbfounded at Logan's order. He immediately walked over and pushed the girl aside. "Go, I will serve this master." With a big smile, Brian immediately greeted Logan nicely. "Sorry, I had some important work to do inside."Rachel almost fell over because of Brian's strong push. Even this t
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Chapter 0008
"They're useless people." Logan sneered as he walked away from the bar, he was beginning to know what his ex-girlfriend was like. She was just like the others who only cared about money above all else to the point of belittling people so quickly. Of course, Logan was too lazy to deal with them, so
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Chapter 0009
Everyone was still silent, but after hearing Logan's request to the waitress, they looked at each other. But soon, they burst out laughing. "Did you hear that? A loser wants to buy the most expensive drink here? He can't even afford bread here." This time Toby chimed in. He assured them that Logan
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Chapter 0010
Rachel shook her head to reject Ivy's words. "No-no, you've misunderstood. "Then, did you get scolded by your boss for wasting time serving this poor man?" Ivy made her point again. She was sure the maidservant had returned with a glum face because her boss scolded her. "Logan, you're not only a l
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