Reign of Magic

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Reign of Magic

By: Adairs OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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While magic reigns over the world, the ones without powers are destined to die. The lost sons of Atanor are finally found after fourteen years of their disappearance. But with their arrival starts the mad thirst for blood, revenge and power. The seemingly ordinary life of the brothers, Alan and Neil, shatters when the truth about their birth haunts them in ways they cannot decipher. Secrets from the past unveil themselves one by one, pulling the brothers into a world they never even knew existed. Sorcerers? Weren't they a fantasy? Warriors? Do they still exist? Magic? Is it even possible? While Alan and Neil fight to protect themselves and their loved ones, they even have to fight the inner demons threatening to pull them towards damnation. Alan and Neil and the land of Atanor, where magic prevails. Their fates are entwined and one who is formidable enough will stay strong and survive the chaos.

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11 chapters
1. Captured
Clank. Clank.The harsh sounds of the metal objects were incredibly piercing on the quiet road, sending chills down one's spine.Even the group of usually bold and confident boys could not stop the terror from engulfing their hearts as they stared at the armed men in front of them. It was as though death was staring back at them.The men's faces held malice and a mad thirst for revenge, while all the boys had was fear, fear for what lay ahead for them. The men were here for them as promised and the boys knew it."Did I not warn you to be careful?" The gang leader spoke as he gently struck his baseball bat against his palm, his lips curving up faintly. "Did I not tell you that I am vengeful and would definitely seek you out once I came out of prison?"The four boys stared at the man in horror, recalling the dreadful time they testified against him and his gang members in the police station."I had been plotting my revenge all this time and now, I am here." He quirked his brows at them
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2. Awakening of powers
As Neil watched his brother run, he kept attacking the people before him using the marbles in his pocket. Though the method was not strong enough to overpower them, he could at least gain some time for his brother to call for help.First, he knocked the gang leader's gun, forcing him to drop it before he attacked the other men. His attacks were precise and perfect and at one point, one of the marbles hit his opponent's eye, rendering him howling in anguish.Neil cheered at his small victory and continued to attack the men while he kept moving back, following his brother, glancing at him every few seconds. However, his plan completely backfired when he ran out of his marbles. All the seven marbles he had were used and now he had nothing but the slingshot.A frown marred his face and Neil, too, started running. The men were momentarily down and it was the perfect time to get away from them. But he had miscalculated his luck and had barely turned around to follow his brother when a punch
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3. After effects
The metallic bat shattered into pieces and the fragments flew in the air as Neil's eyes turned a darker shade of red.Ramin was baffled by all that had happened. How the fuck was it possible for anyone to crush a metallic bat? The bat was not just dented; it had been levigated into pieces. Some fragments scratched his face, the sharp edges cutting through his skin until blood oozed.He had never seen such a sight before and his legs buckled in fear. The boy in front of him resembled nothing less than a monster with the way his red eyes stared back at him. There was no emotion on his face whatsoever and Ramin trembled in fright. His heart was pounding madly and cold sweat trickled down his spine.Like him, even Alan was stunned to see the difference in his brother. His seemingly ordinary brother had turned into Hulk in the blink of an eye. Yet, instead of being apprehensive, Alan was amazed to see his brother handle Ramin, the man who was known for his notorious deeds. Even some of the
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4. Located after a long search
Meanwhile, in a faraway land, a woman with grey hair kept walking hurriedly. Excitement was dancing on her face and her brown eyes twinkled in joy. She had been waiting for this day for a long time and finally, after fourteen years, she had found the people she was looking for. A smile lingered on her lips as she carried a letter with her.As moments passed, her pace increased and in the end, she was almost sprinting. By the time she reached the room she had in mind, she was gasping lightly and droplets of sweat covered her forehead."Oh, my poor legs." She mumbled in dismay and her face scrunched up. But when she recalled the good news she had with her, a blissful smile blossomed on her face and she stood straight, forgetting about everything else.Adjusting her glasses, she knocked on the door and waited for some time. But she did not get any response from the other side. Blinking her eyes in confusion, she knocked again, only to meet the same result."Where did he go at this time o
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5. Forgotten memory
Neil groaned as he tried to wake up from his slumber. His head was throbbing and his eyes refused to open. His entire body was aching as if he had run a marathon for days. He felt weak all over and it took a lot of strength in him to open his eyes.But the moment he did so, he hissed and shut them again. The sudden light stung his eyes until tears formed in them. Then, slowly and carefully, he opened them and blinked a few times to adjust to the light around him.The unfamiliar white walls made him frown and Neil looked around him to find out where he was. When he turned to his right, from where a low beeping sound kept breaking the silence in the room every few seconds, his eyes almost widened on seeing who was lying beside him.The events that had transpired came back to him like a flood and he got up immediately, only to suck in a deep breath in discomfort. A wave of dizziness hit him and he fell back on the bed the next instant.The sudden sound awoke the man dozing off on the cou
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6. Darkness and thunder
Neil was startled to see his brother awake and even more so when he saw how Alan looked at him. His gaze was filled with suspicion and something in it made him unsettled. It was as though Alan was trying to delve deep into his soul and uncover the secrets he had ever hidden from him."Alan, when did you wake up?" He cleared his throat and enquired gently, trying to ease the awkwardness. However, all he got in return was silence.Alan was unbelievably quiet as he kept staring at him. Even though his face was pale, his profound gaze made Niel fidget in his place."What happened to you back then, Neil?" Alan did not reply to him. Instead, he voiced out the thoughts he had since the time he had seen his peculiar behavior.Neil stopped squirming and a frown creased his forehead. He had no idea what Alan was speaking about and his eyes conveyed his confusion, rendering Alan perplexed too."Do you not remember what happened before Dad arrived?" Although Alan had just woken up and his throat
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7. Strange behavior
At first, the dark cloud was barely visible. But when the lightning struck again, Alan could see the cloud clearly and it was as though death was hovering over his brother with the way the cloud cast its darkness on him.Alan's eyes almost popped out of their sockets on seeing the bizarre situation. His eyes were now transfixed on Neil, who had no idea what was happening. All his focus was outside the window as he stared at the now cloudy sky. His forehead was drenched entirely and he held his mother's hands tight."Mom, move back." He tried to pull her towards him gently. However, Emily remained adamant and stood before him, trying to shield her children from the calamity she had no idea about. Then, all of a sudden, her heart started to beat rapidly as a dreadful feeling settled in it. She was frightened and her eyes conveyed her emotions clearly."What the hell is happening? Why did...."The door to the ward opened and Jarett entered, his face filled with panic and fear. Only when
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8. Making choices
"Dad.""Alan."Emily and Neil shouted at the same time. But they were some distance away from the two to prevent them from kissing the ground. So they could only stare in concern as they watched the father and the son collapse suddenly. Then, however, their expressions changed into that of horror when they saw the man who had been standing near the door appearing beside Jarett and holding him and Alan with ease and stopping them from suffering a nasty fall.Emily and Neil were appalled by what had happened. But, even though they were aghast by what had transpired, their thoughts were completely different.'How the heck was he able to reach Dad and Alan? What the hell happened just now?' Neil wondered, his eyes not leaving the older man who supported Jarett and Alan till the bed. Instead, his eyes conveyed his feelings openly and Trinity chuckled to herself, finding his thoughts and expressions adorable. In her eyes, he was just like a cute child.Sean sighed when he heard her thoughts
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9. Birth truth
"Dad, what is happening? Who are these two people?"Neil was the first to break the tense silence in the room. He glanced at the two strangers who had not left the ward and were seated on the chairs at the far end of the room near the window before looking at his father. His father seemed to be fighting a war with himself with the way he had his head lowered and lips pursed. Even his mother had suddenly turned mute, and Neil had an inkling that whatever he would hear next would be anything but pleasant.Just like him, Alan, too was perplexed by the unknown situation. While neither of his parents explained the problem to them, the two strangers' words made no sense to him. It was as though they were speaking a language he could not understand and he too, like his brother, looked back and forth between the four people."Jarett, I think it's time you start speaking." Sean had all the time in the world and watched the scene unfold before him with amusement dancing in his eyes. But Trinity
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10. Eight days
A brilliant bolt of lightning lit the room briefly before ending in a deafening clap of thunder. The weather worsened as time passed and the rain picked up speed until it was impossible to view anything from the window. The sky had turned dark, the black clouds hovering above like grim reapers.While to the world, the change in weather was a nuisance, to the people, inside the ward, it indicated the grave change in their lives, especially the Wright family.Alan and Neil stared at the older man before them as though they were looking at the clown. Their expressions mimicked each other as they blinked in perplexity."I understand your confusion and it might seem to you two that I am joking. But I am not." Sean smiled faintly, not at all infuriated by the two boys and their thoughts. Of course, any sane person without an idea about their world would react the same way."I can prove it to you if you want." The man continued and snapped his fingers and a white light emerged from his palm
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