The Unlikely Inherited

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The Unlikely Inherited

By: Beriberi Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Get ready to be dazzled by the story of Nathan - a once struggling individual who suddenly became an heir. Nathan's life was transformed overnight, as he entered the glamorous world of the rich and famous, leaving his humble beginnings behind. However, Nathan's past experiences of being bullied and cheated continue to haunt him. With his newfound power and wealth, he plans to seek justice and claim what's rightfully his from those who once treated him poorly.


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133 chapters
His eighteenth birthday
Nathan just sent a message to the employer. He took a deep breath as he stood in front of the majestic house. It was his 18th birthday, but there was no time to celebrate. He had to work to earn a living and make ends meet. He was a cleaner. He didn't have anyone to fall back on. He raised his fist to knock on the door when it suddenly swung open. Nathan's eyes widened in shock as he stared into the face of his former classmate, Dylan Blanchard. The boy who used to tease him in school, the one who made his life a living hell. And now, he was his employer. "Nathan, what are you doing here?" Dylan's voice was cold and distant, and Nathan felt a shiver run down his spine. "I'm here to clean." Nathan tried to keep his voice steady, but his hands shook. Dylan's voice was filled with amusement, and he laughed loudly. "I can't believe the cleaner I hired is none other than my favorite punching bag from high school!" Nathan felt his cheeks burn with embarrassment as Dylan called out to e
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Tears mixed with the grime from the dirty water on Nathan's face as he tried to put as much distance between himself and the house as he could. He felt embarrassed and uncomfortable as he made his way to the bus stop, but he had no other option - his home was too far away to walk, and he didn't have enough money for a taxi. The driver and assistant immediately noticed the odor when he stepped onto the bus. The driver wrinkled his nose and stepped back while the assistant covered her mouth and nose with her hand. Driver: "Sir, you need to get off the bus. The smell is making everyone sick." Assistant: "It's not safe for everyone if you’re on here like this." Nathan tried to explain his situation, but the driver and assistant were not moved. They told him that he would have to leave the bus immediately. Two other passengers on the bus agreed with the driver and added their comments: "Looks like this guy dived the dump. And now he’s a dump guy.”"I don't understand why he got on th
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His family
As he looked at his phone, Nathan sat on the bed, lost in thought. He remembered the day he got the text message that said he had seven hundred thousand dollars in his bank account. Nathan was over the moon. He couldn't believe his luck. He quickly ran to the nearest ATM to withdraw the money, but as soon as he inserted his card, he was caught on video by Andy Vaughn, Dylan Blanchard, and Anthony Turner, his classmates who had sent him the fake SMS message. Dylan laughed while recording the video: "Nathan's bank account must be feeling lonely, with just a few cents in there." Andy Vaughn, the head of the pranksters, didn't miss the opportunity to mock Nathan and said: "Yeah. Poor guy. He can’t withdraw because his withdrawal limit is zero dollars. Haha.” "Nathan, you should stick to daydreaming about being rich rather than trying to withdraw fake money.” Anthony Turner join in. The incident made him a laughing stock, and the video went viral. Nathan felt humiliated and vowed nev
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The bank
Nathan walked into the local bank, his heart racing with anticipation.The early morning sun was just beginning to peek through the windows, casting a warm glow on the polished marble floor.Nathan scanned the lobby, noting that there were few people around. He passed the two guards standing at the entrance, their eyes watching the road outside. As Nathan walked by, he noticed that the guards exchanged a glance, and their eyes seemed to look at him with disdain.Nathan felt annoyed; he didn't know why the guards were acting that way, but he pushed it aside and continued to the counter.Nathan walked up to the bank counter, where a female employee was sitting. She looked up at him, but her expression was one of disappointment. Nathan felt embarrassed as he realized she must judge him based on his cheap clothes."Can I help you?" the woman asked, her tone cold and distant."Yes, I need to withdraw some money from my account," Nathan replied, trying to sound confident.The woman nodded a
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We'll need to investigate
Declan couldn't believe it. He had never been ignored like this before, especially not in a place like a bank. Declan was furious and couldn't help but think of a way to get back at Nathan. Declan had a sudden idea and started laughing. He turned to the manager and said, "You know, Nathan's not as rich as you think. He makes a living by cleaning at others house." Sensing Declan's plan, Hayleigh added, "I think you should check his bank account more carefully. I have a feeling something's not right." The manager and the staff needed clarification. How could someone with a hundred million dollars in their bank account be a cleaner? But Declan had a card up his sleeve. He pulled out a black card and handed it to the manager. Hayleigh: "Wow, a black card? It's awe-inspiring." Declan said as he turned his head to look at Nathan with expressive eyes: "I'm glad you appreciate it. It's not easy to come by, you know. Only those with 200 million dollars in their account got this card."
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A unique card
The manager sat in his office, gesturing for Nathan to sit across from him. He cleared his throat before speaking, "Mr Jimenez. I must apologize for the confusion earlier. My name is Rory Heath, and I am the manager of this branch. I had to verify your identity because this account belongs to the Jimenez family." Nathan asked: "Okay. What do I need to do?" Rory Heat is not showing any emotion in his tone: "To verify your identity, I will need to see a government-issued identification card such as a driver's license or passport.” Nathan handed the identity card over to Rory Heat, who took it and inspected it visually to ensure that it was valid and that the photograph matched Nathan's face. Rory Heat said: “Now, I will be using a specialized ID scanner to extract your personal information from your ID card and verify it against our bank's records." Nathan nodded: "Okay, got it." Rory Heat then asked Nathan to provide a signature, and he compared it to the signature on the ID and
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You can't afford it
When Nathan left the manager's office, he saw that Declan and Hayleigh had already left. Only the female staff was there, and when she saw Nathan, she sarcastically said: "Hey there, fancy man. How was your meeting with the manager? Did you finally manage to withdraw your 100 million dollars?"She is upset with Nathan because she believes he pretended to be wealthy and sought respect from her earlier.Nathan frowned and replied: "I don't think I need to report to you.”She says: "Oh, please. You're probably just some poor guy trying to pretend you're rich. You'll never have that kind of money. Please don't act like that in the future.”Nathan gradually lost patience: "The manager has verified my identity. I have every right to access my funds, and I don't appreciate your disrespectful attitude."She: "Stop lying. You're just trying to scam your way into the bank."Nathan: "I assure you, that is not the case. I'm not trying to scam anyone."She sneered and said, "Oh please, so where i
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I'd like to purchase all
The saleswoman was fuming with anger as Nathan spoke to her. She felt her blood boil as she prepared to argue back with him.At this time, a young girl, another sale, rushed to them. She was wearing a black blazer with the store's logo and a name tag that read "Caitlin" in her pocket. She approached Nathan and the saleswoman with an apologetic expression.Caitlin said sincerely: "I apologize for the wait, sir. It appears that no one has assisted you yet. I apologize for the oversight; our store's policy is to ensure every customer is served."Nathan tried to hide his frustration as he spoke calmly: "Yes, I've been waiting for a while now."Caitlin, sounding apologetic, said: "I'm not sure why no one has helped you yet, but I'll ensure you receive the assistance you need. Can you tell me what you're looking for today?"In fact, it was the saleswoman's turn to assist Nathan, but she chose to focus on the fat man who she believed would bring her more financial gain. She disregarded Natha
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She wished to see him again
As Nathan announced his purchase, everyone was all shocked. They couldn't believe that Nathan was going through with buying the handbags. Especially the fat man, he felt humiliated.Still stubborn in her belief that Nathan couldn't afford it, the saleswoman looked on in disbelief. The cashier asked, "How would you like to pay for your purchase today?" Nathan replied, "I'll pay with my card, please."The cashier responded, "Great, can I see your card, please?". With a smile, Nathan handed over his card, saying, "Sure, here it is."Everyone in the store couldn't help but stare in shock as Nathan handed over his card. It was made of pure gold. The sight of the golden card turned their surprise into amazement as they realised that Nathan must be someone of great wealth and importance.The cashier instructed Nathan, "Please swipe your card through the machine." Nathan smoothly complied, inserting his card into the machine and passing it through the reader. There was a beep indicating
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I can't let you in
Nathan approaches Matilda's house gate, his heart racing with excitement. As he gets out of the Uber, he takes a moment to straighten his shirt and pants, feeling self-conscious about his attire. He walks up the driveway, his eyes fixed on the grand house at the end, imagining the fun and laughter that awaits him inside. But, as he gets closer to the gate, he notices a security guard standing in front of the entrance, checking the invitation cards. Nathan takes a deep breath and approaches the guard, trying to appear confident and relaxed.The guard, a tall and burly man with a stern expression, looks Nathan up and down, taking in his simple clothing and shoes. He then glances at the invitation card Nathan holds out to him."I'm sorry, sir. But I'm afraid you're not on the list." The guard says with a tone of disdain.Nathan is taken aback by the guard's response."What do you mean? Matilda invited me. Can you please check again?" He says, trying to keep his voice steady."I've chec
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