Battle With The Lava Yaki

Before me stands a colossal Mana beast, a towering figure at seven feet tall. Its broad shoulders and large hands contrast with its relatively smaller legs. Its rocky, stone-like body is marred by countless cracks from which lava burns brightly, creating an eerie spectacle.

My heart races as the beast raises its hand, mirroring my earlier gesture. With a resounding bang, a barrage of lava bullets erupts from its hand, hurtling towards me at incredible speed.

I manage to dodge most of them, but one grazes my cheek, drawing a few drops of blood.

The creature drops its hand and opens its mouth wide in a menacing display.

Without hesitation, I swing my hand in the air and calmly command, "Ice wall!" In response, a protective wall of ice materializes in front of me. As anticipated, a burst of lava erupts from the beast's mouth, colliding with my ice barrier. The scorching temperature of the lava melts the ice upon contact, but the split-second delay grants me just enough time to evade the
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