Reincarnation Of The Depraved Vampire Protoss

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Reincarnation Of The Depraved Vampire Protoss

By: Gentle_Pervert OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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In a world filled with gods and mythical creatures, Dracula, the most fearsome vampire of all, is captured by a group of powerful gods. Recognizing the immense danger he poses to their existence, they come up with a plan to capture him. Combining their divine energy, they trap Dracula's soul in a small orb and banish him to a distant realm, believing he will never escape. Meanwhile, in another realm, a young elf named Alex is reincarnated. Once the terrifying vampire, he now finds himself in the body of a fragile elf infant—a race known for their peaceful nature and magical abilities. Filled with rage towards the gods who imprisoned him, Alex vows to seek revenge. Despite his small and seemingly delicate form, he is determined to become a force to be reckoned with. Join Alex, the once-feeble baby elf, on an incredible journey of transformation and vengeance. As he grows stronger, he sets out to confront the self-centered gods and prove that even the seemingly powerless can rise against them. ============================ Tags: Powerful protagonist, Harem, Romance, Everyday life, Divine interference, Mythical creatures, Epic battles, Shapeshifters, Adventure, Unique relationships, Intimacy, Magic Academy, Exciting journey, Netori, Gods, Demons, Dragons, Gore, Ecchi, Demi-humans, Familiars.

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  • Gentle_Pervert


    Yo, guys! It's your Author Gentle_Pervert here. I just want y'all to know that this novel is fun to read if you are a cultured man or woman! You won't regret reading it.

    2023-07-24 19:04:21
  • Perverted_Fella


    Noice novel. ...

    2023-07-24 18:00:52
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47 chapters
Life...It feels as though I am alive again...Have I been awakened from my slumber? Impossible... It would take me a hundred years, at least, to recover my power. Have hundreds of years passed in the blink of an eye? Damn...It is all their fault, those pesky little shits! They called for help from another galaxy just to bring me down! They couldn't even leave a scratch on me. But... In my final moments, all I remember is one of those gods using a strange gear on me, forcing me into an unexpected deep slumber. What was that gear?Yes, I remember now... they called it Ether gear. I can still recall the vicious smiles on their faces as that gear drained my energy. If only they hadn't touched her. If only they hadn't interfered in everything, claiming to bring order while wreaking chaos. Those gods... I will brutally kill every one of them, denying them the chance to reincarnate. I will steal their women and ravish them right before their eyes. I will slaughter every single one of their
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Glint Of Hope
"UWAH!""UWAH!""UWAH!"(WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS HAPPENING?!YOU GODDAMNED VAMPIRES! IS THIS HOW YOU WAKE YOUR KING FROM SLUMBER?!)I bellow as excruciating pain courses through my body. It has been a while since I last experienced pain. Even after regaining my powers as the Protoss, I never felt any pain while battling formidable foes or when the ether gear drained me of my abilities. But this pain is on a whole different level, especially since it's a result of being hit on the butt.Wait a second... That strange voice is coming from my mouth? What the actual fuck? This can only mean one thing...As I contemplate the possible explanation, fear begins to grip me. There's only one logical conclusion, considering my past experiences. I have reincarnated again, but this time, I retain the memories of my previous life. Despite my reluctance to fully accept this reality, everything happening now is blatantly evident.Gaining some control over my body, I force myself to open my eyes, and s
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New Beginning
I feel an unfamiliar sensation, coursing through my entire being at this very moment. It's an indescribable, euphoric feeling unlike anything I've ever experienced before."Hey there, little Alex~" a melodic voice suddenly greets me, prompting me to struggle to open my eyes. Though I don't understand the words spoken, the awareness of my physical presence pushes me to fight against the weight of sleep.Finally...Before me unfolds an astonishing sight. A radiant woman looks at me with pure love shining in her eyes. With her shining blonde hair and amethyst eyes, she exudes a warm glow. A profound emotion swells within me, leaving no doubt that this captivating being is my mother—a stunning elf, the epitome of beauty. Her face appears as if it's been sculpted by a divine hand, and her crimson lips complement her perfectly arched eyebrows. Despite the tiredness evident on her face, her unmatched allure remains unparalleled. Glancing down, I notice she's dressed in a soft, rosy nursing g
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Path Of Surprises [part 1]
It has been a week since I entered this intriguing and unfamiliar realm. Each passing day brings me a deeper understanding of this world, though it progresses at a slow pace. During this time, I have made several significant discoveries.First and foremost, I have yet to find a fatherly figure in my life. Secondly, I've learned that I have two older sisters, both of them female. (grimace) Lastly, I've come to realize that this world possesses a form of sorcery or abilities similar to the ones I had in my previous life.Unfortunately, due to my recent arrival, I haven't grasped the intricacies of the local language. While I am capable of overcoming this linguistic barrier, my mother, out of concern for my well-being, has shielded me from extensive interactions in the language for some unknown reason.My elder siblings, who are still young themselves, constantly seek my company and involve me in various activities. However, I find their pastimes far from entertaining, considering my mat
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Path Of Surprises [part 2]
"Wow~," I gasp in surprise as Marilyn's face comes into view for the first time since she became my nanny. Despite being a skilled midwife and healer, my mom hired her as my nanny when I was just one year old. Ever since then, Marilyn has been taking care of me.But now, I'm finally seeing her face, the face I've never seen before. All the women around me always wear veils, except for my sisters and mother. The reason behind this remains a mystery, as my family refuses to share it no matter how much I ask. To make things more puzzling, I've never been allowed to explore the palace fully since my birth. My movements are confined to my mom's vast and spacious chambers."You're beautiful…and younger than I expected," I remark, gazing into her captivating green eyes with unwavering focus. Her long, jet-black hair cascades down her waist, perfectly complementing her smooth, oval-shaped face, arched eyebrows, and luscious red lips. Adorning her elongated ears are numerous earrings, adding t
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Ironica's Secret
GRRR... GRRR... GRRR...Rumbling sounds ensue.I'm currently inside a weird-looking elevator, like the ones I used to see in my previous life. But this elevator isn't in great shape—it trembles violently as soon as we step in. The shaking even makes Marilyn's assets jiggle."Alex, you're probably wondering why this lift is shaking, right?" Marilyn asks while playfully ruffling my hair.I nod in reply."Well, this is actually a secret and rarely used route to Her Majesty's chamber. I've been ordered to take this route for some reason. It's all for your sake," Marilyn explains, ruffling my hair once again.BAM!Suddenly, there's a loud explosion as the elevator comes to a sudden stop, causing us to lose our footing.RUMBLE. RUMBLE.The elevator doors open abruptly, revealing a beautiful scene as Marilyn and I step outside.Nature~That's the first thing that catches my eyes. There are countless trees and plants all around, emitting various scents and creating a unique ambiance. Looking
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Whalemaw's Enigmatic Leader
The scenery outside is breathtaking, with a gentle breeze flowing through the window. We are currently passing through a bustling city, predominantly occupied by elves, but I can also spot other races—some familiar from my past life and others entirely new to me.The city's charm is accentuated by the backdrop of clear skies, which have played a significant role in shaping its numerous buildings. Surprisingly, there are even skyscrapers that contribute to the city's captivating appeal. However, amidst these modern structures, the presence of abundant trees and well-paved roads adds a touch of nature.Initially, it struck me as peculiar that elves would have houses and buildings like these, considering their profound love for nature. But witnessing the abundance of trees, plants, and wildlife around has dispelled my misconceptions. Nevertheless, this is unlike any elves I have encountered before."Alex, you're awake, huh?" I hear a voice, prompting me to turn my head."Yes, Mom," I rep
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What is this menacing aura...?"Heh, no need to be so modest, Lars," Mom says with a smile, while Lars bows his head and stops in front of us."Why are you here, your majesty?" Lars asks."Let's head to your lab," Mom whispers, trying to keep her intentions secret. I can tell from her expression, as she cautiously glances at the bald butler who led us here.Understanding the situation, Lars lets out a sigh. The malevolence surrounding him dissipates."Alright, your majesty," Lars says, wearing a peculiar expression and scratching the back of his head.Noticing Lars' strange demeanor, Mom also sighs."You've been dabbling in forbidden magic, haven't you?" Mom predicts, slapping her palm against her face. It suddenly becomes clear to me. That malicious aura from before must be connected to this man's dark magic."Hehe, I can't hide it from your majesty, you'd sense it the moment you stepped in," Lars replies, stroking his beard slowly."Sigh..." My mom sighs once again."Lead the way, y
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The Unyielding Rivalry
Clack! Clack! Chak! Clack!Intense sounds fill the air."Iyhaaaa!!!!" The battle cry of a young boy echoes as he charges at me with a wooden sword."Weak~" I say, swiftly ducking to the side to evade his attack and slamming the hilt of my wooden sword against his back."Argh!" A loud groan escapes the little boy's lips as he crashes into the hard ground and eats dust.POOOOOOOOHHH!!!!A whistle blows loudly, signaling the end of the fight as soon as the boy falls to the ground."Zero, you don't have to be ruthless when sparring with your friends. This is a friendly match, so be gentle," a tall, young, and handsome male elf says while running towards us."Hehehe, I'm sorry, instructor. But I went easy on him. If I were serious, I could have broken a few of his bones," I reply, flashing an innocent grin while rubbing the back of my head.The instructor simply sighs as he helps the boy up. Fortunately, the boy seems unharmed. As soon as he gets up, tears streaming down his face, he start
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Gustav's Display Of Wealth
"Let's grab some snacks outside," Gustav says with a smile, and we immediately set off from the armory room.__________________________________"Wow~" I exclaim in awe as we stroll down a bustling street. This is my first time exploring the kingdom to this extent, all thanks to Gustav. This place, called Sharkwood, is situated on the outskirts of the royal palace but still falls within the royal territory. It serves as a landmark, with guards strategically positioned, making stealing a risky endeavor.The residents here consist of nobles and wealthy merchants who conduct their businesses in this area."You know, you look weird with that eyepatch," Gustav suddenly remarks, examining my face."Haha, coming from the guy with the abnormal ears," I retort, making Gustav narrow his eyes.After walking for a while, we reach a large store that seems to sell everything one could need. And when I say everything, I mean it. The building is massive and heavily concealed, with only a small open pl
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