Death Valley

"W-What... You want to go to the Death Valley?!" Marilyn asks me with a stutter, her eyes widening in surprise.

"Well, I am kinda bored, you know? So, I thought it was best if I head there today," I tell Marilyn while rubbing the back of my head, trying to downplay my restlessness.

"But we agreed that we were going to go together... W-Why do you want to go alone?" Marilyn asks, her fingers fidgeting nervously.

"Sigh... I told you, I am kinda bored of this place. I want to return home as soon as possible before going to Xyrus Academy," I reply again, my impatience starting to show.

"So, you've decided to attend Xyrus Academy just like your sisters, the prestigious academy of Treazerall? That's where I also graduated, and trust me, it's not fun," Marilyn mutters, glancing pensively at the sky.

"Since I am also bored, let's go there together," Marilyn says with a smile, her face slowly regaining its usual color.

Her suggestion surprises me, and I can't help but smile in return. "Really?
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