Wild Rabbits Hunt

I am good to go huh...

[Yes, master]

The more my Mana pool expands, the more I realize the vast distance between each rank. Master Rank 2 feels as distant as heaven and Earth compared to my current stage at Master Rank 1. If it weren't for the abundant resources my Mom provided, I would still be stuck at Diamond Rank 1. However, most of the resources she gave me have been depleted. I suppose it's time to return home.

As I ponder, a smile graces my face as I recall a particular person.

System, how long does one spend in the academy before graduating?

[At most, five years. Some mages do stay longer before graduating]

I see... Arya must be back in the Elf Kingdom. I wonder how she has changed over the years.

Silence fills the air as the System contemplates.

[Do you plan on continuing your relationship with her?]

I'm not sure, to be honest. When we were younger, she was only fifteen, and that's why I refrained from having sex with her despite her interest. Now that she is twenty, she has
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