15th Birthday

[Five Years Later]

Inside a dense forest, anticipation fills the air as a tall elf, his silver hair cascading behind him, stands amidst towering trees. His piercing gaze reflects unwavering determination, matched only by his unparalleled skill with the sword. Each swing of his katana cuts through the air with swift precision.

The masterfully crafted katana glimmers in the dappled sunlight that filters through the thick foliage. Its polished steel gleams, its keen edge a testament to its lethal potential. As he moves, the harmonious symphony of steel resonates, blending with the rustling leaves in perfect rhythm.

With each swing, the elf's movements grow more intense, pushing the boundaries of what seems humanly possible. His agility and speed defy imagination. The surrounding trees tremble, their leaves quivering in awe of the force that emanates from him.

In a sudden burst of motion, he leaps into the air, his katana held high above his head. The ground beneath him quakes as he desce
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