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Ashu's eyes stared at the ceiling of the house right after opening his eyes, finding that he was no longer on the mountain where Wu was sealed. Ashu immediately got up from bed.

From outside the room, Duang who brought Ashu to his house heard the sound of jumping, Duang could guess that the young man he was carrying must have woken up and was confused at this time.

"You still haven't recovered, go back to rest," said Duang standing in front of the door.

"Who are you? Where is this?" Ashu asked, looking at Duang suspiciously.

"This is my house, you have been unconscious for 2 days," said Duang.

"Why did you bring me here? Shouldn't I still be on the mountain at this time," Ashu asked.

"You were hit by lightning from the array because you forced open the restraining array. I still can't understand why there are still people who want to sacrifice their lives for that golden tiger," said Duang.

"You know about Wu? Damn, how is he doing now," said Ashu.

"I installed the array as before, wh
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