Reincarnation Of The Warrior
Reincarnation Of The Warrior
Author: Cici Aremanita
Back To Life

In the midst of an army of assassins who wanted to kill him, Ashu still tried to survive, even though the blood in his body continued to flow, Ashu did not expect that the Water Dragon Clan, which had always been respected, would now be completely massacred by dozens of groups of assassins hired by his enemies, and now all that was left was him, his entire family had died in a very horrible way.

Ashu felt very unaccepted and wanted to slaughter them all without a trace, but Ashu realized that in his current condition this would not be possible, Ashu tried to stand straight while raising his blood stained sword, rather than die in the hands of the enemy, it would be better for him to die in his own hands. Ashu thought.

"I swear, if I had the chance to live, I would not let any of you escape death!" Ashu shouted.


The sound of thunder answered Ashu oath with a loud roar, in front of hundreds of assassins, Ashu stabbed himself in the stomach with a sword until it pierced his back, Ashu body fell to the ground, blood from his stomach soaking the ground where he lay.

"He committed suicide, what now?" asked one of the chief assassins.

"Our job is done," said the other chief assassin.

"We're back, it's time to get paid," said the chief assassin who walked past Ashu.

On the edge of life and death, Ashu tries to remember all the groups of assassins who dared to massacre his clan, Ashu really hopes that they all die in a more sadistic way than he and his clan members.


"Huhuhuhuh, my son, why did you leave mother, why did you leave before your mother?"

"Wake up!"

"Never mind, you must be able to let go, we must bury him immediately."

Hearing a commotion from inside the coffin, Ashu opened his eyes, Ashu eyes immediately looked at a middle-aged woman who was crying while hugging her body.

"What really happened to me," Ashu thought.

"Who are you?" Ashu words shocked everyone.

"My son, you're awake, my son. Mother didn't see anything wrong, just right," said the middle-aged woman who had been hugging him.

"Brother, live again!" a man who was lighter than Ashu shouted in great surprise.

"What are you waiting for, bring my son out quickly," the middle-aged woman ordered her servant.

As Ashu stood up, he held his head, which felt very painful, and several vague memories surrounded his head. From this memory, Ashu knew that his name was Ashu Li and the middle-aged woman who cried earlier was his mother. Ashu looked around him. Right after he saw the man who was younger than him, a memory suddenly came back to his mind.

"Ahhhhhhhh, it turns out like this," Ashu said quietly.

At the moment, he is alive again in the body of a man with the same name as him. It is very unfortunate that the previous owner of his body died out of compassion for his younger brother, and his own younger brother also killed him.

"Very sad," Ashu thought.

Ashu smiled at Meng Li, his Brother, who immediately trembled when she saw Ashu meaningful smile.

"Take my son to rest, call all the doctors to see my son's current condition," Ashu mother said.

"That's not necessary, I'm fine ma'am, I want to rest, don't let anyone disturb me," Ashu said as he walked towards the room in his memory.

Ashu, passing by his Brother, smiled again. Ashu signaled to his Brother that what he had done to her would definitely be repaid.

Meng Li had never felt the urge to kill his older brother, no matter how angry he was with him, because his older brother truly loved him.

After only a few steps, Ashu met the middle-aged man who participated in his murder. He was Ashu stepfather and Meng Li's biological father. Ashu Li's own father was killed after carrying out a family mission. After 2 years, his wife, who was a tall woman, married a commoner and had a child soon after.

When his mother married, Ashu was still very young, so when he grew up with his sister from another mother, Ashu Li's father never considered his Brother like other people, even Ashu Li really loved his brother.

Inside the room, Ashu shook his head, unable to understand the previous owner of the corpse, even though it was clear that his younger brother had been caught several times trying to kill him, but he had always forgiven him.

"Okay, since I will be using your body from now on, I will make sure that they cannot live in peace," Ashu said with a smile.

"But the most important thing right now is that I have to see how much my cultivation is, if my cultivation is still the same as before I died," Ashu said, talking to himself again.

Ashu closed his eyes and tried to feel the flow of energy that would let him know how cultivated he was. Soon, Ashu opened his eyes again and looked at the spiritual aura coming out of his body.

"Not even half of my cultivation is at the Fifth Heaven," Ashu said.

The training levels consist of beginner, silver and gold levels, all three of which are still considered low levels. Each level has 1 to 3 stars and 3 stars is the highest level before moving up to the next training level.

The medium level of training consists of earth, earth's core, mortal world and Qi realm. The four also have stars as the highest level before advancing to the next level, just like the lowest level.

Different from the lowest and medium levels, high level training consists of the sky level which reaches seven levels, above the sky level there is still the general level and the god level, both of which have three levels of training.

"Ahhhhhhh, actually what has he been doing all this time, why is he still at the 3-star gold level at the age of 18," said Ashu, shaking his head again.

Ashu head suddenly felt sore. Ashu previous memories came back to her head. Ashu, who remembers it, still can't stop thinking, it's no wonder that the owner of the body he is currently using is still at the lowest level, it turns out that all the resources that should have been used to raise his training level were instead given to his little brother who didn't know himself.

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