The Last Fighter

The fighter who had just survived went straight to the edge of the arena. The fighter whispered to the other fighters discussing Ashu's sword, which was not just any sword.

Leaving the other 10 main fighters walking to the center of the arena, all of them simultaneously stared at Ashu's black sword, wanting to confirm whether what their colleague was saying was true.

"That's right, that sword isn't just any sword. Be careful," said one of the fighters.

"Let me go ahead, I'm not sure an ordinary sword like that is very powerful," said one of the fighters who immediately walked forward.

"I just warned you that I was merciful by not killing my opponent, but not this time. Those who want to surrender, leave now while there is still time. If everything happens, don't blame me," said Ashu firmly.

The city leader who was standing at the edge of the arena could feel cold sweat dripping down his body, his intention of making Ashu helpless by not using his elements actually made his fighter los
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