Return of the Strongest Scavengers Assassin

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Return of the Strongest Scavengers Assassin

By: Ziko Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Reed has left behind his past, the life of a scavenger, for a fresh start with his wife and lovely daughter - or so he thinks. But an ugly conspiracy breaks out at work that threatens the life he's built for many years. After saving an employee from harassment by his corrupt boss, he's accused and sent to jail unjustly. His wife divorces him and denies him custody of his daughter, his only reason to live. With his life crashing on all sides, his mother's ill health, and his daughter's poor standard of life, he has no choice but to go back to the life he had vowed he was done with. There's an outrageous bid on the dark market for the best killer to take down his former boss, the man who sent him to jail, a drug dealer who will stop at nothing to end him permanently, Reed sees an opportunity to regain his lost glory. As shocking discoveries are made about his ex-wife's new interest, a rival, and his untraceable source of wealth, a gang of killers emerges to challenge Reed and take his place as the best assassin in the city. Reed finds out that the client ordering the hit on his former boss is nothing but a college girl. In a twist of events, she ends up being his savior and takes his daughter in. Reed navigates the treacherous world of gangs, assassins, traitors, and greedy power-drunk men. Fueled by his love for his daughter and anger at injustice, he stands up to himself and lets the shadows of his past lead him yet again, embracing the SCAVENGER he's always been

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165 chapters
Chapter One
Reed sat impatiently on the hard bench, the uncomfortable wooden surface digging into his skin.This has got to be the worst day of his life because he never saw himself in a courtroom, with harassment and rape charges lobbied against him.His lawyer, Mr Ralph McLauren was on the other side of the bench in a casual button-down shirt and pants.When he first saw Ralph walk in, all my hopes sank. Was this the lawyer that would get him out of this?Not to sound rude but he didn't have much faith in the man.Suddenly, there was movement at the back of the room and Reed turned to look.That fucker.His boss, Walker Rhomes walked in with a smug smile on his face, closely followed by his lawyer who when compared to Reed's, dressed sharply in an expensive-looking suit.His hopes dropped even further, but I refused to be cowed.When Walker sat down on the plaintiff's seat, Reed leaned over a bit so he could hiss to him. “How wicked can you possibly be, showing how brazen you are? You're the o
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Chapter Two
“You have 10 minutes,” the guard told them as he walked away to give Reed and his wife privacy..Immediately the judge passed on his verdict a week ago Reed was whisked away without being able to confront his lawyer to call his familyThe judge was only able to send him away for a year because there was no concrete proof to hold him in for a longer time.A year of being away from his family. His wife, Mom, and his daughterHis wife, Kayla visited him in prison a week later, Reed found out as he was escorted to the meeting roomSeeing his beautiful wife lifted his spirits, and his steps quickened.Even though there was a see-through glass between them, it didn't diminish how sad his wife looked.Picking up the phone, Reed spoke first. “How're you, and the kids?Kayla tucks a strand of hair behind her ear, giving him the first unobstructed view of her face. “We’re fine.”“And home?” He asked, eager to get information.“Home is good.” She looks away. “Uh, actually we're not staying at th
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Chapter Three
Reed was so stunned for a moment, that he didn't know what to say.“K-kayla, what are you doing here?” More importantly, how did she know he was going to be here today? She didn't respond, still keeping a stony look.She took a step forward which was when he saw the man behind her back. What the hell?Instantly, he bolted out of his chair, the divorce papers forgotten. “Mike?Mike was one of the men who testified against him for a crime he didn't commit, but he had the balls to show up here.Hell, no.Reed was so angry, he didn't think, launching himself at the lying asshole.He gripped Mike's collar firmly, tightening the space around his neck. “Why did you do it huh? How much did they pay you to snitch on me?!”Mike grunted, not saying anything, and that even aggravated Reed the more. He struck, sending Mike crashing to the floorKayla screamed, running to Mike's defense while she tried to make sure he was okay.“What is wrong with you, Reed?” she shouted at him.“What's wrong with
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Chapter Four
Bzzz….bzzzz…The sound of an incoming message drew Reed's attention and he looked up from his feed to look at his inboxThere were new messages from different people requesting his services but it was the one at the foremost center that prompted him to open itOut of curiosity, he tapped on the icon and his eyes widened…$100,000The amount of money on bid wasn't the surprising thing but the name of the person assigned to kill wasWhat the hell did Mr Walker do to piss someone offEven a mere punk was worth, at most, a couple thousand dollars,what made Mr Walker so specialThat stumped Reed but then his eyes wandered over to the bottom half of the screen.The Commissioner?Thankfully, the mode of payment was cash in person which was convenient since Reed couldn't afford that kind of paper trail.Even though it was pretty confusing to him, Reed decided to go ahead since he always had a desire to see the CommissionerBeing smart, he created a fake, anonymous account to accept the bid an
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Chapter Five
The lady started to explain. “The owner of the laundry is a drug dealer, the laundry is just a front. The guy is part of a very large trafficking network but from what I hear, he runs this city. My brother Matt was lured into taking drugs, and soon after, he became addicted and my parents had to cart him off to a rehabilitation center when it became too bad.” Moisture gathered at the corners and she angrily swiped it away. “Matt was a minor, you know.” She tried to explain to him. “And rehab didn't work since there were still drug dealers in there and guess what, they were even more cheaper!”She stopped talking for a minute, her eyes appearing glassy as she got sucked into her memories. Reed had to prompt her. “So, what happened?”“My parents of course went to the cops and reported the whole situation, who then traced it back to Walker but no way to even hurt him or pinpoint it to him.” She scoffed. Reed patiently waited her out, allowing her to let it all out of her system.“They
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Chapter Six
Reed had to make a pit stop at home so he could change into decent clothes that could at least show he belonged in a fancy restaurant.Upon getting there, he discreetly looked around for his ex wife but couldn't find her.“Sir, can I help you with something?” A harried-looking waitress tapped her feet impatiently, looking over his shoulder.Crap“I…um, I'm meeting someone in there.” The lie rolled smoothly off his tongue, while he pretended to look through his phone for a fake name.Thankfully, there were a lot of people on the line and the lady couldn't wait for him to figure it out so she just waved him in.Once he was in, it was easy to spot his stealing wife.It was Mark's birthday and Kayla was doing some type of grand gesture with her friends and his.Reed's eyes widened when Kayla whipped out a very expensive box that had a designer watch. He could overhear some of the guests murmur in surprise, saying they didn't think that Kayla had that type of money, after costing they conc
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Chapter Seven
Reed watched Mike receive a phone call, moving farther away so that Reed wouldn't listen in to his conversation.Reed moved around as if trying to pick things up while craning his ears.Mike went white fast, making Reed wonder what was going on, that was when his eyes snagged on the suit Mike had on.Reed's eyes widened when he placed the Brioni custom-made suit.That suit costs thousands of dollars! He would know because back then when he used to profile high-value clients, most of them had a Brioni suit in their collection.“How the fuck was Mike able to afford that on a salesman's salary?”Reed carefully cataloged everything Mike was putting on for his birthday dinner while he talked and summed the total up to be $3-5k.Reed immediately did some digging and found Mike's apartment, which was a very luxurious building on State Avenue…he was still working at the car wash.Mike was no big fish, born into a wealthy family so the logical explanation was…the owner of the car washHe was a
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Chapter Eight
Reed had no means of transport, so he used the car of the killers, driving it at top speed to Mike's apartment building without bothering about the dead bodies.It was simple logic. No gangster wanted to be caught with his shit flying about especially where the police were concerned, so they could clean up his mess quickly before the cops caught wind of itReed parked carelessly in front of the building, rushing out with his heart in his throat as he barged in without identification.The security guards went on alert instantly and tried to stop him“Hey, where do you think you're going?” the fat one yelled, running up to him.Closing his eyes in annoyance, Reed turned around to set his leg so the man fell to the ground, and to his companion, one punch to the face was lit.Conscious of the ticking clock, Reed ran up the stairs until he got to apartment 17.One knock and a minute later, the door is swung inward to reveal his daughter who gaped at him in disbelief“Dad!” She exclaimed, r
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Chapter Nine
Reed drove carefully on the streets, staring out the window and at the rearview mirror for signs of approaching cars.He needed to get Mandy somewhere safe before those men found him again.The safehouse…Reed used to have many safe houses scattered around the city, but in his state of panic, the only one he could remember now was the one he built when he used to lead the Scavengers, creating a haven for them.He debated driving over to that place but hesitated, not sure if it was still safe to use.Nonetheless, Reed drove over to the nearest safehouse whose address was stuck in his memory.Only to drive into the parking lot and find out that the shop that was used as a shelter above the safehouse had been turned into a pub.Fuck!“Hey, Mandy, wake up!” He gently shook his daughter awake.Tired, blue eyes fluttered open as she rolled around on the seat.Reed got down, bending so he could scoop her up into his arms but Mandy wriggled, wanting to be let down.As they walked into the pub
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Chapter Ten
Reed knocked on the door, thrusting his hands into his pockets while he waited for a response. Not long after, the door was flung open and a short, stocky man with beer gut and rounded glasses perched on his square face opened the door.“What do you want?” He barked, giving Reed a once-over.“I want to see…” Reed's words trailed off because the client, Anna was already standing behind her father, staring at him with eyes as wide as saucers.It was obvious they were fighting. Her lashes were wet with tears, her cheeks sunken and even her clothes hung off her frame. Guilt slammed into Reed when he took in her appearance, especially when he knew that a large part of what was happening was his fault.Making a decision there and then, Reed decided to return Anna's money even though it went against the rules of his profession…in return for a small favor.“Can I see you for a moment?” He asked politely.Anna glanced at her parents and then at him, nodding eagerly. “Sure.”Her Dad wasn't so
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