Return of the hidden heir

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Return of the hidden heir

By: Tina Maxxy Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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"Ever since I adopted you, you have brought nothing but bad luck on me. I don't want you as my son any longer. I disown you." Those were the words that Harlan's father told him on the day he thought he had had enough misfortunes. First, he was insulted by the girl he had a crush on for four years and next he was sent away from work.  When Harlan got to his cupboard room that night, he met an unexpected visitor... One thing led to another and Harlan was adopted by a wealthy man which made him become Harlan Smith, the rumoured billionaire's hidden son. His life changed for good and it was time to get back at the bullies in school and live the life he has always dreamt of. But then, Harlan got to know more dark secrets about his birth.

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chapter 1: Unfortunate being
Harlan took another deep breath. He had often heard that one shouldn't be afraid of taking risks more than being miserable, and that was what he was doing right now— taking a risk."What do you want to tell me?" Cecilia asked impatiently."You were not in the last class, and the lecture is very important. I took some notes, I will be willing to give them to you," Harlan said, stretching the notepad in his hand to Cecilia. It had taken him almost three days to get everything he had written there.Cecilia stared at the note before staring at Harlan."Why are you giving me this?" She asked suspiciously."Nothing… or maybe it's because I care about you," Harlan said with a shrug.Cecilia looked around quickly to be sure no one was near to hear what Harlan just said."What did you just say?" She snapped.Harlan's heart missed a beat. That sounded like a rejection. He glanced at Cecilia. She was As beautiful as she has been since their first day in law school."I like you," Harlan repeated i
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chapter 2: Disowned
Harlan stood up and stared blankly at the other people who washed the plates in the kitchen. He stared at the woman who had suggested that it was him who broke the plate, she shrugged and looked away. Harlan clenched his fist."Sir, I wasn't the one who broke the plate, I can swear on anything that none of the plates slipped from my hands," Harlan said, still surprised at the turn of events."What are you trying to say? That those of us who have been working here all these while are the ones who broke the plate?" One of the dish-washer countered.Harlan shook his head, no way he would be accused of what he didn't do, "are you also trying to tell me that I don't know how to wash plates?""Isn't it logical? The minute you started washing was the day a plate broke," another dish-washer chipped in."It's okay, all of you. Harlan come with me, the rest of you can go back to your duty post right now." The manager said and went out of the hall. Harlan stared at the dish-washers angrily, "who
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chapter 3: Adopted
"Sir?" Harlan asked in confusion, he stopped walking and held the phone closer to his ear."Ever since I adopted you, you have brought nothing but failures and misfortunes on me. So, I am ending all those failures and misfortunes now. If you go near my house, you will be arrested because there are policemen there." "Dad… what… what are you telling me, dad?" Harlan stuttered."Don't call me your father again. I am only the father of my Myzska and Justin. I adopted you, you know that much, and I have disowned you. Don't call me again. I am sick of you already!" "Dad…?""Even your father disowned you. Your rich father sold you to me because you were an unfortunate child, I don't want you again. What I want now is the refund of the money I have used in feeding you all these years. You have grown up to be a fool, I don't want you infecting my children with that foolishness of yours; the earlier the better." "Is that Harlan?" A background voice asked at the other end. Harlan's Mom."We ha
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chapter 4: The beggar
Harlan wiped the blood that came out from his mouth with the back of his hand as the two men stepped away from him to look at the person who had dared to stop them.They trembled in fear when they realized who the man was. No one messes with Jack, and a lot of times he had been billionaire's protector. No ordinary person can afford to make Jack his or her personal bodyguard."Sir, are you here to see us?" One of the men asked Jack in a trembling voice.Without saying anything, Jack strolled to them and held the two men at once, he glanced at Harlan."What do you want me to do to them, young master?" Jack asked Harlan.Harlan stared at Jack in surprise. Did Jack just call him 'young master'? One of the men whose collar Harlan was holding burst into laughter."You must have made a mistake, Mr Jack. This scumbag here cannot be any young master, he isn't even fit to be my servant at home…" Jack angrily released the two men, kicked them with his foot and sent them sprawling on the floor.
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chapter 5: Return of the hidden heir
More people threw more money at Harlan and the crowd was starting to become too much for a law firm like Keith and Mint. The gatekeepers continue giving scornful and snippy remarks. Harlan knew he would leave the place in shame. He glanced at the gateman, they were having a nice time capping on him."I think our boy is greedy too, if not, why is he still waiting here after all the not thrown at him?" Robinson asked the other gateman who in turn laughed."Don't be shy… don't be shy, Mr beggar, just pick your money and go away."Harlan sighed. He wondered where Jack was. He could have rescued him in a situation like this. Just when he was about to take a step toward the gate, silence descended on the place.People who had been together before, made space for someone to pass. Smith stopped walking and stared at Harlan. They maintained eyes contact. Smith felt weak in the knee as he stared at Harlan. He had grown really well."What is going on, son?" He asked quietly, still not taking his
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chapter 6: Hospital
In Harlan's school, Jason is the richest student. At age twenty two, he was already the owner of two Supermarkets, presented to him as a birthday gift by his father, that earns him nothing less than two million dollars yearly each. Although not the most handsome, he pulled a lot of crowd because anyone who got in his bad books would remember it forever, the only way not to annoy him was to be one of his fans.The second richest student is Elizabeth, considered as the school beauty goddess. She rarely talks, and most of the students in the law department claimed not to have heard her voice before. The rest of the students in the class come after those two when it comes to wealth.Harlan was too surprised to answer her question. He stared at her. As if by a command, there was silence in the class as every eye watched Harlan and Elizabeth.Harlan cleared his throat, " yes, sure," He said and moved to the farther end of the seat.Elizabeth sat down and pulled back her headphones. Harlan g
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Chapter 7: I am Harlan Smith
Smith pushed the file on the table to the judge who in turn placed his glasses on his eyes well to check the medical report."Are you fully convinced now?" Smith asked, carefully looking at the judge's reaction as he went through the report."So you really have a son?" The judge muttered, still staring at the sheet of paper in his front that held the evidence of Mr Smith having a son.He had often heard about Mr Smith having a son but he couldn't believe those rumours no matter how curious he had been to know the truth. The judge knew Mr Smith was divorced but the fact that he has a son has not been clear.It was not until a week ago that the judge had the chance to satisfy his curiosity. He asked Mr Smith to bring evidence of having a son in return for making him win the case against another big firm in another city."I hope the DNA test convinces you this time around. The test, as you can see, was carried out in the best hospital in this city, if you still have some doubts, you can g
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Chapter 8: Losing his mind
Thinking that Harlan was telling lame jokes because he was going through a hard time because of the fact that his parents disowned him, Kelvin slowly covered his mouth with his palm, the other hand holding the phone remained where it stayed hung in the air.Suddenly, Kelvin moved closer to Harlan and pulled him in a tight hug, surprising Harlan himself. He had thought Kelvin wouldn't believe him."I am sorry, Harlan, I should have asked about how you are coping with the reality of being disowned by your parents," Kelvin said, choking with emotion."You don't need to make a big deal about the fact that my parents disowned me, I have forgotten about them already," Harlan muttered, trying to pull away from Kelvin."I should have known you would be greatly affected by it, no need pretending to be tough, we can both cry over it if that is going to make you better, man."Harlan finally pulled away from Kelvin and stared at him in confusion."I am now Harlan Smith, so my parents disowning me
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Chapter 9: Anonymous person
"Everyone is free to go without paying, your bills have been settled by an anonymous person," the president of the restaurant said, trying to get a grip on himself.When Mr Smith had called him and informed him that Harlan Smith was in the restaurant, he had almost fainted. It got even more worse when Mr Smith told him that should Harlan Smith pay for anything he eats in the restaurant, the president of the restaurant would have himself to blame for whatever the consequences are."That is ridiculous. How could you say someone paid for all of us? Don't you know how much that is?" One richly dressed customer asked rudely."You are free to even eat more, to any extent you eat, your bills have been covered already," the restaurant President said and tried to guess who Harlan Smith could be among the many people in the restaurant.The restaurant's president's eyes never lingered on Harlan for a second. When he got back outside, he called Mr Smith to inform him that he had made sure Harlan
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Chapter 10: The landlord
Harlan waited for the landlord's hand to hit him in the face again but after some seconds when nothing happened, he looked at the landlord and could not help sighing in relief when he realized what had made the man's hand cease from working.Behind his back, was Jack, who held the landlord's hand who seemed really shocked and was wondering who on earth had stopped him from teaching the tenant who thinks he is wise enough to go away with his money. His shock increased greatly when he managed to turn around and he saw who had held his hand."Jack?" The landlord muttered in disbelief.Harlan had almost forgotten that Jack was nearby and had been watching him, it didn't feel real yet that he had a bodyguard."I want you to teach him a lesson never to look down on someone again," Harlan said when he finally could talk. He rubbed his cheek as he could still feel the pain from the slap.The landlord couldn't help but laugh. He thought his tenant was in a fantasy of some sort, or probably insa
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