The Over Night Secret Billionaire

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The Over Night Secret Billionaire

By: Roanna Baleta Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Darren, a man who does delivery job to assist his girlfriend in college, got dumped by her at her graduation party. He was treated like trash and got set up in his job, and that made him totally shattered. Just as he was completely devastated, some suit men who had been searching for him for months came to take him away to their boss, and the boss is the president of the number one world leading Group, the Engand Group. The boss said he looked like the only son he had, who died a few years ago. The boss needed a son to bear his name because he didn't have much time to live, so he offered all of his wealth to Darren in exchange for his name. There was a secret behind having his name, and Darren was prepared for it because he would do anything to get out of the poor caliber. Now, he is no longer the trash they used to know; he is now the lastest billionaire over night!

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The fact that she was not taking his call for the twentieth time, made his heart drum a million times that he had no choice but to board a cab to her apartment.The same apartment he rented for her with his hard earned money. Anyway, people will surely do anything for love.Darren dropped out of the cab after paying up the driver and as he stepped closer to the porch he began to hear the blaring of music coming out from the house.He was about stepping on the porch but he paused and took a step back to imagine what was going on. And where the heck the music was coming from because he doesn’t want to believe it was coming from his girlfriend’s apartment.He took a long breath because he was confused as hell as to why a party was being thrown at her house and the fact she didn’t take any of his twenty calls.He finally pushed himself to step on the porch, didn’t bother to knock because the house belongs to his girlfriend anyway. So he twisted the knob and stepped into the living room.W
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The Suit Men
“ You fucking bastard!” Eric felt like his pride was suddenly bruised as he attempted to throw his fist at Darren’s face again. But this time, Darren saw it coming that he grabbed his fist and gave it a twist that he began to groan.His guards came around to attack but he threw a fist across them as well and they could barely withstand it.When they are still trying to gain themselves, Darren grabbed Avery’s arm with ease as he pulled her to him.“ Avery tell me it’s all a prank! Tell Them the truth about us!”“ What should I tell them? Tell them that a poor delivery man like you is my boyfriend?” She scoffed as she smacked him in the face.“ Stop embarrassing me and leave!” she groan as her eyes widen to the extreme, to show that she was dead serious and it wasn’t a prank.His heart sank when she said she was embarrassing him. He wanted to let out his grief but he was in front of the crowd and couldn’t believe she was doing this to him.“ You won’t leave right? Okay wait, let me tell
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When he stepped outside, the day seemed to be a little late and the cold seemed to be severe.He squeezed his hand across his chest tightly, the cold was tormenting his broken heart. He needed something warm. Something that would warm up his heart and be able to let out his frustration.Darren checked his jean pocket and saw that he had 3 dollars left with him and the only thing he could think of was alcohol. They say alcohol is bad but they ignore the fact that alcohol is the only friend that get to stay with you in tough times. The only friend that would permit you to let out the heaviness buried in one's heart. Yes it’s bad, but it gives you the freedom to open up your heart and groan whatever way you want and it won’t judge. It won’t judge you like others would.Darren located the nearest bar close to him. He had to hurry up because he felt like it was difficult for him to breath already.The more he thinks about what had happened back at his girlfriend’s apartment, the more he
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Too Real To Be True
He jumped off the bed out of fear of being caught sleeping in this kind of bed that he could never afford to get, even with his two-year salary all together."It was a mistake.” His speech was incomplete as he vividly stared at the huge man in a black suit, but he could barely mark what he looked like because he was wearing a shade that was hiding his eyes."I want you to follow me right now. The boss is waiting for you downstairs.” He said in a deep voice that it was obviously scary. Darren was quite confused about the boss he was talking about, and he didn’t quite understand why he would want to see him.He was sure as hell that he hadn’t committed another offense, and if it was about Avery, then he had given up, so he deserved to have a peaceful life from now on.Darren had so many questions, but the guy in the suit didn’t seem entertaining, so he gulped down and decided to follow him while he led the way downstairs.As Darren followed him from behind, he began to recall that there
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Mr. Reeves felt a tightness in his throat causing him to cough severely. Darren raised his brow subconsciously at the sound of the intense cough.He could tell by the way he just coughed, he was having health issues.Mr. Reeves coughed into his white handkerchief that he brought out of his back pocket. And there was blood pouring out of his mouth.“ Ignore what you just saw and take your seat.” Mr. Reeves wipes the bloodstain from his lips and pretended like nothing serious had just happened.Darren eyes flickered from confusion to sadness but Mr. Reeves thought snapped him out of the thousands of thoughts swirling in his head.“ You must be wondering why you are here?” he asked Darren again as he sat on the white couch next to Darren.“ Y..yes.” his speech were yet not stable, he was still in shock, at the this point Darren was going through so many emotions at a time.“ Good. For over a year, I searched all over the world to find that one person that will look like my dad son. I des
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Darren returned home and began to rearrange his apartment. His anger was fierce as he thought all about the humiliation he had received from Eric and Avery because he was poor.And now his boss didn’t allow him to explain before getting him fired from his job. That was the only job he was lucky to have, but now those two devilish couples have ruined it all.“ Shit!” He groaned, throwing the broken pieces of his TV to the ground again. He was so tired of this hard life; wasn’t it enough to change his name to Tate at this moment?He bit his lips as he rose on his feet to take the card the guard had given him early this morning."Hello,” the guard said as Darren put a call through."My mind is made up. I’m ready to fight against all odds after accepting to be Tate Reeves.” He clenched his fist as he told Hector. Darren felt like a shit, and he was done with people treating him poorly, and now it was a good opportunity to accept the name and rise from this poor caliber."We will come and
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"Do you need my driver to take you home, or do you want your own car?” Mr. Reeves asked as Darren was about to leave the penthouse.Darren didn’t believe it. He just smiled. "I would like your driver to take me home. I do not need a car for now; I think we don’t need to draw the attention of others.” Darren said as he smiled back at Mr. Reeves."That's smart of you, my son. By tomorrow, I will introduce you to my secretary, and he is the only one you need to put you through as the chairman of the Engand Group. He is one of my trusted men, and no other person apart from him should know about you. Your life might be at risk, Tate. I lost a son once; I wouldn’t want to lose another one due to my carelessness.”“ Okay..” He responded quietly as he thought about his life being at risk."And also, you will have most of my guard secretly following you around all the time.” Mr. Reeves said, and Darren nodded as he recalled why Hector had come to pick him up in less than thirty minutes."I wou
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"This is a big joke, Hector. Tell me you are joking!” Darren groaned, throwing his flower vessel to the ground."Tate, stay still. Do not fucking go out of your place! This is too dangerous for you. You are the new heir, and you in need to be protected at all costs."Hector screamed at him."I don’t believe this, Hector.”"There is a lot you are not going to believe. You need time to know everything that is happening. And listen to me; never step out until I come with the secretary!” He screamed and hung up the phone on Darren.Darren's mouth dropped open in confusion. He ran his hands into his hair, as he didn’t believe what had just happened.Mr. Reeves’ already had a short time to live; how could someone heartlessly kill him before his time?This must be insane. There must be a lot that Darren needs to know before he reviews himself.Darren heard a knock at his door, then he jerked off his couch as he attempted to open up.He halted to confirm who was at the door. Hector told him n
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“Wait, before you leave, I want you to take me to Mr. Reeves. I need to see him at the morgue.” Darren stared into their eyes. Leo and Hector glanced at each other for a few seconds before they responded.“That’s okay, but you need to use the fake face. You can’t go to the hospital, Tate; that would be too risky.” Hector said, and Darren agreed as he followed them from behind while they headed to their rides.Darren got into the car with Hector as he wore the dark shade while they headed to where they could purchase a facemask that seemed more like a real face.They purchased the perfect one for him that seemed to make him younger than his age, which was a great disguise for him.Then they began to drive towards the hospital. The hospital belonged to Mr. Reeves, and now he has given everything to Darren.Hector asked the driver to halt when they drove to the side where Mr. Reeves was exactly shot dead."This is where he was killed.” Hector told him as he took down the side of his wind
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Darren followed the blonde-haired lady as she took him to the room around the housekeeper's quarters. Darren's eyes widened at how huge the villa was and the fact that the interior design was the kind he had never seen before.While he marveled at the villa, his mind was not at rest after the lady told him about the party that they were going to have in a few days.She stopped in front of the white door and twisted the door knob to push it open."This is where you would be staying. Ah. I forgot; I am Nora, the only daughter of the Reeves family, and in a few hours I will assign you to your duties.” She said it with a small smile and walked out of the room as she slammed the door closed, leaving Darren alone in the room.Darren sighed as he moved closer to the door to peep. He wanted to confirm if she was gone before he answered the beeping of his cell phone in his pocket.Leo and Hector have been calling him for the past thirty minutes, apparently since he got here.Leo was the one ca
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