The Secret Heir Of Slytherin Empire

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The Secret Heir Of Slytherin Empire

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Being wealthy is fun especially when you grew up as an orphan. But the seemingly flashy and glamorous world of wealthy men has hidden secrets, so dark and so diabolical, and it took Oscar only one week to realise. Due to certain circumstances, and perhaps sheer luck, Oscar was lifted from a common employee to the CEO of a prestigious organisation. But while he tries to pay back those who wronged him in the past, Oscar is also faced with life-threatening situations. Tasked with finding his missing father and staying alive, Oscar couldn't tell whether he was better off wealthy or middle class. ______ The story starts like any other urban novel but proceeds slowly, leaving hints for future events to look forward to. The story is rated 18, but contains little to no s*x scenes. However gruesome and graphic fight scenes, socially intolerable habits including drug usage, may be included, but will not be praised or supported. Chapters will be uploaded daily before 17:00 UTC +01:00 Thank you for giving this book a try, and I will try to answer any questions I come across as comments.

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  • De_law17


    Welcome to my second book yall Let's see where this takes us shall we?

    2024-05-22 01:57:14
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42 chapters
1. Flirting with a stranger
"Just who the hell do you think you are?" Mrs Smith snapped, whilst staring at the young man before her. The fury in her expression could not be described with words, and if stares could kill, then Oscar would have dropped dead less than a second ago."Ma'am, please understand me, I think we should carry out a proper investigation before concluding that I_" You dare speak to me? " Mrs Smith interjected." You had one job, Mr Oscar, and if there was anyone I trusted with all my heart, then it was you. As the financial secretary, I do not expect nearly three million dollars to leave the company account, without you knowing about it, then what is your job?"Oscar kept his gaze fixed on the desk, he couldn't dare look at Mrs Smith who was already convinced that he stole the company's money."I'm sorry ma'am," he said,"But I believe that there is more to the story than the detective has told us." He added."I don't want to hear your explanations Mr, 0scar, I need a man that I can trust a
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2. There is no progress
As soon as she set eyes on him, Ellen withdrew her hand for the stranger, with an expression of shock mixed with guilt. She turned to her mother who had a mischievous smile on her face and then back to Oscar.The stranger on the other hand, did nothing but stare at Oscar With a smile, he couldn't help but behold the piece of trash that Ellen was married to, and he was fulfilled to see the jealousy in Oscar's Eyes, it was just the expression he wanted to see.Oscar snapped back to reality, he had already imagined strangling the stranger to death for flirting with his wife but refused to react until he could understand what was happening."Can I see you?" He said to Ellen and began walking up the stairs without waiting for her response, because the longer he stared at the stranger, the more he was tempted to react.When Oscar walked into the bedroom, he sat down on the edge of the bed with a sigh and waited for Ellen. All he wanted to hear was whether it was a prank or an illusion. Anyt
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3. Where are the tears when you need them?
Oscar's presence startled everyone in the living room due to his pace and furious gaze. He didn't hesitate to grab Micheal by his collar and lift him off the chair."Who do you think you are!" He asked Micheal, who didn't react immediately. Rather, he kept a mischievous smile on his face, just to make matters worse than it already was."Oscar, what do you think you are doing?" Ellen intervened and attempted to separate both of them with her hand, only to get yelled at."Ellen, stay away!" Oscar yelled and kept his gaze fixed on the man who came to take his wife from him without an iota of shame."Take your filthy hands off my clothes you imbecile," Micheal warned him with a sneer, for someone as wealthy as he was, he couldn't bring himself to wrestle with a man that he considered to be worthless." I don't know who you are, or what the hell you think you have achieved, I want you to leave this house and never come near my wife again, or I'll kill_"Do you have any idea who you are tal
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4. Wades
The smell of cigarettes filled the air, alcohol and laughter from both responsible and irresponsible men echoed throughout the room, yet one man sat at the far end, spending the last few West Arcadian Dollars in his pocket on a bottle of drink."Mind if I join you, mate?" A tall man whose face was barely visible under the dim light requested, and without waiting for Oscar's reply, he drew out the chair opposite him and sat down."What's good?" The man asked and Oscar felt irritated, he wanted nothing more than to sit alone and wished the folk would quit bothering him."Nothing good, man," He replied, without hiding the fact that he felt disturbed. "You know," the man continued, after taking a sip from his bottle of baijiu."If you don't want to talk about something, it's okay to say so. No need to feel bothered." He concluded and lit the cigarette after carefully placing it in between his lips."Do you smoke?" He asked, handing his second cigarette to Oscar who politely declined,"No
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5. Chamber 4c
"Carefully fill this form, Mr Oscar," one of the cops handed a white piece of paper to him while he stood at the counter.Without responding, Oscar took the paper and pen from her and silently filled up the document, after which he handed it back to the cop."You left the surname blank," the female cop complained and Oscar nodded his head,"I know," He said."Is there a reason why?" She asked him with a hint of curiosity in her eyes."I never met my parents, and I don't use the surname given to me by the court, I don't like it. I only used them for document's sake." Oscar replied and the cop sighed."I'm sorry," she said."It's okay," Oscar uttered and followed her to the chief's office, the man who will decide his fate for the time being."Good evening, please sit down." He ushered and Oscar did as he said, all while keeping a straight face and composed demeanour. After looking through the files in front of him, the chief looked up to Oscar and said "I believe that you are aware o
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6. Am I, this person?
Do not touch that man!” The police chief yelled at the cops as they took Oscar towards one of the cells.They all turned to face hi, including Oscar, and the chief looked at his phone again to confirm that the person looked just like him.The striking resemblance was astonishing, such that anyone would assume that it was a picture of Oscar that was taken a few months back. The only difference was the hairstyle.Having this knowledge, the chief knew that he had hit the jackpot, because Oscar wasn't just from any family.“Please Pardon me, sir," He approached Oscar, who was stunned by the sudden remark. Even the cops who had escorted him were confused."Your mother must not know that you were arrested, I beg you," he apologized and Oscar frowned. He couldn't help but feel that the chief was mocking him since he had no parents.“Prepare the car!” He ordered the cops."The Slytherin family is about to get some good news.”At that name, both officers raised a brow, the chief did not say an
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7. Without a DNA test
By nightfall, they were all seated in the car, Oscar, the chief, and two cops along with him. The three of them were not dressed in uniforms and did not go along with an official police car.The fact that they also chose to drive at night made no sense to Oscar. It'll take them three hours to get there, and they left the station by 7 pm."Why didn't they leave earlier?" He kept that question to himself.He also contemplated whether or not to ask the chief about the Slytherin family, and why they were taking him there, and he couldn't come up with any reason to be afraid to ask."Am I the man in the picture?" He asked the chief who was seated next to him at the back, and the chief replied with a smile,"Wouldn't it be wonderful?""Wouldn't you confirm first? What if I am not their son? That will put both you and me into a lot of trouble. It has been twenty-six years since that child went missing, what are the chances that he is even alive?" He asked the chief, to further understand how
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8. Read it
As anticipated, the drive through the night took three hours, and at exactly 10:32 p.m, they arrived at Axel City. It was quiet throughout the city, mostly because those who live here are very influential and wealthy families. The streets were not filled with clubs, only a few, and also it was past ten pm, so most people had returned to their houses. The drive to the Slytherin's house took twenty minutes, they passed numerous checkpoints, and being a police chief, the man had easy access through these checkpoints by showing off his official license. The Slytherin family bought a massive plot of land, enough to create a small town. Not just that, the position of the land was spectacular, being situated above the city near the rocks. Each member of the family had their house at different points, but the Slytherin house itself was situated at the far end of the land on the left, a mansion built on the rock.The breathtaking view of Axel City from the mansion was spectacular, and the
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9. Oscar Frederick Slytherin
With his heart racing, Oscar walked into the biggest bedroom he had ever seen, so spacious yet so beautiful. And by the edge of the bed in front of him, a woman was seated, it was none other than Amy Slytherin. She looked quite young for her age, so beautiful and elegant that no one would assume she'd have a twenty-six-year-old son, her dark hair rested on her shoulder, while her eyes were already covered in tears."Frederick," she mumbled and stood to her feet. She looked away from the paper and let the tears drop from her eyes. She closed the distance between them, and looked into Oscar's eyes."I thought I lost you for good," she cried, her body shaking slightly as she was overwhelmed by the unexpected news."A mother needs no tests to tell who her son is," she added and drew Oscar in for a hug.She sobbed in his arms, the true reaction of a mother who had just reunited with her son. These tears of joy could not be contained, and she could only hold back from screaming on top of h
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10. I have my reasons
Inside the room, Oscar stood in awe, the sight of what now belonged to him was spectacular, no one would reject a life like this, and Mrs Amy did not even give him a chance to say no."I'm adopting you today," He recalled what she had said and smiled. He tried to recall if he had any memory of his mother. He closed his eyes and tried to picture what she must have looked like but he couldn't remember anything beyond Pere's house."Hmm," He said and sat down by the edge of the bed, he took out his phone and searched for the Slytherin's long-lost son again, and once again those images were shown. He read through the article again, and a few assumptions from the detective who had been on the case, all while trying to figure out if any of them matched something he could remember, but none.He was just trying so hard to see if he truly belonged here, but nothing came to his mind. "I can't let the public know of this yet," He mumbled, unless he was truly their heir, he couldn't let the pub
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