Revenge Sole Heir

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Revenge Sole Heir

By: Princess Kinan CompletedFantasy

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Aaron Jeremy Smith must experience time travel where his soul moves into the body of a man who is an employee of the security section at his company. Like it or not, Aaron must play the role of Kelvin to find out who the traitor who tried to kill him is. And Aaron had to swallow a bitter pill when he learned that the wife he had loved and cherished so far had betrayed him, along with his own cousin. They deliberately took advantage of Aaron's love for Julia (his wife) to seize all of the Smith family's wealth and kill Aaron. The love that turned into revenge made Aaron vow to destroy them both, no matter what. And it was during that process that Aaron had to get involved with the beautiful female figure of the marksman, Vivian.

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  • Rebecca Rodriguez


    Love this story

    2023-09-17 21:18:56
  • Princess Kinan


    nice story ...

    2023-08-05 13:50:04
  • Fash


    Nice synopsis ...

    2023-08-04 15:36:41
  • Mickey Ritch


    Great story! This is my second time reading a book about soul migration and this one is better than the other one so far. I hope Aaron gets his revenge and his body back.

    2024-01-19 19:49:20
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102 chapters
Chapter 1: Being in Someone Else's Body
In a very luxurious car, someone sat haughtily in the rear passenger seat. A suit coat tucked aside on his broad shoulders. A private driver sits in the driver's seat, driving the car at high speed, breaking the streets of the city of Netzon, which are quite quiet at night.That handsome man is Aaron Jeremy Smith, a rich and successful tycoon in the city of Netzon. He is the favorite grandson of the Smith family. Where the SM company is included in the ranks of the largest companies in the world.He stared out the car window, his mind unfocused. He still remembers the previous incident where he saw the wife he loved so much kissing another man, who knows who. His lousy self and his constant giving in to his wife couldn't confront them.The car stopped on a deserted road with only tall grass to its right and forest to its left."Why stop here?" asked Aaron with a confused look, looking at the driver.The driver looked back, and what made Aaron's eyes widen was the point of the gun poin
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Chapter 2: 100 Days
Aaron and Vivian arrived at the hospital. Aaron was used to having the door opened and being treated as a rich young master. This time, Vivian, who was driving the car, had already gotten off Vivian's Jeep. But Aaron was still sitting relaxed in the car."Hey, aren't you going down?" Vivian was pounding on the car door, making Aaron quite surprised. He got out of the car angrily."Why don't you open the door for me?" asked Aaron in a haughty tone."Oh my gosh, this kid," grumbled Vivian. "Are you possessed by a ghost, or are you still carried away by your dreams? Get up, Vin. Now is the time to work."Vivian suppressed every word."If you keep acting up, I won't hesitate to hit you!" Vivian said it fiercely and walked away."Truly bars. If I come back, I'll get back at him and fire him. We will see!" Aaron grumbled in great annoyance and walked after Vivian.Vivian took the side door, while Aaron walked towards the main door, where lots of people, including reporters, were there.Aaro
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Chapter 3: The Astonishing Facts
Aaron stared at the reflection of the face that appeared in the mirror in front of him."So this man is dead. And my soul went into his body. But why this ugly man?" he grumbled.Aaron took the scissors that were in the sink drawer. He will display a new figure of the man. Aaron started to cut his hair and clean the fine hairs around his jaw and neck.Thirty minutes passed, and now the new look of Kelvin's figure with Aaron's soulAaron was fresher and wearing casual clothes. Vivian said she could rest one day.Aaron held out a book as well as a calendar. Aaron started counting the next hundred days. Then Aaron started to write down everything the old man said in detail.Revenge?Dragon head symbol couple?The two sentences were circled with a pen. Aaron didn't know which one to do first in that short time."Aargghhh, damn it!" he cursed, looking frustrated."Gotta find where the damn symbol is. Did I go to all the museums in the world?" Aaron was really frustrated with him.Aaron loo
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Chapter 4: Making Plans
Aaron opened his laptop in Kelvin's small apartment. He logged into his company access and saw that everything was still pretty normal. Until he noticed something odd in the company's financial statements. Something is not balanced."About 300 million dollars disappeared. That means there is a traitor in the company," Aaron muttered.Aaron remembered his best friend, Steven. He is Aaron's attorney and accomplice."How can I contact Steven and ask for his help to find out the traitor in the company?" he muttered, feeling very frustrated.Aaron couldn't even tell Steven that inside this man's body was Aaron's soul. Ah, what will that man think later? Maybe he'd think Aaron was crazy.Aaron stretched his entire body. He's pretty tired. It didn't feel like it was already eight o'clock in the morning; he didn't sleep at all.Aaron remembered that today he had to work as a bodyguard.Aaron should not waste this opportunity. He had to protect his body; he didn't want Julia to actually put po
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Chapter 5: First Work
Aaron came out of the bathroom with wet hair. His nose smelled a delicious aroma from the kitchen. Initially, he did not want to know and wanted to just enter the room, but the delicious aroma that entered without permission into his nose cavity made Aaron finally step into the kitchen. There was Vivian, who was struggling with various kitchen utensils. The woman would not realize in Aaron's presence that the man was not cleared. "Why are you here?" Aaron asked in a cold tone. "You're still not healthy, so I came to cook something for you." Vivian answered, still focusing on his cooking. "What are you cooking?" Vivian, who had just opened his mouth to taste the soup he cooked, stopped. "Ah, Kelvin,!" Vivian waved her hand to tell Aaron to approach him again. Aaron raised one eyebrow. He is still not used to being told to act arbitrarily like this, especially by women, who are, incidentally, subordinates in the office. During this time, Aaron always acted as a leader
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Chapter 6: Refrain
Aaron looked at the young man's hand on his shoulder. There was a sense of not being willing in his heart to get that touch. He himself still did not believe what he had just heard. Employees at his mansion prefer their jobs not to disappear rather than reprimand Julia, who is clearly wrong.Aaron still displays his disdainful face. Even when the young man left him alone there. Aaron's eyes returned to the kitchen. It feels like he wants to run there. However, Aaron remembered Vivian's message not to act in a way that threatened his work. Aaron sighed harshly; in the end, there was nothing he could do right now.Soon Erlan came out of the kitchen with a messy shirt. The man was receiving a telephone call that Aaron knew was from his client. Aaron picked up sarcastically; there was a little feeling of not accepting that some of his jobs were handled by the bastard man.Erlan and Julia walked past Aaron without ignoring him, just like that. In the doorway, Erlan pulled his cellphone fro
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Chapter 7: Trying to Adjust
After bathing, Aaron watched himself again in the mirror. The body shape he doesn't want at all. Even to get around all day, Aaron has felt fatigue."Has this person never gone to the gym?" Aaron stroked demeaningly. He wore his shirt and shorts and then left the room.Aaron glanced at the clock on the wall. It was half past one. Aaron opened the refrigerator. Take out a can of alcoholic drinks.Aaron took him to the room. In the room, he opened a special book. The man wrote to him. Secret mission.To find a pair of necklaces in his neck and avenge him, Aaron began to make the plan in a note.Occasionally, Aaron gulped down the can of drink. He wrote the date, month, and year he had an accident. Then Aaron pulled the arrow and wrote the date, month, and year he realized in the body of Kelvin.The question is, Why can he get caught up in this body?There must be a reason behind all this. Then he met someone who said he had to find the necklace pair he was wearing.So where did Aaron st
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Chapter 8: Vivian's Suspicion
"I've thought of this all well. First, you don't know me. Then your attitude is strange. You behave unlike you, Kelvin. You are very arrogant. This is not Kelvin. Kelvin is patient and timid. Even he will be patient if someone treats it unfairly. Your attitude looks like," Vivian blinks quickly. "Like the person I don't like."Aaron was silent. He seemed not to move when Vivian lifted his chin and looked straight. As if Vivian's eyes wanted to extract Aaron's heart."Who are you?"Vivian asks to the point. Let's just say he's hallucinating if what he thinks right now is a mistake. However, in his heart, Vivian believes that strange thing.Aaron gave a slanted smile. He took Vivian's hand from his."Right as your guess. It turns out you're smart!" said Aaron while patting Vivian's head.Vivian growled in annoyance and brushed off the hand. "Who are you?" he asked sharply."Me? Aaron answered briefly, then walked away from there.Damn, it seems like today's sports event was canceled bec
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Chapter 9: Press Conference
After filling his stomach with food, Aaron returned to his apartment. He can't cook. That made him have to always buy fast food. There was not much he did to fill the rest of the day. He just filled it by watching television. Monitor the company's shares in the stock market. Or looking for the latest news about his family in internet articles. "Damn! I'm not dead!" Amuk Aaron was reading one of the anonymous comments in the article that said he was gone. Aaron turned off the screen of his cellphone. Then he threw the origin of the flat object on the bed. The man chose to get ready to sleep; tomorrow is Julia's press conference schedule regarding his condition. Aaron must prepare himself for tomorrow. Aaron reminded himself to focus on the revenge he was going to get. Aaron laid himself on the bed. It didn't take long for him to enter the dream world. *** From a small gap on the door, Aaron peered at the front of his apartme
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Chapter 10: Early Meeting Kelvin
On the other hand, confusion is hitting Vivian. Kelvin's words a few days ago looked more like reality. However, as hard as possible, Vivian is still trying to deny all of that. Everything really does not enter the logic. Like there are two different hearts that move Vivian's mind. Logically, it says impossible. However, his heart acted to trust the man's words. However, seeing Kelvin's game today Vivian has to fight his mind at this time. Agility, nimbleness, and martial arts that look experienced seem to be themselves. Vivian knows that Kelvin is just a younger brother who always needs guidance. Not independent like this. not as tough as he feels right now. Kelvin is not his biological sister, but Vivian already considers Kelvin his own sister. Vivian touched his thumb on the automatic lock of his apartment. The door opened, and Vivian went inside. The woman dropped her buttocks on the sofa; her gaze accidentally crashed into an object that
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