Realm Breaker's Calamitous Ascension

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Realm Breaker's Calamitous Ascension

By: Lazlous OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Portals to astral worlds are opened for people of scarlet rain world to enter. Who has done it, why has it occured, what lies beyond it, nobody has a clue. The only thing people are sure of are the rewards and penalties they get upon surviving in the Astral worlds. Lucas Astaroth, a normal teen from a middle class family having a loving mother and a caring twin sister, always dreamt of exploring these worlds. Surviving in these astral worlds, he chances upon a few secrets of the universe. To ascend meant to break realms and it may bring upon calamity not only on him but also his loved ones. Will the Calamitous Ascension of the realm breaker, Lucas, succeed? Or will he perish along the way? ...... [Cover is mine. I own the full copyright.]

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Descension into the Desolate Realms
"Are you really going to descend into the desolate realms?" A woman in deep blue robes rubbed her forehead and asked. "Yes. I've thought it through. I am tired of watching over those hypocritical fools who know only to fight with each other and don't act like gods but power hungry savages. I am going to the desolate realms to live peacefully which has no chaos and I won't get a headache ruling over these bunch. I will watch my child grow and that'll make me more happy."  A black haired, blue eyed, mature woman who seemed to be in her early 30s with a voluptuous and perfect hourglass like body wearing majestic black robes and a crown said while breastfeeding her child in her arms.  "Sigh. I understand your concerns, dear. But can you at least tell me when you're coming back and where you're going?" The woman in deep blue robes said with a tired look. She looked the same
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Building Foundation
 Two years passed.  Lucas and Lucy were in Leya's embrace, watching tv. They were watching their favourite anime. It was about baby dragons who did little adventures daily such as buying bread, cleaning the house or doing chores. This program was entertaining as well as educational for little children like Lucas and Lucy. It was Leya who found it while browsing her phone. Her children had nothing much to do while being at home, tv shows therefore seemed a good idea to let them be entertained.  There was an interval in the show and commercials started playing out.  " Pap para ra! Hello kids! Do you want to adventure to the Astral world like your parents, friends or relatives do? Are you interested in getting those rewards? But do you find yourself to not be 28 yet but still hope to explore those worlds? Don't worry! We have the right product for you. Ha
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 After cuddling and lazing around for a while, Leya, Lucas and Lucy got down from the bed and went to freshen up. Leya then dressed her children and herself and went to the kitchen to make breakfast while Lucas and Lucy sat in the living room and watched tv. Leya came holding a tray from the kitchen after a while and placed it on the round dining table. She turned around and looked at her children sitting on the sofa in the living room and said with a little loud tone  "Breakfast is ready!"  Lucas turned the tv off and he and Lucy went together to the dining table and sat there. Leya served them their food and then took some for herself. They were having an English breakfast today. It consisted of bacon, sausages, sunny side up eggs, grilled tomatoes, beans and toast with a cup of tea.  Lucy ate a piece of bacon and then looked at her mother and asked&
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Chaos in Gilmer Forest
 Leya woke up the next day and watched the sleeping faces of her two little children with a warm and loving gaze. After a while, Lucas and Lucy woke up and started to suckle milk out of their mother's big breasts while she caressed their hair gently. Few minutes later, they were fully awake and Lucas said while rubbing his eyes  "Goodmorning, mama."  "Goodmorning, baby." Leya said and gave him a kiss on his forehead.  Lucas then looked at Lucy and said "Goodmorning, big sis."  "Goodmorning, little brother." Lucy yawned and said while rubbing her eyes. She then looked at her mother and said  "Goodmorning, mama."  "Goodmorning, baby." Leya kissed Lucy's forehead and said. Leya picked them up and went to freshen up together with them. After getting washed up and dre
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Changing Lucas's Constitution
 Leya placed Lucas in the middle of a runic magic circle she inscribed on the ground. She squatted down, held Lucas's face and gently said to him with a smile  "Baby, can you please close your eyes and stand here for a few minutes? Mama will have to distance herself from you to do this ceremony. Don't worry, everything will be alright and I'll come to you as soon as this is over." Lucas being the obedient child he was, readily agreed to his mother's request by nodding in approval. Leya smiled and gave him a loving kiss on his forehead and distanced herself a bit from him.  Leya picked up Lucy, supported her butt with her palms and put her in a frontal hug position. She gently pressed her head down and made her rest on her shoulders while casting a sleep spell on Lucy.  Leya didn't want Lucy to witness what was about to occur, so she put her to sleep. Leya then looked at Lu
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Good Upbringing
 Lucas and Lucy woke up after an hour. They had a good nap and felt refreshed. Lucy rubbed her eyes a little and asked her mother  "Mama, what happened?" She asked in a sleepy state about what happened that made her fall asleep so suddenly.  Leya didn't understand what Lucy was asking. She said in a confused tone  "About what, baby?"  Lucy stopped rubbing her eyes and looked at her mother and said  "Why did I fall asleep suddenly?"  Leya understood and chuckled at Lucy's question. She patted her head and said with a smile  "I don't know either, baby. Once I picked you up, you fell asleep on your own.  Fufufu…I think it must be because you felt too relaxed in my arms."  "Mama, that shouldn't happen. We all came here after breakfast. W
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Dive Capsule Arrives
 The next morning. Lucas woke up and saw his mother's smiling face. He too smiled at her and gave her a kiss on her lips and said  "Goodmorning, mama."  "Goodmorning, baby."  Leya didn't mind being kissed like that. She thought of correcting her children's misconception but then she realised why should she do it? There was no reason for it. Was it a taboo? Sure it was. But did it matter? The answer was no. The reason being, the level she was at, such small things or taboos didn't matter at all. It was also a pretty common thing from the place she was from. Lucas then turned to Lucy who had her arms wrapped around their mother from the side and laid on her shoulder and greeted "Goodmorning, big sis."  Lucy separated from Leya and gave a peck on Lucas's lips and greeted back Read more
First ever VRMMORPG experience
 [Welcome host to the VRMMORPG Astral Survival.] [Please sign up to start playing the game.] As soon as Lucas put on the head gear, he felt being sucked through some vortex and everything blacked out for a moment. But soon, the surroundings changed and Lucas found himself standing on a grassland and in front of him was a blue screen with words written on it in white. He understood that this must be the form he would need to fill to sign up. He raised the virtual keyboard present in front of his stomach a little and typed on it and filled the form up.  Next he was asked to customize his character and since he was very eager to adventure, he went with the default one which was an Avatar of himself wearing a mask. Lucy too did the same on her side and both got ready for their first adventure.  [Detected another user login from the same IP address. Would the ho
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Emergency Meeting
 Lucas and Lucy got out of their dive capsules and rushed to their mother and hugged her. "Mama!" "Mama!"  The two said in a weeping tone. They both had tears in their eyes and were scared from the experience they just had. Leya cradled them and patted their backs gently and said in a gentle and soothing voice  "It's okay, it's okay, mama is there now. Everything will be alright."  She comforted them with her words and tried rocking them to sleep. She knew what they were going through and felt a bit pained watching her children suffer like this. But it couldn't be helped. They were bound to come across these various situations sooner or later and it was better to make mistakes now than suffer in future. Leya sang a lullaby in a low and calm way and put her children to sleep in her arms.  Lucas and Lucy sle
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Assassination Attempt
 "Huff…Huff…Huff…"  Lucas and Lucy were currently sitting on the ground with their backs resting on a tree. They were breathing heavily due to fighting with another beast in the virtual Astral world. They logged in and were moving towards the first checkpoint in the middle of the dense jungle when they were attacked once again by another beast. This time they weren't as afraid as before and defeated the creature easily. Though it was easy, it still consumed almost half of their stamina. They couldn't continue to move ahead due to it and were therefore resting to catch a breather. "Haah, big sis, this is so tiring! We will not be able to make it to the checkpoint." Lucas said after breathing out heavily.  "N-No…Huff…we'll make…huff…it…" Lucy said despite the heavy breathing. Lucas d
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