A Rowling's Vengeance; Back from the dead

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A Rowling's Vengeance; Back from the dead

By: OT_Josiey OngoingUrban/Realistic

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After Liam was dumped into the sea with an anchor tied around his torso, he awoke to a new knowledge about his biological father, whom he had never met. In exchange for his goodwill, his father was handing him a whole new world of power while Liam protects the empire the man built, and although Liam was not comfortable taking it, he had two women to protect and revenge to carry out, so he accepted the offer. From being a charity case in college to being the boss, he can stand at the top and achieve whatever he desires thanks to his father's mentoring.

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"Please let him go!!!" Liam heard Aurora plead for his life. He despised having to die in front of her; she had been through enough to have his death added to her lengthy list of past tragedies.He wished for the strength to fight back and break free from the chains that bound him to the anchor that was bringing him down to the bottom of the sea. Her tear-stained face was the last thing he saw before the water forced him to close his eyes.He was a brilliant swimmer thanks to his mother, who made sure he attended swimming lessons even though she barely had enough money to pay for them, but it couldn’t save him from the bottom of the sea.He struggled as the thought of Aurora living with that bastard and his mother the bastard threatened to meet most likely to bully her, filled his mind. He had an even stronger desire to survive but there was no way he could with the thousands of pounds pulling him down.He fought for only a few minutes before his life began to slip out of him into the
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"I want you to train under my supervision. I’ve had my secretary keep an eye on you for a while now, and I admire your determination in every way, and I heard from your professor, who is one of my old friends, that you want to work for my company," Joseph Rowling responded. "Your friend?" Liam asked the man, perplexed, but on second thought, he realized why the professor was so unfailingly nice to him. After all, there was a reason for it. "He told me how you would go to any length to achieve academic success. He mentioned how intelligent you were, so I asked him to look after you. I had no reason to become involved in your life until you nearly died, and I can't let you live like that under my supervision." Liam found himself unsure. He thought his father was dead, but he had his doubts in the past because his mother would refuse to talk about him even if he asked. She always said there was no need for him to know anything about a man who was no longer in their lives. He trusted
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Liam found it inconvenient to accompany the man because he could only travel greater distances in the wheelchair and considered refusing to accompany the man, but the prospect of seeing where he was imprisoned in case he needed to escape someday kept him pushing forward. The man guides him down a hallway and stops before a door, which he pushes open and assists Liam in pushing his wheelchair inside. "This will be your study," said the man. The study was larger than his hostel room, which he shared with another person. A large work desk and chair were placed behind a bay window, and books filled all the shelves. "I'll show you around the gym. Your physical therapist will start working there with you tomorrow," the man said as he led Liam out of the room. "You are my boss's son, and he wants you to be his heir, which is why I said your growth and progress will determine when you can leave."That sounded too wonderful to be true to Liam, and he refused to trust what the stranger state
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Liam slept over everything the man said, and when he walked out of the room the next day, he felt like a completely new person. He was summoned downstairs for breakfast with his father, Joseph Rowling, and when he arrived, the guy had not begun eating since he appeared to be waiting for Liam's arrival. Liam found it strange to see the man so early in the morning. He was at a loss for words when he approached the man's seat. He wasn't sure whether to start with "Good morning" or "Hello."He couldn't come to a conclusion before sitting down. He cast a glance to his father, who returned his gaze and nodded to him. He returned the nod, relieved that he didn't have to say anything to make things more awkward. "You don't have to try to be free with me, I'm not free with you either," the man said Liam before he started eating. "I won't try, don't worry," Liam said, pleased that the man had provided him with an escape route.When he needed a father figure as a child, there was no one in h
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He went to the drawer and pulled out one of the drawers. He reached for the bundles of cash and filled his bag with it without hesitation. When he reached the bottom, he paused and glanced at the envelope containing the deed to the house that Joseph Rowling had given him, as well as the contract he had signed. There was no real consequence in the contract that could scare him away from leaving right now, yet the longer he stared at those envelopes, the more he realized how stupid he was. His mental battle was unlike any other. He didn't want to become the killer machine that the incident a few hours ago had turned him into. He didn't want to lose his humanity, but he also didn't want to miss out on this opportunity. If he walks away from it all, he felt certain that he would be unable to return to claim it, and he would be left with only the rent his tenants had paid and the house, which was far from what the guy had promised to give him as soon as he was ready to be his legal hei
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