Revenge of the Abandoned Billionaire

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Revenge of the Abandoned Billionaire

By: Oxfordsmith CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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After being betrayed by his girlfriend for being a nobody and humiliated by his boss, Caleb learns that he's an heir to a multi-billion dollar company. But to reclaim it, he has to make many tough choices, including marrying the enemy's stepdaughter. Find out how he takes his revenge on all those who wronged him.

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192 chapters
She Dumped Him 1
The whistling sound of water boiling from the electric kettle in the kitchen was loud enough to alert Caleb as he set about making coffee for his boss.He poured the coffee into a mug and placed it in a tray to carry to his boss' office. He's the personal assistant to the CEO of DeZ Cosmetics, Mr Hart.This is the only job he has to earn a living; thanks to his girlfriend, Mia, who helped him in getting it."Tonight, I'm going to go down on one knee and propose to her," he smiled to himself imagining the scene in his head. Then suddenly, another thought crossed his mind and he paused, "After I receive my payment which I'm going to use in getting her a befitting engagement ring."The idea pleased him and he nodded with self-satisfaction. Clad in his calico white shirt that gives a bit of colour to his dry, scaly skin, a pair of jaded black trousers and shoes the colour of his tangled dark hair, with an apron hanging down from his neck, he wiped his hands with a napkin as he stood bri
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Arrested 2
As Caleb was being pushed into the waiting van of the mobile police, he stole a glance at his boss' office window just in time to see the blinds dropping down.Someone had been standing there and watching. It was Mia. He couldn't see her eyes but he was certain she was having a really good laugh at the open humiliation meted out to him."Get into the car and don't waste any more of our time, punk!" The officer holding him yelled angrily and slapped him hard across the face.Caleb blinked hard, trying to refocus his blurred vision. From the corner of his tear-stained eye, he could see the curious stares of his former colleagues from the large glass windows of the administrative office downstairs."Former?" he thought ruefully. "Did I just lose my job for real?""Are you deaf?" The other police officer blared out, jarring his eardrum. "The hot slap must have deafened him," the one who slapped him snorted and then burst out laughing croakily.His colleague joined in.Caleb felt the ring
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The August Visitor 3
Chapter 3Revenge of the Abandoned BillionaireThe August Visitor 3CALEB'S POV The atmospheric air was stale.The man in the brown suit cleared his throat. "You mean he doesn't know?" he asked, glaring at Leah."Know what?" Caleb queried looking over his shoulder. The trepidation in his tone pierced through the late afternoon air. Leah lowered her face to the ground, her greyish-blue eyes covered in a plumage of dark eyelids. Her dainty hands which have seen years of hard work and menial labour began shaking from nerve ends as Caleb's puzzled look searched her face for an answer.Before she could speak, the landlord who was skulking behind them interrupted, "Who are you Mister, and what do you want with my tenants?""Your tenants?" Caleb and Leah both snapped angrily at the elderly man, turning to face him."My name is Ricardo," the visitor responded, "I am here on instruction to bring the young master to meet with his family."Caleb bolted towards the exit in a flight of fright.
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Chapter 4
Learning the Truth 4CALEB'S POVThe car drove on in silence. The revelation about his family hit Caleb harder than an electric shock. "What?" he intoned.Mateo nodded. "Is this true, Mama?"He turned to give his mother a blank stare.Leah's greyish-blue eyes had become opaque and watery. Tears streamed down her pinky cheeks and formed a puddle on her sharply edged chin, dripping in droplets onto her hands which were clasped together prayerlike."I guess your silence is an answer in itself," Caleb grumbled."You were adopted after I managed to whisk you away from being killed and hidden in an orphanage. Your foster mother here used to work as a nursing assistant there." Mateo recalled.Caleb lowered his head, the empty package of food dangled in his hand. His grandfather retrieved the pack and dumped it on the backseat.Leah made an effort to hold her son's hand but he shrugged her off. "Don't touch me.""Do you hate me now?" her voice cracked.Caleb felt sorry for his mother. "I'm so
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Chapter 5
Getting Started 5CALEB'S POV"It was going to be a long night," suspected Caleb. His grandfather had asked that they continue the discussion in his private chambers so he could lie down on the bed and rest his head on a pillow. Caleb agreed. "As I was saying," Mateo began as soon as they went inside and shut the door, "Dezani Cosmetics is one of the biggest companies in Mexico City. At least it used to be." Caleb heard him murmur that last part under his breath the moment his head hit the pillow. "It competed with some of the big brands in the cosmetic industry around the globe: from France to the United States, to Korea, and even China." "China?" Caleb sounded surprised. "Yes. Dezani Cosmetics was a famous manufacturer of ladies' lipsticks for brown skin women. We co-sponsored the Miss World beauty pageant about 22 years ago - if memory serves me well - when a black woman from West Africa won the contest." "This is too good to be true," Caleb said in pleasant delight. "Best
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Chapter 6
Going Shopping 6CALEB'S POV The following morning, Caleb was awoken by the smell of coffee and waffles coming from downstairs. He promptly sat up in the big mahogany bed and tried to take in his new environment for the first time. Everything happened too fast in the last two days that he barely noticed his surroundings. The bedroom wall was painted white and covered with wallpaper depicting a tropical rainforest overlapping a waterfall. The ceiling was immaculate and shaped like a cone - a contrast from the wooden roof that housed him and his mother in their old rented house. The door blinds were velvet green with golden threads draped against the edges. "I can't remember the last time I slept so well," he murmured to himself, his voice still groggy from sleep. His eyes then wandered to the steady rays of sunlight dancing against the glass window covered with a white curtain indicating it was already broad daylight. Stretching, Caleb yawned and got out of bed. He walked over to th
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Chapter 7
Another Drama 7CALEB'S POV Ricardo pulled the car to a stop in front of the biggest mall Caleb had ever seen.Inside the place was a beehive of activities. So many luxury brands were neatly arranged in different compartments: Dior, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Rolex, etc. Caleb looked about in amazement. "I will need assistance in selecting stuff," he said to Ricardo."Of course, Master."Leah was over at the female section. From the way her eyes darted about, it was obvious she too was having trouble choosing from the array of beautiful dresses and accessories on display.Caleb and Ricardo shopped for clothes, shoes, belts, and briefs. Then they moved to the male accessories section and Ricardo excused himself to quickly use the convenience. Caleb released him to go. As he turned to assess the gold wristwatches on the counter, his eyes caught a glimpse of someone familiar standing a few yards away. It was Mr Hart, his ex-boss. "Wonders shall never end." He sneered at Caleb as he
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Chapter 8
The Tables Turned 8CALEB'S POVBy the time Caleb got home from the mall, it was noon. His grandfather had already left for the office, thus he decided to take the rest of the day to relax and browse the internet about cars and bikes. He would need his personal means of transportation - something moderate which wouldn't give him away as a rich guy as yet, especially on days he might want to get to the office by himself without waiting for the entourage. He sat in the mini living room attached to his bedroom upstairs, with a glass of red wine he found in the wine bar. A few years ago while he was still job-hunting, he assisted his friend, Raj, to run an errand with his boss' scooter. And though it wasn't a motorbike, he dreamed of owning one someday. It was such a tall dream at the time. He thought of a Harley-Davidson, Ducati, Yamaha, or Suzuki brand. He was still poring the internet when his phone buzzed. "Hello, Grandpa," he answered. "Are you back from the mall?" "Yes. We cam
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Chapter 9
CALEB'S POVResumption at the OfficeAlthough Caleb had bought two brand-new cars for himself - a Mercedes-Benz E-Class and a BMW X5, he still preferred to ride his motorbike because it gave him the feeling of independence and power. That feeling of being in total control of one's destiny and having absolute command of their affairs - something which had eluded him all his life for the long haul. So early in the morning - about a week later, before anyone else was up, he got up and had a quick bath, dressed up and put on his helmet, then quietly stole out of the house on his bike. It was in the middle of summer and the weather was warm even at the crack of dawn. As he rode along the narrow and winding plains surrounded by open fields, he felt like he was floating in the air when the sultry wind kissed his face. He recalled one weekend during springtime a couple of years back when he and Mia went skiing for the first time on a hilltop and had a similar sensation. He had often wondere
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Chapter 10
CALEB'S POVThe SurpriseRicardo cleared his throat looking confused. "I'm sorry ma'am...""Miss Daniels," Elena said, putting forth her hand for a handshake. Ricardo looked from her to Caleb not knowing what to do. But Caleb simply smiled and said it was okay. He understood that to mean he could shake hands with her. "It's a pleasure meeting you, Miss Daniels," he replied and briefly shook her hand. The two security guards were still standing there, with puzzled looks on their faces. They've never heard Ricardo being addressed as the CEO. If anything, he had always been seen driving the boss. The slim guy spoke first."Welcome, sir. We were waiting for the boss to arrive because there's been a problem."Ricardo turned to face them. "What problem?" The slim guy pointed at the side of Elena's car."Our new employee here bashed Miss Daniel's car and then spoke rudely to her."The other guard rolled his eyes. He knew his colleague was lying but was helpless as he couldn't just inte
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