Revenge of the billionaire heir

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Revenge of the billionaire heir

By: Tiwa Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Life was very straightforward for Sean Thompson. Find a job, get married to a beautiful and loving woman and give birth to lovely kids. Things were looking up for Sean when he found Amelia, not knowing that was going to start a chain of reactions which would nearly end up costing Sean his life. His carefully planned out system for his life went tumbling down on his wedding day after Amelia brought up crazy demands, expecting he fulfill. But that was just the beginning as things develop way past that. Watch things unfold as Sean is ushered into a new lifestyle filled with secrets, deceit and lies. Is his new lover who she says she is or something way worse?

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Chapter 1
It's my wedding day…Sean thought, standing in a daze. Having anxiously waited for this day for months, Sean didn't think ahead about how the day would go, and standing here now makes it a bit surreal.The wedding march started, the audience lifting to their feet to allow the bride to walk in.The little flower boys and girls were throwing flower petals on her feet as she walked past.Her father finally handed her over with a nod, and he took his soon-to-be wife's arm, facing the priest.Sean zoned out for most of it, making sure to say the right words when needed but most of the time, he was distracted by her beauty…and the exotic way she smelled.That must be why he didn't hear the announcement in the first place.“Sean!” Amelia hissed under her breath, jabbing him with her elbow.“Ow!” He exclaimed, looking up. “What is it?”Amelia's face was frozen into a weird expression of a half smile and half frown. “The priest asked you something.”Sean faced the man officiating the ceremony,
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Chapter 2
For the first time in a while, Sean stunned both Amelia and her mother speechless, as they couldn't speak for a good two minutes.The audacity that they both had to talk to him that way, demanding that he spend more money after all he had done for them.“How can you say that?!” Amelia yelled the momentary speechlessness had faded off.“It's not fair now that it's on the other show, is it?” He smirked.Moving his hand a bit, the glint of the wedding ring that Amelia placed on his hand caught the sun. The reminder of his impending nuptials with her sparked more anger, and he tore the ring off his finger tossing it as far away as he might would allow.Sean thought that he had found his soulmate, the woman who completed him but clearly, he was wrong.Amelia didn't have the same objective as he did, only concerned with her happiness in the end irrespective of how it may come about.“I'm done.” He told her. “Clearly, we were wrong for each other. I thought you loved me, I just…” he trailed
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Chapter 3
Sean stood rooted to the spot, still in shock as he tried to make sense of what he was seeing.While he was still contemplating his decisions, a long black limousine pulled over to the curb where he was standing.Everything was happening so fast, which made him scared.He moved back several feet, staring at the car door while waiting for it to open.A minute later, the back door opened and a long, lean leg came down encased in black heels.It was everything that stood still at that money, eagerly waiting for whoever it was to reveal herself.Amelia and his marriage was forgotten at that moment.She unfolded herself from the car seat, and her long blond hair flowed like liquid behind her.She has dark sunglasses perched on her dainty nose, a Rolex in her left hand, and a string of expensive beads along her neck.She was the epitome of wealth, every swish of fabric screaming expensive.When she saw Sean, she smiled walking towards him with her arm outstretched but before their skin coul
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Chapter 4
Chloe stood in front of Mr Lester, shaking like a leaf.She had always hated the man, realising that something was off about him. The lingering stares, how he practically stripped her naked when he looked at her.All in all, Lester rubbed her the wrong way and she did everything possible in her power to steer clear from him, except when it was unavoidable…like now.“I asked you a question, girl!” He growled, slamming his hand on the table.“S-sir, I-I…” Chloe stuttered, not sure what to say.“You're dragging us back, Chloe. Both this month and the last, you failed to meet your target.” Lester said, walking around her in a predatory manner. “If you continue like this, it won't bode well for the company.”She started to panic, reading between the lines. Ever since Chloe started working in this company, Lester had been looking for an excuse to fire her.Tears welled up in her eyes, and she folded her hands in prayer. “Sir, please…don't do this. I promise I'll work harder and be better!”
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Chapter 5
Lester's mouth dropped open in disbelief. He thought Sean was bluffing as he certainly couldn't buy that type of villa, especially with the money he had- if he had any at all.“You want to buy it?” He asked once again to be sure he heard properly.Lester felt Sean was bluffing and wanted to call his bluff, embarrassing him in front of everyone.Sean shrugged. “Bring it. If you get it, then I'll pay.”Lester turned his back to them pretending as though he was looking for something. He smiled mischievously before he reached for the intercom, pressing a button that would patch him to his secretary.“Jane darling, why don't you step into the office for a little bit?” He says, waiting for her confirmation before he tacks on something. “Oh, and bring the Marques file along with you.”He rubbed his hands in anticipation, ready to humiliate Sean. “My secretary is coming up with the necessary documents and contracts. Although I have to warn you, this particular villa is not less than $50 mill
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Chapter 6
Lester looked confused, his head whipping around so fast it made his vision spin.“Wh-What are y-you talking about?” He stuttered, sweating bullets. “I didn't do anything wrong!”Mr Jones face was stoic, not an ounce of pity on his face.That only made Lester more worried, and he jumped around rummaging through his desk looking for something. Once he got the piece of paper, he held it up triumphantly. “Look, this is it! Duke here was the one who bought the house, not me!”Lester was so obsessed with himself that he didn't notice the sneer on Jones' face. “You should be thanking me, and Sean here should be kicked out! He doesn't have the money it takes to buy such a property like that.” He laughed suddenly. “I mean, look at him…confidently whipping out his card to pay! Such a joke.”No one was smiling though.Jones finally spoke up after allowing Lester to rant. “You must have made a mistake then. Saying that Duke bought the house instead of Sean is…a bit off.”“What are you saying the
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Chapter 7
Chloe waited for the men to leave first, and just as Sean was about to walk out the door, she stopped him with a hand on his arm. “Hey, hold on.”Sean turned back with curiosity, waiting. “What is it?”Chloe couldn't be sure if there were people listening in, and she didn't want anyone to over their conversation.Pulling him away from the door, she stepped in front of him staring him down.“Look, I'm just in shock as anyone else, okay?” She blew out a breath. “How did you do it? Able to afford that kind of house? I thought you said you didn't have that kind of money.”Sean was caught between the rock and a hard place. He stared back at Chloe, the truth sitting in the tip of his tongue but something held him back from telling her.He wasn't sure if he could trust her yet, despite how innocent looking she seemed.Telling her about his sudden inheritance would only warrant more questions and for her to poke harder…so it was best he didn't.“Promise you won't say anything to anyone?”“Who
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Chapter 8
Ray pointed at him, ordering the guards. “Arrest him!”Sean just stood there in bemusement, wondering who they were trying to order. “What are you waiting for?”The guards had their orders and much to Ray's surprise instead of hauling Sean away, they matched towards Ray and Amelia.“Sir, Ma'am. You need to come with me.” The guard in front took the lead, his hand resting on his baton.Ray looked around in bewilderment, moving back a bit. “This is some sick joke, right?”The guard's face remained blank but he flexed his hands, the threat clear. “Sir, unfortunately you're trespassing and you need to leave or you will be taken out.”Amelia gasped, placing a hand on her chest as she hid behind her brother. “You can't mean that! Are you threatening us?”“I wouldn't want to be crude but this house belongs to Mr Sean, and it's obvious that he doesn't want you here.”“I don't bloody care what that church rat says!” Ray blows hot. “This is ours!”Sir, I'm trying to be respectful and not apply
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Chapter 9
Another day, another struggle.Sean rolled around on his bed, sighing in contentment.Gosh, this bed was the softest one he'd lain in,in ages. It was so soft that it tempted him to not head over to work but he was already running late.Before chose to do this, he thought long and hard about it, weighing the pros and cons.Now that he had all this money, he didn't want to remain stuck spending the rest of his life doing a job that he didn't like.Out of courtesy, he decided that turning in his resignation letter would be the best course of action, thereby making it his lady day of work.He showered quickly, stepping out of the bathroom to dress and drive down to work.For some reason, Sean had an uneasy feeling, his gut riding him hard.Something felt off, but he shrugged it off climbing down from the car.Chalking it up to the horrible events of the past days, Sean walked into the office building hoping the day went by fast.Already, there was a pile of work on his desk.Settling down
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Chapter 10
When Sean stepped out from the break room, he was surprised to see several of his colleagues standing behind that door. Apparently, it seemed they'd been listening to the conversation he had.Ethan stood at the helm, his eyes appearing hungry.Bending to pick up the bag he discarded, Sean hoisted it unto his shoulder. He needed to head home, think of his next move.The crazy thing was, just as he took a step forward the crowd seemed to close in on him crowding him in.He raised his hands in surrender, appealing to them. “What's going on guys? Let me pass.”“Why should we?” Kyle, a fellow officer down at Finance asked. “We heard what Jaden said, how you stole all that money.”“You hearing things doesn't make them right.” Sean defended.“So what does?” Julia, another colleague from the second floor piped up. “Stealing from your own company to fatten your coffers?”“Or maybe he needs it to buy more houses?” Ethan sneered. “Is that why you're here? Looking for more cash to steal?”The min
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