The Underdog Billionaire

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The Underdog Billionaire

By: Ebony Pete CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Jake's life is the true definition of crappy. He has just been laid off from his factory work job, he can't pay his rent and he's flat-out broke. He goes to a bar to drown his sorrows with alcohol and where he sees Morgan, being harassed by her date. He becomes her knight in shining armour, winning her heart instantly with his boldness. Little does he know that his life is about to change for the better. Within weeks, he unexpectedly becomes a billionaire with the power to finally pay back everyone who stepped on him when he was down.

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  • Miriam Bestseller


    Amazing book, would love to read to the end...

    2023-02-26 06:33:13
  • Miriam2


    Nice book, different from other son-in-law nonels with the same plot. just wanted a different book with different plot in meganovel and I have finally found one.

    2023-04-21 06:38:03
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113 chapters
Chapter 1: A Knight In Dirty Overalls
“Another round, please,” said Jake Turner. He pushed his empty shot glass toward the middle-aged barman, Sam.“Yeah. Right after you pay for the ones you already drank,” came the reply.“Come on, man. Cut me some slack here. Didn’t I tell you that I just got laid off from the factory?”“How’s that my business?”“Ok, you know what. I’ll pay everything I owe once I get another job and that will be very soon.”“Very soon doesn’t pay the bills here, Jake. Pay what you owe and get out of my bar.”Jake sighed. Why did his life suck this much? He couldn’t even afford to drown out his sorrows with a few shots of cheap whiskey.“Come on, man. Pay up,” Sam growled at him.Whatever Jake was going to say next was silenced by the loud crash that happened behind him followed by a man yelling, “Stupid bitch!”He looked back to see what the commotion was about and he saw a sleek guy in a suit, towering over a lady who was sitting in front of an upturned table. She looked terrified.“I’m trying to do
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Chapter 2: The Great Reset
“There he is! The man of the hour,” said Brian as Jake entered the tiny apartment he shared with him and two other guys.“What’s up, bruh?” Jake greeted him.“Cut the crap, pretty boy. Where’s your rent?” Freddie asked. He was a short, bulky guy with a mean streak and a foul mouth.“Chill out, man,” said Paul. “At least, let him sit down first.”“He can sit after he pays,” Freddie growled.“So, where’s your cut, bruh?” Brian asked.Six pairs of eyes focused on Jake. He realized just then that this was a gang-up against him. He’d walked into an ambush.“Look, I got laid off from work today,” he explained.Paul laughed and said, “I won!”He stretched out his hand towards Brain and got a $20 bill in return.“Wait, you guys bet on me?” Jake asked. He was embarrassed.“Yeah, because all you ever come up with are stories,” said Freddie. “You never pay your share of the rent and hardly contribute to buying the groceries.”“And yet you get to eat, sleep here and load the toilet with your stin
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Chapter 3: From Rags to Riches
“Morgan has always been a very picky girl but I can see why she chose you,” said Richard Sherwood. They were in the sunroom and he’d been grilling Jake for over two hours about his background and life experiences. “I want my daughter to marry a street-smart guy, not those pansies with ivy league education but no grit. I like you, son, and you have my approval to marry my daughter.” “Just like that? I don’t even have a dollar to my name!” “I have all the dollars you could ever want, Jake. The question is, do you have what it takes to keep them coming or will you throw them all away?” “But isn’t that Morgan’s responsibility?” Richard scoffed. “Morgan is like a Sherwood mascot. She doesn’t know anything about my businesses but she thinks she would magically figure them out after I’m gone.” “Where are you going?” “Are you blind? Can’t you see I’m old? What’s left in this world for me?” “Oh…” “A stylist is coming to dress you for the engagement photoshoot later today. Morgan has a
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Chapter 4: Here Comes Trouble
Ever since the will reading, Jake felt as if he was walking on land mines in the mansion. Linda had stopped speaking to him and Morgan hated him.“I can’t believe I brought you here to steal my inheritance from me!”“Listen, I had nothing to do with that. I’m just as shocked as you are.”“What did you discuss with my father the following morning after I brought you here?”“He was just telling me about his businesses.”“Liar! You somehow managed to convince my father to give you my inheritance!”“That’s not true, Morgan, and you know it. How would a complete stranger convince an intelligent old man to give up his fortunes like this?”“I don’t know. Why don’t you tell me how you did it?”He sighed. The arguments were always the same every day and he just couldn’t win. He too was still struggling to wrap his head around it all.In two weeks, he had gone from a poor guy to becoming a billionaire. It was unbelievable and he hadn’t yet come to terms with it.The following day, he was summon
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Chapter 5: Deal Or No Deal?
“I can’t believe it!” Said Morgan. “Martin?”“Yes. And he pulled out a bunch of paperwork showing that Richard did owe him half his empire. I couldn’t even tell if the documents were legit or not.”“I thought Martin was an investment banker,” said Linda.“Well, he invests in shady businesses and banks on his partners going sideways on him so that he can steal everything they have,” said Jake.“What do we do now?” Morgan asked. She sounded panicked.“I don’t even know. I have no clue about this kind of backdoor business. Richard didn’t explain any of this to me!”“Get yourself together!” Linda snapped at him. “If Richard entrusted you with his wealth, it’s because he knew you have what it takes to handle it. Think!”Her words set the wheels in his brain turning at high speed. How do you beat a bully at his own game?“I’m going back to see Martin,” he announced. “I’m going to have a look at those documents again and see what I can find out.”“Good,” said Linda. “Make us proud.”When he
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Chapter 6: Nemesis
“We should seriously consider starting a family, Jake. We’ve been married for over a year now and I’m not getting any younger.”“I agree. We’ll start tonight when we return from the party.”He winked at Morgan and she giggled delightedly. They may not have very much in common but when they get in bed, magic always happens.They finished getting dressed and went downstairs to join Linda who was waiting for them. Sherwood Holdings was about to receive the Most Enterprising Brand award at the annual Business League event.It was one of the most coveted awards in the business world and the biggest compliment Jake has ever received since he resumed his position as President/CEO of Richard’s empire.“You look dashing, my son,” said Linda when she saw him. “You and Morgan are going to have the cutest babies.”“We were just talking about that upstairs,” Morgan laughed.“Thank you, Linda. Shall we?” He said and presented his elbows to the women.They took their positions beside him and togethe
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Chapter 7: Beast Mode
“The police cannot protect us. We need a different kind of protection,” said Rex.“What do you mean?” Jake asked.“We need underworld protection, boss. The type Martin has.”Jake was silent. He sat back in his chair and thought about what his bodyguard had said.They were still in the hospital and Rex had just come out of surgery. Fortunately, the bullet that hit him didn’t do much damage to him and he’d be fine in a matter of weeks.“I don’t want to get involved with the mob,” he said.“At this point, boss, you don’t have a choice. No wealthy man in this country relies solely on the police of private security for protection.”“How do you know these things, Rex?”He hesitated before speaking again. “I know you don’t know much about me, but Mr Sherwood knows my background.”“Come on, Rex. Don’t mak
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Chapter 8: Catch Me If You Can
“Why Stephanie of all people?”“Why not? You two came from the same background, so making her our surrogate is like keeping this within the family.”“Stephanie is not our family.”“Come on, Jake. Give that lady a chance. I know you have a good heart and that’s why I chose you. You went from grass to grace in a split second, now look at where you are.”“How does that concern Stephanie?”“This is her grass-to-grace opportunity. She’s going to jump at the privilege of carrying a billionaire baby in her womb.”“I don’t know…”“Look, to be honest, I’d feel more comfortable dealing with a familiar face than doing this with a total stranger.”Jake groaned. The thought of going through something as intimate as this with Stephanie left a bad taste in his mouth. However, Morgan’s happiness meant more to him
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Chapter 9: The Math Is Not Mathing
Six weeks later, Stephanie was confirmed pregnant. They’d carried out the insemination after her encounter with Jake in the library.Morgan was beside herself with joy but Jake was annoyed. He hated keeping secrets from his wife but how was he going to tell her that the baby may not be a product of the donor egg but Stephanie’s?The moment he’d been dreading finally came when Stephanie cornered him in the sunroom one afternoon, while Morgan was taking a nap upstairs.“I want to revisit the terms of our agreement,” she said confidently.“Why?”“Why not? I’m not just a surrogate anymore, Jake. I’m your baby mama.”“Stop it. Don’t you ever say that again!”“I will say whatever I want.”“We had a deal, Stephanie. A signed legally binding deal. If you breach it, you’ll pay me and Morgan ten million dollars. Do you have that ki
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Chapter 10: Back To Business
“Aww… she’s so precious,” Morgan gushed tenderly as Jake placed the baby in her arms.“Are you happy?” He asked her softly.“Of course, I am. This is a dream come true for me, although I’m still pissed that I missed the birth.”“There’s nothing we can do about that. I just wanted to make sure that I have kept my promise to you.”“Thank you, Jake. Thank you for always seeking my happiness even when it’s not convenient for you. I am very grateful.”“I’m glad to hear that. I’d also like to inform you that from this moment on, I am a man of my own. I will no longer go against my instincts to please you.”She frowned. “What do you mean?”“Things almost went sideways today with Stephanie but that wouldn’t have happened if we’d hired a proper surrogate instead of trying to take on a charity cause.&r
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