The Superb Husband

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The Superb Husband

By: Emerald Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Being set up and forced to marry their daughter, Damien received countless humiliation from the Bernard family, but everything changed when he got kidnapped. He was revealed as the son of the wealthiest man alive. Having a woman carrying his baby, Damien decided to remain at the Bernard family to secret uncover the person responsible for his set-up and to bring hell to the Bernard family. The useless son-in-law has become a nightmare that refused to go. Damien tormenting story begins. “Don't hesitate. Don't hold back, do whatever you want. I promise, nobody will dare to lay a finger on you. You are Damien Barron, wife”.


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78 chapters
Chapter one
Damien wasn't slowing down; he dashed to the Sky High Hotel opening ceremony.His mom's sickness has gotten worse; he asked Megan for some money, but she refused, and now the situation has reached the death line.The doctor personally threatened to kick his mom out this time. He must find the money, or his mom will be kicked out of the hospital.He reached the entrance, and two security men were standing like heavy statues.Damien knows they won't allow him inside since he doesn't have an invitation, but they would grant him access if he mentioned his wife's name."Gentlemen, my wife is inside. Her name is Bernard Megan.They look at Damien with frowning faces and wonder, Who does this moron plan to deceive? They couldn't believe somebody would try to play such a trick at this luxury event.The Bernard family won the contract for the interior design of the sky-high hotel, and they were given the privilege to organize the opening ceremony; only the most wealthy people were invited.Th
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Chapter Two
Damien's tears covered his vision, and they pushed him out of the hotel premises. The security men pushed him forward."If you step a foot on this boundary again, consider yourself a dead man."Damien stares at the floor. He lacked the strength to challenge the security men; he was still shivering with his head full of thoughts."What am I going to do now? How am I going to raise $50000 before the end of today?"He murmured with a heavy heart.At that moment, some cars stopped in front of him, and a group of men rushed out of the car and forced him inside. He didn't even have the strength to talk, let alone fight.He thought he had been kidnapped."Let me go! You got the wrong person; I'm not who you think I'm please."The men didn't say a word to him, as he continues."Please, I'm begging you; nobody will pay you even if it's 1 dollar. Don't waste your strength."He couldn't say anymore words when some of the men looked at him; their eyes were deadly. He decided to shut his mouth, af
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Chapter Three
Damien walked to the lady at the front desk."I'm here to make payments; I have the money now!" "what!! Are you still here? Are you here to plead for more time? You shameless scumbag!"Damien remembers the voice; it was the doctor who had been abusing him. He quickly turned to face him. "No. I'm here to— "oh! You're here to plead with us to treat your mother for free! You are more shameless than I thought; you come every day to plead for more time; now you want to ask for free treatment; do you think we do charity work here?" "No!, I—""No what!"He looks at Damien, disgusted."I have said it all this time; you're only after your mother's life insurance!. What a useless son you are. We kicked your mom from the care unit; she's currently in the floor unit; maybe she is already dead; I know you don't care anyway. You're probably happy now!"Everybody in the hospital was looking at Damien; some of them whispered among themselves."He's such a useless son.""What kind of son is this?
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Chapter Four
Damian quickly left the hospital that morning to get some new clothes at home. Megan sent him the money last night, but he doesn't need the money anymore.He notices the Mercedes-Benz car parked in front of Megan's house; he knows nobody owns this type of Mercedes brand in the house.Damien walked inside the house where Megan's father and mother were hosting a guest. With good dress sense, he was sitting close to Megan.The entire room was in extreme shock. Everyone stared at Damien with horrified looks on their faces; they couldn't believe he returned to their house.Terry quickly stood up from his chair; he must chase Damien out of the house immediately. He thought after yesterday's incident he wouldn't dare come to the house again, and he doesn't want his guests to find out what happened between Damien and Megan.He pointed at him with a disturbed look on his face."What are you doing here? Are you here to cause more trouble?"Doris quickly supported her husband to get him out quic
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Chapter Five
Damien was still surprised at how the Alexander family went down so quickly. with an offended look on his face."Let me see how the Bernard family will get away from this; I'm so going to deal with them to the point they will start giving respect to the beggars."The Bernard family has been humiliating Damien after what happened between him and Megan. Nobody gave him a listening ear; all of them shut him up whenever he tried to explain what happened. He was not surprised at how wicked the Bernard family really is, but it's time to make them pay for everything they did to him."I will see what that good-for-nothing Dennis and his daughter will do when I'm done with them."Damien took his bath and changed his clothes. He was on his way to the hospital when he saw Terry and Doris standing as if they had been struck by lightning."What is going on here?" Damien askedTerry's phone was still in his ear; his mouth was opened, but he couldn't say anything.Damien faced Doris."What is going
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Chapter Six
Christopher knew he was done for, he quickly said to Sir Bernard"Please tell them I'm innocent."Before Sir Bernard could say anything, Director Evelyn continues"We have placed the Bernard family on our blacklist and have informed all the companies under us to do the same."Everyone could only look at her as she walked out of the house, and Sir Bernard couldn't believe that he just heard"I thought the contract termination was bad news, but now we have lost almost everything."He murmured, and Christopher quickly stood up."Don't worry, Mr. Bernard, I can still get you a bigger contract somewhere else; just agree to my plan, and we can set the wedding date next week."Christopher knows he has lost everything, and to save himself from the humiliations, he wanted to play this trick.Sir Bernard raises his eyebrows. Dennis walks closer to Christopher and pounds on him."You bastard, you think you can take us for a fool this time; get out of our house this minute."Christopher quickly r
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Chapter Seven
Dennis and Terry rushed to Kyle to help him out of the car."Son. Did you have an accident on your way to Mr. Raymond's house? Talk to me.""what happened" Dennis quickly greeted Mr. Raymond."Welcome to our house, Mr. Raymond; my father is waiting for you inside."Raymond had tightly pressed lips; his face was deadly."You think you can make a fool of me? I'm going to deal with you today just as I did with your son."With a furrowed eyebrow look on Dennis face, he couldn't do anything to Mr. Raymond. He knew his family was in a big mess, and he didn't want to add to it."What happened, Mr. Raymond? Did my son offend you? Please forgive him; he's only a child."Dennis speaks politely to Mr. Raymond."Oh, you want to pretend you didn't know what your family did.""No, please, we didn't do anything, please what happened."Dennis was still in the dark; he wasn't aware Mr. Raymond's company had lost their contracts with Globex Corporation.Raymond grabbed Dennis shirt as he voiced out h
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Chapter Eight
Sir Bernard was too shocked to react; he couldn't believe Damien's words. Before he could stop Damien, he agreed with Mr. Raymond.He finally believed Damien was on a mission to destroy their family. He used to be scared like a chicken, but he challenges everybody now.Dennis uttered."Terry, you and your family are on your own. Your son-in-law, made the deal; father didn't say anything, so your family is going to be the ones to pay the double fee."He faces his father.Father, don't worry. Terry will take responsibility for not being able to contain this animal.Sir Bernard nods slowly; he doesn't know what else to say. He faced Terry and said"Go face your problem. I don't want to see you in this house again."The family left immediately after Sir Bernard finished his words; there is no need to argue with Damien. He will handle the bills when the time comes.Terry faces Damien speechless,"I swear, I am going to kill you."He rushes to his family to beg them for Mercy.He faced Meg
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Chapter Nine
Megan entered the house, her eyebrows raised when she saw Aunty Jessica and her husband Bruce had returned from abroad. Her excitement was cut short when Raymond looked at her with deadly eyes."You think you can make a fool of me; you better pay me my money now before I do something unspeakable."Megan was surprised; she thought Mr. Raymond was here because he had gotten the information."Mr. Raymond, your—""Shut up your mouth! You think I'm stupid to believe whatever you have to say. I know you're going to start crying and begging for mercy, but it's too late for that."Raymond didn't see Damien's. "Where is that bastard husband of yours? He thinks he can get away from me. I'm going to cut off that useless tongue of his." "No.. Mr. Raymond, I actually got the—"Lady Helen shouted at Megan, "Shut up, silly girl! You should be on your knees pleading for mercy, and accept Mr. Raymond's generous offer." Megan didn't put her ears to her grandmother's words; she wonders if Mr. Raymond
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Chapter Ten
Damien squeezed his fists, and he followed them outside. Terry ran after Mr. Raymond."Please wait. Mr. Raymond Please.. We are sorry." Upon hearing Terry's words, Raymond stops."What do you want?" Terry quickly went on his knees and held Raymond's leg."We are sorry, Mr. Raymond, please forgive us; my daughter was just acting stupid; she never met what she said."Raymond raised eyebrows."Oh, she was acting stupid, you say.Yes, Mr. Raymond. In fact, she has been suffering from depression. Please forgive her."Raymond landed a heavy slap on Terry's face."What do you take me for?""You think I'm stupid to believe all this; your useless daughter clearly insulted me, and she must pay for that."Megan couldn't stand Raymond anymore, so she spoke out."Why did you hit my father? You know I got you back your contract; why are you pretending Mr. Raymond? Say the truth."Doris tried to cover Megan's mouth, but she was too strong for her."I don't want your money or any apology from you;
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