Rise Of The Ill-treated Michael Wayne

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Rise Of The Ill-treated Michael Wayne

By: Walker Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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"I'll rise above this, and you'll face the consequences of your actions," he declared, a silent promise to himself amidst the noisy laughter. “Now, you see that she was only using you all these time,” Jack said, and Sydney smiled slyly. Sydney's cold words cut through the air, echoing her heartless confession. "That's so true, I only used you to solve my Math problems. I would never want to kiss a guy drowning in unending poverty. This is not a fairy tale, where a princess gets to kiss a frog," Sydney declared, glancing down at the hole on the top of Micheal's shoe.

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At 8:35, lots of students were in the cafeteria, eating and having a good time. Classes at Winford University usually started by 9:00 am, and Michael Wayne had a class then too.But here's the thing – he hadn't finished cleaning the cafeteria stairs. He works part-time as a janitor in the school's toilet and cafeteria. So every morning, he wakes up early, cleans up, and tries to make it to class before 9:00."I have to hurry up and get to class, Mr. Daniel warned me not to come late to his classes ever again," Micheal murmured.As Michael diligently scrubbed the floor, walking past the students engrossed in their meals, he couldn't escape the cutting remarks from two guys and three girls."The little money he gets paid for cleaning is what he uses to buy food. If he misses work for any reason, he's ready to go hungry for the rest of the day," one whispered to the group and laughter spilled out of their midst."Yeah, he's practically begging for change with that mop."The bitter words
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Michael, his emotions raw, couldn't hold back."Sydney, you're a cheat! I can't believe you managed to deceive me all these time," he exclaimed, anger rising in him.He reminisced about the romantic moments they shared the night he first asked her out and she agreed. He recalled how he tirelessly worked to scrape together a bit of money to take her to the movies that evening, even going as far as sacrificing meals just to save up enough."After all I did for you, you cheated on me with Jack? The same guy I warned you about, the one who was always picking on me?"In response, Sydney slapped him. Jack, sensing the tension, stepped in, attempting to prevent a physical altercation."Look, you idiot! Why'd you call her a cheat? Has the irritated smell from the toilets decayed your brain, and now you can't reason properly?" Jack taunted, provoking laughter from everyone around, who chimed in, agreeing with Jack."Why would you call a random girl a cheat?" Jack interjectedHeartbroken, Micha
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Michael gritted his teeth, anger and rage pulsating through his veins. The laughter that echoed from the surrounding crowd fueled a bitter resentment within him. True, he faced financial struggles, but he refused to let them make him feel less of a human.With a sudden surge of determination, he raised his voice, cutting through the mockery. "Enough!" His command silenced the gathering, eyes now fixed on him.Turning towards Sydney, he spoke with a calm and resilient tone, "I've heard every insult you threw at me, seen the way you played me. But mark my words, Sydney, you'll regret it."The bitterness in his eyes intensified, reddening with a mixture of hurt and defiance. "I may not know how, but I'm going to make money. And the day I do, you'll wish you never belittled me like this," he declared, his words carrying the weight of a promise which he had no idea of how it would be fulfilled yet.With a fierce gaze, Michael turned squarely to face Jack McCoy. The murmured insults from
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Michael woke up with determination coursing through him, fueled by a desire to alter his circumstances. He muttered to himself, "Time to make a change," contemplating the steps he needed to take. To improve his financial situation, he set a goal. "I'll ask the cafeteria master for more shifts, even if it means missing a few lectures," Michael declared, ready to confront his financial challenges. . The idea of working extra hours held promise against the constant mockery. Preparing for the day, he couldn't ignore the sorry state of his wardrobe. A couple of worn-out t-shirts were a reminder of his financial struggles. "Maybe with a bit more cash, I can afford a new t-shirt," he pondered, viewing it as a small step towards lifting his spirits. In his pursuit of change, Michael's readiness to forgo lectures in favor of extra work reflected his dedication. "I have to hustle for more," he affirmed, envisioning a future where financial constraints wouldn't dictate his life. Even t
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In a moment of uncertainty, Charles reassured Michael, "Relax, Michael Wayne. Meeting Mr. Gareth Winchester will clear things up.""He has the answers to all these questions you've asked. He wants to see you," Charles said to him with a calm smile on his face.Caught between nervousness and curiosity, Michael hesitated. "Sir, look at me. I can't meet someone important in these clothes."Michael glanced down at himself, seeing how bad he looked in the ragged clothes he wore. The clothes were washed, but it didn't look presentable to him. Charles waved it off, saying, "Don't worry about how those clothes look on you anymore. It's just a temporary, only a matter of time and everything will change so quickly.""What do you mean everything will change? I just lost two of my jobs, and I have no other source of income to get new clothes for now," Micheal murmured.Mr. Charles only smiled to whatever he said. Although he didn't explain that which was behind his smile. "Just come with me,
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Rushing forward, Mr. Winchester tightly embraced Michael, tears streaming down his face. In the midst of this emotional outpouring, Michael, still bewildered and seeking clarity, questioned, "What's happening? Who are you?"Struggling to compose himself, Mr. Winchester whispered through sobs, "My son."Michael's eyes widened, "Your son?"Mr. Winchester nodded, tears welling up, "I found you. After all these years of searching."Confusion etched on Michael's face, "I don't understand. Can anyone explain what is going on here?"A mix of joy and sorrow painted Mr. Winchester's expression, "You're my missing heir."The weight of those words hung in the air. Michael, caught off guard, sought more answers. "Missing heir? What are you talking about?"However, Mr. Winchester, overwhelmed by the unexpected reunion, couldn't provide the explanations Michael desperately sought. The room echoed with revelations, leaving both men entangled in a moment filled with unanswered questions and the raw
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7 DAYS LATERMichael and Mr. Winchester awaited the news of the DNA results. In the midst of this uncertainty, Michael's mind raced with what-ifs.Seven days in the extravangant mansion had been a contrast to his otherwise miserable life. He couldn't help but wonder about the outcome of the coming results.Turning to Mr. Winchester, Michael hesitated before voicing his anxieties."What if, you know, the results say I'm not your son?" he asked, the fear evident in his eyes.Mr. Winchester sighed, a mix of assurance and hope in his gaze."Michael, I have no doubt in my heart. I'm already certain that the results will confirm what I already know."Deep down, Mr. Winchester prayed for the truth to align with his belief. He reminded Michael of the days they had spent together, the laughter, and the undeniable connection that had blossomed between them."Can't you see it, Michael? The way we've bonded, the moments we've shared. It's more than just a connection; it's a father-son bond," Mr.
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What a significant transformation Michael has undergone, transitioning from a cafeteria cleaner to a Ferrari owner with a million dollars in his account.The joy overwhelmed him, making it hard to comprehend the surreal reality. The strangeness of the situation, coupled with persistent dizziness, fueled his disbelief.“This must be a dream. How could I see a million dollars in my account? The highest sum I've ever seen was $500, given to me during the time I received a scholarship,” Michael thought, struggling to accept that it wasn't a dream.“Father, just tell me, is this a dream? I am having a really hard time believing it,” Michael vocalized, staring into his father’s eyes. A smile formed on Mr. Winchester’s face, witnessing the shock in his son’s eyes, who was still shivering with his phone trembling in his hands.“Father, please tell me the truth; I still can’t understand how my life has turned drastically within just a week,” Michael expressed, receiving only a smile from his
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MONDAY (8:00 AM)The school gate was flooded with many students going in and out. The entire pavement was wet due to the rain that fell the previous night. In fact, it was still drizzling outside as Michael drove towards the gate.Just as he was about to enter the gate, the rain started to fall heavily, and the students scattered across the entire entrance to the school walkway. They were all running from the rain, eager to avoid getting wet.Among these people was a girl who was stranded since she couldn’t run fast like others. She was in Michael’s class.“Kimberly,” Michael’s driver shouted to the girl who was still running. When she stopped, the driver unlocked the car. Rolling down the car window, the driver spoke, “the owner of the car wants you to get in to shield you from the rain.”Kimberly had no idea who the owner of the car was, but she couldn’t remain in the rain and get drenched.The only thing that came to her mind was getting into the car quickly.“Thank you so much,”
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Michael stepped out of his car, slamming the car door with a resounding thud, capturing everyone's attention in the cafeteria corridor. They all turned in awe at the unexpected sight.Michael Wayne, the campus student known for his humble demeanor and part-time work, was now emerging from a sleek Ferrari. Those familiar with him whispered among themselves, while others, unfamiliar with his previous life, stood frozen in disbelief.“It feels like I've been away for a year. It's good to be back from the suspension,” Michael whispered to himself, standing by his car and scanning the surroundings.“Don’t you recognize him? That's the campus student on scholarship, the one who worked at the cafeteria for his meals.”“Yeah, I remember him. He used to clean toilets to make a penny. But are we dreaming, or is this a scene from a movie? How did he get those clothes? And whose car is that?”Michael overheard some students whispering, but just as he ignored them when they usually humiliated him,
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