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By: Olowoyo David OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Silas is disowned by his father because of a misunderstanding. He relocates to another state alongside his wife and son. One day, he receives a call from a strange number. The caller is a doctor and he tells him that his only son fell down from the rooftop and has been rushed to the hospital. When Silas gets to the hospital, the doctor tells him that he will pay five hundred thousand dollars for his son to be treated. He is an ordinary cleaner in an insurance company, so how will he get such huge amount of money? He runs Helter sketer, yet he can't provide a penny. As soon as Silas loses his only son, he receives a call from his rich father. His father wants him to come back home. Will he go back home? How will he revenge the death of his only son?

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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌ YOBEDIC is an acronym for Your Best Deal Insurance Company. This insurance company was created five years ago after an auto crash in Hawaii. The accident was so intense that it claimed the lives of 500 people and 300 people were injured. The fire had circulated to different shops and malls across the road. The fire accident occurred in a business part of Hawaii. After the incident, YOBEDIC was created to give insurance for people's lives and vehicles. It’s 11 am on the dot, a tall, slim and well-favored man is found in the front of YOBEDIC's building. He is wearing white shoes and a pale green cap. A thick greenish apron covers his shirt. This apron travelled down his knees. As soon as the man finished using the secateurs to remove the mushrooms and small trees, he clutched the shears. He held the pair of shears with both hands and started trimming the edge
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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌2:58 PM, RUTHERFORD'S RICE COMPANYVrooooom! The guard hears the sound of a bike. He walks in the direction of the gigantic black gate. As soon as he opens the gate, he sees a man with a helmet. “Who are you?” he said. “You again?” the guard said as soon as Silas’ opened his helmet.“Just get out of the way and allow me to come in!” Silas screamed.“Does this place look like your father’s company?” “Who got you a sports bike? This costs half a million dollars,” the guard added.“How does it concern you? Get out of my way!” Silas screamed and drove the sports bike in, almost knocking the guard down.“Bastard!” the guard screamed. Silas alights on a sports bike. He moves in the direction of the guard under the scorching sun. The guard is already fidgeting. Despite the fact that Silas is poor, he never misses his workouts. He has gotten 6 packs and muscular arms to complement his tallness. This makes him appear more handsome.“Where is th
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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌SILAS’ SITTING ROOM, 12:02 PM Silas is sitting on a couch. He is full of thoughts. He checks the wall clock and sees that the time is 12:02 pm. “What shall I do now? I thought Nolan would send the money he promised to send,” Silas muttered. Silas hears the sound of his phone. He stands up gently and walks in the direction of the table. He clutches his phone and picks up the call.“Hello…, Rachael,” Silas said gently.“Where are you?” “I am at home.”“At home…?” “We have less than three hours to provide the money the doctor demands from us.”“Yes, I know. I have been following the hands of the wall clock.” “I think I have an idea.”“An idea?”“Yeah. You could just divorce me so that your father can support us with the money he promised to give us.”“No! I can’t do that.” “What sort of spirit has entered you? Do you know the effect of what you are saying?”“Stop shouting at me. I never asked you to kill a human being.”“I am sorry, but I
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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌ Silas is still mourning the death of his son when his phone rings. He clutches his phone and gazes at the phone’s screen. It is his father. He picked up the phone.“My wonderful son. I miss you so much,” “You are weeping? Aren’t you happy to hear my voice?”“Why didn’t you pick up my calls before now, dad?” Silas said and halted his tears.“I am sorry. I was in a meeting with some Korean men. We were told to put our phones in silence, so that nobody would disturb us. After the meeting, I saw the missed calls and I planned to call you.”“And you successfully killed your grandson because of a meeting?” Silas said and burst into tears again.“Tell me you are joking?” “Man, are you trying to play pranks with me?”“It’s not April yet.” “Emmett died two hours ago.”“I killed my only grandson because of negligence. I am doomed!” Mr. Alex screamed.“You are pained?” “Just stop those crocodile tears.”“What happened to my grandson before he died?”“
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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌ Silas walked into the sitting room. He sees Mr. Alex and Mrs. Alex was sitting on a couch. Mrs. Alex stands up and hugs Silas. “You look handsome in your clothes, darling son,” Mrs. Alex said.“Thank you, mum.” “What’s up, dad?”“I’m good, man. I can see you are dressed up already,” Mr. Alex said with a smile.“Yes, dad. I don’t want to be late for the office. You know I am starting work for the first time.”“I’m happy you are still punctual,” Mr. Alex said and stood up from the couch. He hugs Mrs. Alex and says, “Take good care of the home.”“Yes, I will.” “Silas, I hope you will have a good day in your office.”“I will, mum.” Mr. Alex clutches his briefcase and follows Silas at the back. When they get outside, they walk in the direction of the sedan. They enter the sedan and drive the sedan away. At exactly 8:12 am, Mr. Alex parks the sedan in front of a skyscraper. Mr. Alex clutches his briefcase and they alight from the sed
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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌ It’s a rainy day. Silas alights from his limousine car. He walks in the direction of his mansion, using a pink umbrella to cover his head to avoid being drenched in the rain. When Silas got inside, he could hear the sound of thunder. It’s heavy rain. A fair-skinned and beautiful lady of about 6 inches tall walks in the direction of Silas. “Welcome, Mr. Silas…,” the lady said with a smile.“Thank you, Emery,” Silas said, and heard the sound of thunder.“How is work today, sir?”“It’s very fine. I hope the household chores weren’t too much on you?”“No, sir,” Emery said with a smile, gazing at Silas' face. Emery moves closer to the table. She clutches Silas’ briefcase from the table and says, “I made fried rice and chicken for lunch, boss.”“I’m feeling cold. Could you make hot tea for me?” “Do we still have beverages?”“Yes, we do. I will prepare it in a jiffy.”“Alright, Emery.”“Ensure you warm yourself inside the Jacuzzi.”“Alrigh
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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌“Good morning, Rachael.” “Good morning, darling."“How is your health?”“I am getting better now. Where are you?”“I am about to take a bus to Hawaii. I will get to Hawaii in less than ten hours.”“Alright. I wish you a smooth journey down here.”“Thank you, Rachael. I can’t wait to see you.” Silas hangs up the call. He waits for five minutes and sees a bus. He waves and the bus parks beside him. A man winds down a glass and says, “Young man, where are you going to?”“I am going to Hawaii,” Silas said as he moved closer to the bus.“150 USD…”“Alright….” Silas removed some money inside his bag. He gives 150 USD bank notes to the driver. He talks with the driver for two minutes and gets inside the bus. He can see other passengers inside the bus. Silas is putting his bag on his laps as he presses his phone. The driver is driving the bus gently. He had started at a high speed before one of the passengers persuaded him to reduce the speed
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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌“Good afternoon, everyone…,” Silas said boldly. His voice was faint though.“And what's good this afternoon?” Malam Yusuf screamed.“Hadn’t our daughter had died, he wouldn’t have the effrontery to be standing in front of us and spewing gibberish,” Mrs. Cora said, squeezing her face.“I am sorry, ma.” “Sorry for yourself. Now get out of our side!” Malam Yusuf screamed, grimacing.“You should even allow him to rest before you start laying curses on him.” “Don’t be offended, darling husband. What kept you so long?” Rachael said, walking in Silas’ direction.“We were hooked up at a spot because of thieves. Other passengers were killed, but I escaped narrowly.”“OMG! I hope you were not hurt?” Rachael said, examining Silas’ body.“No. My phone was damaged instead.”“I am sorry for that. Don’t worry, we will buy another smartphone.” Meanwhile, as Rachael and Silas are discussing, Malam Cora wishes Silas would have been shot and killed by the th
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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌ Rachael enters the sitting room. She drops her bag on the table and sits down. She is feeling dizzy and tired because of the day's work. She had attended to different clients who came for different purposes in the bank. It’s just a few days as a banker and Rachael is feeling tired of the work already. Rachael is holding her head when Silas walks into the sitting room. “Welcome, Rachael.” Rachael raises her head. She sees Silas. Silas is dressed in an oiled-stained short-sleeved shirt and a pair of black jean trousers. “I never thought you were around.”“I guess as much.” “Since when have you been sitting here?”“I have spent about five minutes here...,” Rachael said, yawning.“I am sorry for that. You look tired.” “Yeah. I feel dizzy. I will just eat my food and have some rest.”“That will be fine. You should have a shower too before you take zizz.”“Alright, darling. I will.”“Go and change your clothes so that you can eat your fo
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❌ Do not copy or share on any platform ❌ It’s Monday. Liam walks into the sitting room, clutching a black briefcase. He is wearing a blue suit, a black hat and a pair of black shoes. He sees Margaret, Owen and Emilia. Owen and Emilia are dressed in black suits and pairs of black shoes. Owen is Liam’s first child. He is fair-skinned and he is a carbon copy of his father. Emilia, on the other hand, is the second born. She is fair-complexioned, beautiful and her mum's favorite. Owen was very jealous because everyone loved Emilia so much, including their grandparents. Liam is an orphan who lost both of his parents in a plane crash some years ago. His parents had gone for a seminar in the United Kingdom because they were professors and lecturers. Liam was orphaned at five. As the only child of his late parents, Liam’s uncle took up the responsibility of taking care of him. He sent Liam to university. Liam graduated from university and became an architect. He is very rich too, thou
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