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By: Victor Amos Regannez Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Romeo was never loved. He was considered good for nothing as he had no qualifications or special skills. Funny enough this hatred and disdain was passed down to his newborn daughter who is killed prematurely. This was part of the plan of his in-laws to sever all ties with him. His marriage to the woman he loves and the mother of his dead child ends in tears but upon the discovery of the agenda behind his daughter's death, Romeo becomes overwhelmed with depression hatred and anger. This causes his lust for blood and revenge to reach maximum, awakening a wicked and deadly beast inside him that he had suppressed a long time ago. However, his in-laws the Davidsons had no idea they had messed with the wrong person.

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  • Sugar Spicy


    Nice storyline. Keep it up dear Author

    2024-02-01 20:57:56
  • Vicky boy


    Seriously, I thought that I was gonna be reading the same urban theme all over again but the first few chapters proved me wrong... This book is a masterpiece and I highly recommend it. XD

    2024-02-24 16:26:26
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"Please mum, I really need this money, it's just ten thousand dollars, I don't want my wife to die. I swear this is the last time." Romeo begged his mother inlaw on his knees.Mrs Davidson furrowed her brow in scorn and agitation. "Who is your mother." She asked. "Please do not put me in the shoes of that less privileged and useless creature that put you in this world." "Please Mrs Davidson, consider the fact that we are talking about your daughter here, she has been struggling ever since her third trimester… I…don't want my wife to die…please…""Why are you making me look like the villian here?" She bellowed in anger. "Am I her husband? Is it my fault that she got married to a useless, worthless and disheveled horny he goat like you? I warned her against getting married to someone like you because I knew something like this was going to take place in the future…now it seems that my predictions were correct." She hissed before taking a sip of her overly expensive wine."But she loved
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"Who is he anyway?" Andrew asked."Unfortunately he is Linda's husband.""Is it Linda your daughter?" He shone his eyes wide."Yes." Mrs Davidson sounded ashamed. "However with time, she is not going to be with him anymore. She would be all yours very soon Andrew.""I look forward to that Mrs Davidson."Romeo got down from the cab he had boarded and rushed into the hospital building.He got to the maternity department were his wife was. He got to see the doctor walking hastily down one of the labyrinthian corridors. He was on his theater overall, with his nose mask down under his chin. "Doctor! Doctor! I am here.""Were have you been Mr Stewart?" The doctor furrowed his eyebrows. He didn't look pleased."I went to look for some money.""I hope this time your search for some money was fruitful because we are not going to begin the cesarian session if you don't pay at least fifty percent deposit." The doctor sounded stern and angry. "I have been too kind to you and it seems that you a
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"Nothing doctor, you have to see reasons with me, you must ensure that this child does not survive. My family's reputation is at stake." Said Mrs Davidson"Mrs. Davidson, I cannot compromise the principles of my profession. I am here to save lives, not end them." The doctor shook his head."Doctor, consider the consequences. A generous sum awaits you if you help us avoid this scandal. End the life of the church rats offspring and I would reward you handsomely. I am sick and tired of looking at Romeo Stewart as my son in law." Mrs Davidson whispered."Mrs. Davidson, I cannot allow financial gain to dictate my actions. It's against everything I stand for." The doctor hesitated."Doctor, think about your future. With the right amount, you can secure a comfortable life for yourself." Mrs Davidson leaned in, lowering her voice. "I could make you lose your license if you decline my request." "But you can't!""Oh yes I can." "Mrs. Davidson, this is highly irregular. I cannot..." The doctor
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Romeo had expected to see his wife all smiles cuddling her new born baby, that was what he worked hard for right? That was what he went through the humiliation, scorn, he even had to engage in duels and street fights so he could win the bets and provide what he could.Now his street fights were not void of injuries because he suffered various cuts, bruises, he even had a swollen jaw, however he didn't consider it too much for his wife, he believed his wife and unborn child deserved the risks, insults and embarrassments he went through.He saw Linda crying with nothing by her breast or her side. All he could see was her mother, brother and sister consoling her.This made him to be puzzled. "What the fuck is happening." He thought. He rushed to her side shoving Flanagan her brother away."Hey watch it you beast of a man. Jesus, you stench so bad." He held his nose. Not that he was smelling like shit but Romeo usually wore old clothes and the scent of the old clothes was repulsive to Fla
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If signing this divorce papers was going to free her from her perceived hardship and suffering, if it was going to mean that he would no longer be held responsible the scorn, disdain and hardship she had faced in the past four years, if this was going to make her happy then he was ready to let her go.Romeo signed the documents with a heavy heart and heavy eyes which were filled with tears."Hmmm, finally, that is done." Mrs Davidson smiled satisfactorily as she picked the documents and admired them. She sighed. "And for the divorce settlements…""I don't need your shitty money." He said in a cold voice. "I need just my dead daughter, so I can bury her."Mrs Davidson snorted. "I am sorry Romeo, but that won't happen…"Romeo in anger lunged towards her. He held her neck and pressed her against the wall, causing everyone inside the ward to gasp in surprise."You were successful in making me look like a good for nothing in the eyes of the public, you were successful in making sure that I
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Chapter 5 "Yes I know. I want you to come here with ten military personnel.""But the contract is not over my prince, you have two more years before your marriage to Linda, the true love of your life.""Do not question me Lieutenant. I am done with Linda and the Davidson's. By the way get down here with ten military personnel and a little coffin for a little child."The voice on the background sounded concerned. "What for? Why do you need a coff…""That is an order Lieutenant, anymore questions from you is going to make me furious with you and you know that you don't want me to be furious." Romeo said authoritatively."Yes my prince. And…and it's Lieutenant general now my prince.""Congratulations Lieutenant general Thompson."After about thirty minutes two bullion vans were parked in front of the kiosk with an SUV in-between them. They had located Romeo using GPS. Also since Romeo was of royal blood, he always wore a metal hand band with a chip, which was used to track his whereabo
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The next day Romeo purposely took a cab to the government house with the intention of meeting with the governor of Yilaburg. The reason he put the dissolution of Dr Aaron Bautmeger's regime on hold was because he believed that Dr Aaron was a good man, I mean his works of charity and investments in the states health and education sector was the talk of the town and besides that, there were improvements in the whole state, compared to that of the past regime.Romeo decided to see the governor himself in the disguise of a normal citizen. Now he new that seeing such an individual of such political post needed some procedures to be followed but since Dr Aaron announced that his office was opened to any citizen of Yilaburg, he believed he was doing the right thing.After greeted the police officers that were mounted by the security post as he made his way towards the governor state house."Hello sir how may I help you?" Asked a seemingly nice clerk. She was a lady."Um hello ma, I know it
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The governor was taken aback for a moment, momentarily shocked at Romeo's demeanor.He furrowed his brow. "And who do you think you are to speak to me in such manner?"Romeo decided to calm down. "I am sorry your excellency. I just lost it.""My God…like I don't understand. You barged into my office and yelled at me? Have you forgotten who I am? Do you have any idea where you are standing?""With all due respect your excellency as a patriotic soldier with the earnest desire for the prosperity of Mondosh I was enraged because I got to discover that you are a patron of whores. It is disgraceful to your person."The governor zipped up his trousers. He walked towards Romeo and slapped him in the face. "You deadbeat of a military personnel. What made you think that a petty insolent Lance corporal like you should have the balls to talk to me in such manner." "But…""One more word from you and not only would I make sure you are shamefully thrown out of my office, but I would make sure that
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Even after the early morning jog with the battalion that morning round the military facility, Romeo could not just forget about the marks that was discovered on his baby's neck.Despite the fact that he led the soldiers round the facility, chanting and motivating them hereby lifting their morale, Romeo's heart was still heavy.He was restless, however he didn't think of anything else to do than to make enquires of what really happened to his daughter.Immediately after the roadwork, Romeo took a shower, put on some simple clothing, and drove out of the military facility en route to the Yilaburg general hospital where his daughter had died.While he was driving, news of the military take over in Yilaburg was rampant on the news. Radio stations and their analysts including political activists, experts and politicians engaged themselves in detailed conversations with regards to what to expect from the restructured state. The name Romeo Stormbreaker was on the lips of everyone in the st
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Get out of my office you dead dog since you do not have manners. Now!" He yelled.Romeo was however unmoved by Dr Manuel's threats and yelling. "Doctor if I may ask you between you and I who has displayed a rather cynical and unaccommodating tone?""Get out now. My work was done with you when I performed a successful surgery on your wife. I ensured that she lived in that critical moment." Dr Manuel paused. "Get out I would not ask again.""I would give you ten seconds to tell me what happened to my daughter if not Dr Manuel I am going to destroy your life even before you step out of this room.""What did you say?" Dr Manuel dimmed his eyes. He couldn't believe his ears. Of all the average men he had encountered in his life Romeo was the most useless and hopeless, I mean what kind of a man would get his wife pregnant when he was fully aware he was not going to be financially buoyant to pay the necessary clinical bills to ensure that his baby is welcomed properly into this world.What k
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