The Divorced Billionaire

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The Divorced Billionaire

By: Ella obida Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Jamie sacrificed his life savings for his wife to acquire her father’s shares and properties that was stolen from her , After successfully acquiring all her stolen Wealth, She came back a month after and requested for a divorce and custody of their son . Feeling betrayed and dejected Jamie signed the paper and immediately the divorced was processed that was the begin of Leah’s downfall and Jamie’s raise to wealth . Unknown to her , Her Divorced Husband is the most wealthiest man she seek , The Almighty Maroon Heir in Disguise

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47 chapters
Chapter 1
Jamie sat outside of their home , His wife was outside the country for a business meeting, She had been pursuing her late father’s shares for a long time , Jamie and Leah had been married for 10 years, For this 10 years Jamie had struggled to make her and their son comfortable, He even dropped out of college to pay her own tuition fee. Just when she graduated her father died and his shares were stolen , Jamie had tried his best to help her get it back alongside her wealth and every other of her shares and assets.“ Daddy ! Mummy is on Tv !” Austin was their five year old son, Jamie had left him in their living room trying to connect to his wife’s phone. “ Really ! let’s see …” Jamie grabbed his son and they hurriedly rushed to the living room. The Tv was on a new channel and a woman in her early thirties,She was curvy and her face was incredibly beautiful. She was dressed in a corporate wear, Her facial features were like a perfect work of art. She was leading a press conference and
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Chapter 2
Jamie stepped outside of the office and leaned on the wall , Everything that just happened seemed like a joke to him , He had treated Leah with so much love , Even now he was in debts because he had borrowed a lot to help with her mother’s surgery and even her education, They both lived on his resources and now that she was wealthy , She was divorcing him to marry off someone else in the space of one month that she was gone . Jamie wasn’t going to let her take his son , Although she claimed that he wouldn’t be able to take care of their son , He thought otherwise. He couldn’t trust Leah now because she never said anything relating to their divorce and now that she became wealthy, She divorced him .“ Dad ! Do you like our new home ?” Austin ran to where Jamie stood , He was still in deep shock and taken aback by what had just happened. “ Austin, This isn’t our home … Come on let’s go” Jamie stuttered.“ Daddy … But mom said this was going to my new room, Look … She even made preparat
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Chapter 3
“ This young man is the reason you are seeing me alive right now, “ The old man said grabbing Jamie’s shoulder and Jamie took a respectful bow, At this point Jamie didn’t see the need to go into details, All he wanted right now was a bottle of beer, He wanted to relax his nerves.“ What do you mean pops ?” She asked in shock.Jamie felt like he needed to go, He didn’t even know why he was here, He had more important stuff to pay attention to and not this.“ I’m really glad I could be of help but right own, I need to leave, “ Jamie said and the old man looked at him with eyes full of disappointment.“Oh! At least let’s talk over dinner “ He implied and Jamie didn’t accept, These people were total strangers, He understood he had just saved the old man but he wasn’t in support of having a meal with them.“ I’m sorry but I don’t think that will be possible, I suggest you increase his security system, He needs more security … You can also check the security cameras outside you can get a cle
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Chapter 4
Divorce Billionaire 4.Jamie turned to leave and Flora started to follow him, She wanted to have a word with Jamie and she wanted to ask why he shortened the time like that“ Three months ?” Flora asked from behind and Jamie turned to look at her, She was standing there in her beautiful gown, he could see her curves right through the gown, she was beautiful. He walked to where she was standing and he said. “ What? You brought the idea, didn’t you? Don’t you believe I can make it happen in three months ?” Flora smiled, She loved his confidence.“ I only said that after I found out who your father was …” Flora stated, Jamie stared at her in shock he immediately grabbed her hands and dragged her to a corner.“ How did you know about my father ?” Jamie asked.“ My question right now is why you let her treat you like that when you made her who she is right now “ Flora asked again and Jaime yelled at Ber.“ Answer my question! You do not get to ask me the questions” Jamie yelled at her, H
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Chapter 5
Now he was dropping Jamie and every other character that was built with it over time. “ So Salvador, What’s the first thing you want to do ?” Flora asked. “ I need to meet with my family, After the reunion and taking over my place as the chairman of Maroon then I will attack Leah from the higher-ups, “ Salvador said. “ How about your name? What do you do about it ?” “ My family will hold a press conference after the reunion and it will be announced, The name Jamie dies immediately, “ He said.“ Three months might be too long to prove to them that you are not a nobody “ Flora smirked.“ Now that we are into the deal …What do you mean when you said “ make him mine “ Salvador smirked leaning closer to Flora and she scoffed.“ Oh! That was to add spice up the whole thing “ Flora said.“ I see, So what do you want in return? You aren’t doing it for free that I know “ Salvador asked and Flora nodded.“ My cousin … He has been doing a lot of nasty things in the company behind my grandfat
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Chapter 6
Leah sat through her office scanning through the Maroon family invitation for the chairwoman’s birthday party and their son's homecoming Since she received their miracle email to partner with her, She only knew about only one person and it was the Almighty Maroon Heir, She has never met him but he reached out to her through the mail and she has been working with his representative but she never met him in person, Receiving this invitation she wished to meet with the man that changed her life and made her who she was today.“ What are you so excited about, I could see the excitement all over your face “ Ted walked in pouring himself a coffee.“ Ted ! Look at this, it’s an invitation to the Maroon family event, It’s the chairwoman’s birthday and their eldest son’s homecoming” Leah squealed.“Woah… Who did you say to reach out to you? Their son ?” “ Ted … He called himself the Almighty Maroon Heir, He is based in Tokyo and he promised to meet in person and talk about business, He did me
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Chapter 7
The party was officially over and the guest were leaving, majority of the guest seemed disappointed that the heir of maroon company wasn't announced after it was highly anticipated,Leah on the other hand waited behind because she wanted to speak with the second son of maroon company, She believed she could reach the first son if she maintained acquaintanceship with the second son." Excuse me please…My name is Leah, CEO of MK companies, It's a pleasure to see you here" Leah bit her tongue , She made a terrible mistake and even a wrong first impression.Of course he was going to be here. This is this mother's event." I'm not sure who you are but yeah, Thanks for the pleasantries" He said and walked out.Leah ran her hands through her hair.She was failing and her reasons for attending this party weren't fulfilled yet. She had a lot of networking to do ." Kelvin Maroon,Second son of the Maroon family,He is the vice chairman of Maroon empire, Don't you think you are aiming to high going
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Chapter 8
The Divorced Billionaire 8. Salvador banged the door behind him,He was in his room alone with Roxy now, Salvador could sense the tension in the room. He didn't want it to be like he came out of nowhere to drag what kelvin worked hard for." You won't work on the gallery 2.0 project, That will be big for you" Roxy couldn't understand why Salvador was suddenly changing all the plans,It was already recorded that Salvador will be taking care of the project." You heard kelvin say he has been working on that project,I feel bad taking it away from him…Come to think of it he has been walking on it for a long time,It will be wrong for me to snatch it from him just like that " Salvador said,He knew and could see it in Kelvin's eyes that he was seen as a competition." Salvador, You are not snatching it away from him,You deserve the spotlight too,The exposure and connections,You need it for your company too " Roxy whispered. Salvador was building his own empire in secret for now he was going
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Chapter 9
The Divorced Billionaire 9. " What was the meaning of what you said outside?" Flora asked, Roxy had dragged Salvador inside, There was no way he meant what he said." What's going on exactly? First you change the reveal plan, Next you move out of your family house and now this…What's going on exactly?" Roxy asked,He was just as shocked as flora but Salvador was calm,He had this warm smile on his face. " This is what I wanted to talk to you guys about but I met her earlier than expected," Salvador said. " You mean you had this all planned and you wanted to tell us that you want to work as a cleaner in Leah's company?" Roxy asked and Salvador nodded, Flora ran her through her hair before eventually speaking up. " You need to be more focused on other things,Your company,Your family's Empire, Making Leah regret…This is what you should be doing and not being her cleaner" " I have a plan, Everything has been really sorted out and planned so believe me when I say,I know what I am doing"
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Chapter 10
The Divorced Billionaire 10Evening came and it was time for Salvador to leave, Roxy had volunteered to live with him for a while, Because, That was the home he built with his family he would feel so kind of way going back there again as an ex-husband who isn’t even allowed to meet his son. “ I will drop you guys off,” Flora said and Salvador waved it off, He didn’t want to stress her out, She had other jobs to take care of and he didn’t want to prove Leah’s statement right to her, leeching on her. “ Why? I insist please “ “ Hmm we will be taking a quick stop at the bar just across the street, We are meeting with someone… You must be so tired from work and everything so relax “ Salvador said tapping Flora on her back and he left with Roxy. “ I just hope he gets his revenge sooner “ Flora sighed. Salvador and Roxy’s taxi arrived and they hopped in, The location was a warehouse behind the bar and not the bar itself, Salvador was to be meeting with his company project manager, To d
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