Chapter 29: 2 Purple Horns Shuras! (Red portal)

"Why is this hole so dark? I don't believe this is a safe passage right? I mean, it could have been made wider and maybe led into an underground safehouse or something."

In a dark hole without light, two silhouettes could be seen crawling. It was Crimson and Damien.

It has been two minutes since they entered here and yet they haven't reached the end which serves to confuse both of them.

During these few moments, Crimson has gotten to know that Damien is talkative which annoys him.

Damien has been complaining endlessly throughout the journey.

From either how small the hole is and how if they were attacked he wouldn't be able to fight back to how long the journey is and so on.

Crimson wished to turn back and shut the guy's mouth with a punch but had to hold back.

_Hmph, since he loves talking I shall make him talk._

Thinking so, Crimson called out.

"Uhm, so Damien. What family are you from?"

"Me? I don't know, my mom never told me my father's name so I used my maternal grandfather's n
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