Awaken Hero In The Same World

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Awaken Hero In The Same World

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Being bullied a lot, Jung Yoo found himself as a more powerful man who can do much more than he imagined. Tran migrated into a new world that looked familiar like his other world, Jung Yoo needs to conquer his enemies.

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135 chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 1 “grrhhhhhh” Maverick screamed, jolting out of his sleep abruptly, he slammed his legs underneath his desk with that abrupt motion. His heart was pounding and he was sweating profusely trying to catch his breath. “what’s happening?” he muttered out, his voice was dry and raspy and he knew he needed to drink water to quench his thirst and soothe his dry throat. “MAVERICK!” A strong stern voice called out to him, drawing his attention back to reality. He looked at the man staring angrily at him and then he frowned slightly before looking at his surrounding. ‘This is not right’ Mave thought as he was Visibly Confused. He was in a classroom, receiving lectures from the man that just yelled out his name furiously. The classroom was filled with familiar faces, and they were all looking at him humorously and laughing at him for waking up boisterously and disrupting the class. Even the teacher was a familiar face, just like the students, but he could not place where and wh
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Chapter 2
Chapter TwoMave immediately stood up, everyone looked at him again like one crazy person and began laughing , since he had been acting funny all day. He took his bag and then left the class. The teacher kept calling to him in anger since he was still teaching and the class was not yet over. But Mave didn’t listen, he just kept walking away, knowing that there was better things for him to be doing than to be wasting his time on class at the moment. The teacher was furious because of Jung’s stubbornness, some of his classmates were just laughing , using the opportunity to disturb the class. While others just mocked Mave, and calling him stupid for ditching class and disobeying the teacher, because now he was sure to get detention and possibly expulsion from the school.Mave kept walking with his school bag handing on his shoulder as he walked, he was seriously thinking about everything now, and just how he would make everything work out for him this time around. ‘First I have to
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3““You can call me System. And you will soon get to understand that I am here to help you, you just have to trust me.”” The system as it had identified itself said to Mave again. ‘hmm. Anything I should know for now?. I have a lot of questions to ask you.’“”Do not worry Hero Maverick , in time All your questions will be answered but for now, do not take off that ring on your finger for any reason. We do not have time for now, the world merge will be beginning soon, and you need to be ready.”” The system said, and immediately Maverick looked at his finger and the ring on the finger as he got the instruction. But it seems that with each word the system said, he was left with more questions to ask..‘what do you mean by World merge?’ Mave asked the system, it was the first time he was hearing of it and he was interested to know what it meant. “”it is the union of your world and that of the monsters, it starts today with the appearance of the red fog as you already know. So
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4“System explain” Mave said rather than thought as he asked the system about what had just transpired. “”The red fog as you call it is actually energy from the monster world that managed to leak through as the world merge occurred. The energy is a prerequisite for the activation of what you humans call ‘talent’ and this energy drives the monsters like a power source.”” The system explained..‘so how does that have to do with you or the ring?’ he asked curiously“”The only thing I can tell you for now is that, the ring just absorbed the energy around the vicinity before it dispersed. You should prepare yourself now, the energy that dispersed will be absorbed by low level monsters and they will soon awaken””“hmm” Mave sighed as he rested, understanding just some of what the system had told him.He recalled that last time the red fog occurred and dispersed, hours later and their was reports of outbreaks of strange creatures appearing all over the world and afterwards there wa
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5“ it’s time, Get up.” The voice of the system rang in Mave’s head and he immediately jolted awake again.He looker around as he forced his eyes open and realized that he had fallen asleep. He gritted his teeth in annoyance, for he felt that he shouldn’t have fallen asleep but should have been awake doing better things. He heard screams and people crying and riotous commotion and he knew immediately that it had begun. The first wave of the awakening, when low level monsters appeared out of nowhere and began mauling people down.He stood up and looked down from the ledge of the rooftop he was on and saw people being chased by grotesque looking creatures that looked like animals, some four legged and some two legged, others crawled like snakes and millipedes on the ground. He also so a few dead bodies sprawled on the ground. Some missing limbs and appendages and he sighed, knowing that it was from this point the world needed the awakened heroes at first, but none had awaken
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6Soon enough he arrived at the kitchen, and he was breathing heavily since he had been running. He did not want to be late and lose his friends, so he had to hurry. He stopped at the door of the cafeteria and he could hear some noises and could immediately tell that there were some monsters inside. ‘I can’t go in unarmed’ he thought and began looking around for a weapon or anything he could arm himself with. He could not find anything but some stones on the ground, he gritted his teeth in annoyance knowing it was hopeless. But then he remembered how effective his skill was against the previous monster and then he picked up the stones as he thought of something.Mave slammed the door open with his boots and the door opened widely immediately and as it did, Mave found four monsters already inside eating a corpse of one of the staffs. The dog like monsters looked at him and stopped eating, since they had found a new food They were just like the monster he had killed before,
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7The monster pounced on Mave attempting to kill him this time around. Mave managed to veer to the side with all he could manage, rolling towards the side of the dead mobsters. Fortunately, he escaped but unfortunately the monster nicked him on the side of his stomach wounding him.Mave rolled to the ground and then mentally activated his skill “Energy absorption” and began absorbing the energy that was present on the dead bodies and at the same time, he yelled to Jiren.“Toss me the bat now!” Mave knew he had two act fast because the monster was coming again. The monster pounced on him again as he laid on the ground, this time very sure that it will finish the job. And Jiren managed to toss him the bat. *Skill unlocked: energy infusion.* {Allows energy to be channeled into weapons}*Activating skills: Enhanced action + Enhanced strike + Energy infusion**Triple skill bonus: Advanced effect* {All skills used will become three times more effective.}Just as the monster wa
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8There was a knock on the door, which drew him out of his thoughts and he looked to see who it was. The door opened and Jiren walked in. The moment Mave saw him, he remembered just how he died the last time and he inwardly became angry, because Jiren betrayed him. But he didn’t reveal it visibly. Jiren was wearing a different attire and was looking much different compared to how weak he looked when the monster dog was attacking him. He looked strong, with an air of confidence around him. He was wearing polished battle armour and Mave could only suspect one thing, he had awakened.And to confirm it, Mave focused his gaze on him and immediately Jiren’s stats appeared.*Jiren Yosuka, B class, level 5.*‘B rank just like before, meaning his talent will still be the same…’ Mave thought.“ Mave, finally you’re awake. It’s been three weeks now since you went unconscious. I got so worried.” Jiren said as he sat down beside Mave.“two what?” immediately, Mave forgot about his ange
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9 Jiren and the rest of the Crew were already inside the portal for a while now. “For a low B class portal, this portal looks easy.” Jiren said, withdrawing his lance from the skull of a huge spider like monster on the ground, causing the black blood from it to splatter on the ground. The focused ahead, wanting to go in further without fear. “Don’t get too confident now, this is a strange place, anything can happen. I’m sure you’re aware of that.” Theon the leader of the group of five that had entered the portal said to him. Theon as well was cleaning his sword from the black blood of the spider like monster. Theon was a man in his early 30’s and having a nicely shaved beards. There were spider monster corpses all over the ground, the ones that the team had dispatched as they proceeded further inside. The portal they had entered led to a cave like terrain, with several stalactites and stalagmites structures made of the same rock as the cave. The cave looked very large,
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10.Mave woke up in the hospital and he was just staring at the white ceiling of the hospital. He knew he was in the hospital, he could smell it and he could see it. Everything was still like a dream to him and he tried to recall it all.He remembered the fight with the monster dog and then he frowned. ‘it wasn’t supposed to be like that, the monsters were not supposed to be that strong and this much people were not supposed to die, just what is happening.’He thought and then placed his hands on his head and sighed. He had expected everything to be easier this time around, but it was beginning to get so different and difficult. ‘I need answers, that’s for sure. But the system is not so cooperative when it comes to that aspect. That reminds me, there was a level up prompt, just before I blacked out.’Mave focused on his stats again, so he can see everything very well.*Maverick , D class, level 1**Skills: Enhanced ActionEnhanced Strike Energy absorptionEnergy infusionH
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