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The Mediums Help

By: Meybulansafitrii OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Resa has a mission to help Tere's spirit return home, but unfortunately all the methods he does are never successful. One day Resa sees Silva who is helping a female spirit to go home from class, and he begins to be attracted to the girl. Resa accidentally saw Silva drowning, he helped the girl to come back to life, and started their friendship by carrying out a mission to help Tere's spirit, and David's spirit who was looking for his body so he could come back to life.

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The heavy rain made the water rise even more, almost touching the sleeping girl's ears. The splash of water made her wince before opening her eyes wide, she suddenly sat up and looked around. This place was dark with pools of water, no sound but the sound of rain and thunder above.Silva quickly climbed up because she was afraid of something in the hole. She also didn't know why she had to fall asleep in a hole that looked exactly like a grave. Her last memory is only school, and a few people. Silva took a deep breath once he reached the top, but sadly it was much darker up there.The flash helped her see the forest as far as the eye could see. Huge trees everywhere with the sounds of small animals. Crickets or maybe other noisy animals, Silva didn't really understand the sounds of wild animals in the forest.She started to take steps after thinking for a few minutes. Directionless steps, and eternal light. The flash came several times with long pauses. Silva didn't mind the darkness,
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Resa sat on the bed with pain. He tried to take off the shirt which had a bloodstain on the shoulder. A lot of blood was still flowing, making his skin also have blood stains that were still wet and those that were dry.He tried to clean the blood with a cloth that he had given a little water to. It hurt so badly, but Resa held it so Regina wouldn't hear him groans. He was afraid that the little girl would force him to go see a doctor in the emergency room to get the right treatment."Older brother?"That small, hoarse voice made Resa turn around, he saw Regina standing in the doorway with puffy eyes. Her eyes radiated deep sadness. Resa gave a smile while gesturing with his hand for Regina to come closer."Why don't you want to go see a doctor?" Regina looked sadly at Resa's blood-stained shoulder, she took over the wet cloth and began to slowly help clean the blood stains."It's not a problem I don't want to or I want to see a doctor, Regina," Resa said quietly."Then what's the pro
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"Resa, get the ball!" Juna shouted from the back of the class.Resa glanced at the basketball hiding behind the classroom door, and he only watched for a few seconds before continuing him way to the end table near the window. He sat down ignoring Juna's screams because he was disappointed in Resa.Juna exhaled deeply as soon as he stood near his friend's table with a basketball. "It's really growing like someone who has no intention to live. What's wrong with you? Do you have a problem?"Resa didn't answer, he just stared at Juna without taking off hisnbag which was quite heavy because today there were many additional tasks."Resa, just tell me if you have a problem, I will help you because we are close friends," Juna said again, but this time he touched Resa's right shoulder. Of course the owner of the shoulder screamed in pain while hitting Juna's arm which was still perched on his shoulder.Juna was shocked, she apologized to Resa several times because he didn't know it would make
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"Resa, are you serious about going home alone?" Luna still couldn't believe Resa, who now seemed painless. Even his pale face this morning had disappeared, as if he had never gone to the UKS.Luna helped carry the backpack even though Resa had refused several times. The boy kept saying that he was fine and not a child who should get special treatment.Juna also helped Resa to go down the crowded stairs. There are so many aggressive third graders who want to go home quickly without caring that someone is sick. Even though they went home earlier than the first and second graders who came home at four in the afternoon.Juna and Luna look like Resa's parents now. Resa smiled feeling the warmth from her two friends, and started to be silent like a child who really needed protection.They arrived at the parking lot now, and Juna immediately took out Resa's motorbike so it wouldn't be jostled like it was in the corridor. He tucked the backpack in front under a stampede. Resa started to sit w
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It was raining in the city of Jakarta, the school yard was starting to get flooded with the wind being quite strong. Lightning and thunder came together, the roar made some people cover their ears in fear.Silva stood at the lip of the top step, her face getting rainwater from the wind. The roar of thunder and strong winds brought her back to remembering last night's nightmare. The good news is that she is at school waiting for public transport that will never stop on the school grounds.Silva saw that the parents of the students had come, almost all the school residents had gone home. She was left with the students who chose to wait in the classroom with lights and thick sweaters. Silva was reluctant to be in a noisy class, she chose to stand on the terrace of the building with the sound of rain.Silva took a deep breath before turning to her left, someone was walking with a black umbrella while giving a flat look. The man Silva didn't recognize covered a woman and headed for a black
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Nike air jordan shoes cross the street with endless pools of water. Mud and other dirt managed to stick to the sole of the shoe, some even stuck to the body of the shoe. Silva didn't complain about that because she thought the shoes could still be washed clean, but for something she was looking for tonight she had to get it somehow.The school gate was clearly visible now, tightly closed with a large padlock visible inside. Silva shouted so that the school security guard who was on duty could hear her voice.The beam of a flashlight from a distance made Silva heave a sigh of relief. A thin, tall man was walking over, he opened the big gate padlock and said, "What are you doing tonight, Miss?""I left my book in class Sir, tomorrow I have to collect my homework. I came here so I won't be punished tomorrow," explained Silva hastily."Own?" Roni looked left and right, there was no one. There wasn't even a motorbike or car parked nearby, he couldn't help but think that Silva had come on f
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The rain had stopped with a dark sky without stars, and a moon. Overcast clouds adorn the sky tonight, occasionally seen lightning appearing without the sound of thunder. People chose to go home immediately for fear that the rain would come again.Meanwhile, a well-lit small house in a small, seedy alley was bustling. Many grown men with scary faces were sitting in a circle at a small table smoking. Cigarette smoke filled the room with yellow lights.Surya focused on looking at the card he had, but then he let out a resigned sigh as the muscular man without hair showed the card he had gotten. Three aces, and one joker won him without anyone protesting. All the money on the table he immediately brought home with laughter that was so satisfied."Don't forget what you owe me, Surya," he said as he put all his money in a plastic bag. "I'll be waiting for the money in two weeks time, you should get my money back."Surya snorted while rolling his eyes in annoyance, he started to leave witho
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Many teenagers come out of skyscrapers, they carry backpacks while chatting with friends. Walking across a large road which was quite busy, but fortunately there was a security guard who was willing to help them cross.David took Dimas – his cousin to stop by the empty canteen. They ordered cold americano coffee with sweet pastries. They sat by the big window at the end, away from the classical music that David said would lull him to sleep."Up to this point, the material is getting more and more difficult. It should be according to the rules of the language, but the teacher wants it according to his wishes. Even though I read a book, how come I don't understand how to use character names in one paragraph?" complained Dimas. His facial expression was so sad when his left hand supported his chin.“Yes, I also feel that way. Whereas in a novel or short story manuscript in one paragraph there are two or three mentions of the names of the characters. Then in the following paragraphs the n
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"Resa, hurry up breakfast!" shouted Anik loudly. She put two plates filled with boiled vegetables and fried tempeh.Regina was ready with her school uniform, she sat at the dining table while enjoying her breakfast with gusto. Warm rice and spicy chili sauce are delicious to enjoy in the morning. Her face was red from the spicy taste of the chili sauce, but that didn't stop her from eating. Regina even felt addicted to it and added one more plate of rice."Mom, I'll just eat rice and fried eggs." Resa also sat beside Regina with his hair still messy and wet."You smell really good," said Regina."What about chili sauce, Resa?" asked Anik. She was still busy with the donuts that had to be fried immediately."I'm afraid of stomach pain, so I don't eat chili sauce early in the morning," said Resa. He began to take a little rice with fried tofu and fried egg as a side dish. "You said I smell good, didn't you? Use the soap that Mom just bought yesterday.""Did you buy new soap, Mom?" Regin
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The soccer game ended when Resa scored the first, and last, goal. He ran towards the stairs which are usually used by the audience to sit while watching the events on the field. Mineral water along with a small bag containing a cell phone and wet wipes were there. Luckily it was safe until he finished playing soccer, usually mineral water often disappeared, and didn't know who the culprit was until now.A sigh of relief came out after he downed the mineral water that felt so cold even though it wasn't stored in the fridge. Resa started to sit while lying down without feeling pain, instead he was comfortable with the hard and sharp floor."I found someone."A woman's voice made Resa squint because of the dazzling sunlight. He saw that Tere was sitting with his back to him, but Resa felt that there was something strange about the female ghost that had been following him. Immediately he shifted into a sitting position then said, "Found who?""Someone who can help you," Tere said. She beg
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