Scot: Crowned by Fate

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Scot: Crowned by Fate

By: Pelegr8t OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Scot has been struggling in his marriage to Tarius' daughter, Jane. His wife and in-laws has made him feel small and unworthy, constantly belittling him. In a moment of desperation, Scot takes a job from his close friend, but after a week of serving as a cleaner at the company, he discovers that his wife has been cheating on him with his friend. Scot is outraged and feel betrayed by everyone around him. He has no support, and instead, they insult him for remaining faithful to his wife and trusting her. But little did Scot know his new-found fortune would come with a dark twist. As he basked in the riches that now surrounded him, a question lingered in the back of his mind: At what cost did this fortune come? What price would he have to pay for his new life? Could he really trust those who had wronged him, even as they pleaded for forgiveness? And could he truly be happy, knowing what he had learned about his wife and his friend?

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Chapter 1
"Good morning, sir, you called me."Scot was late for work due to the little misunderstanding he had with his wife, if the neighbors had not pleaded on his behalf, he wouldn’t have been able to come to work. He was summoned by his boss immediately he arrived.“You know what time it is now, right?” his employer asked and he nods his head. His employer looked at him with narrowed eyes “How many times do I have to take more excuses for your tardiness?" he asked.Scot dropped down on his knees, beads of sweat forming on his forehead as he pleads for mercy. "It wasn't intentional, sir, I had a slight delay on my way," Scot explained."Still no reason" his supervisor said in annoyance then dug inside his drawer for a certain brown envelope. Scot is still asking for mercy on his knees. "Sir, please, I had a misunderstanding with my wife this morning, which caused the delay," Scot explained.Scot's supervisor rose from his chair and approached him, still holding the envelope in his hand."M
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Chapter 2
"How dare you, Jason!" Scot was furious… enraged. He couldn’t put a name to how he was feeling at the moment and all he could do was charge towards Jason while throwing blows at him.Scot was devastated, feeling deceived by both his friend and his wife. Scot fought Jason and threw numerous blows at him."You bastard... how could you do this to me Jason? How could... how the hell could you do this to us... to our friendship?" He couldn't contain his rage as he smacked Jason across the cheek.The scream drew the attention of other colleagues as they gathered around to hold Scot. Scot was mortified of what his wife had done."Ja.. Jane!" He screamed out the name of his wife. Tears were rolling down from the eyes of Scot and he still finds it extremely hard to believe that his wife had done such a thing to him.Scot also find it extremely hard to even call out the name of his wife. His heart is breaking into tiny little pieces and it was almost as if a string have been placed inside hi
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Chapter 3
Scot's only thought after the disgrace and betrayal he felt in the office was how to end his life.'What am I living for?' he asked himself.Scot lost his job and his wife on the same day. He has lost everything he has ever loved. Everyone around him had abandoned him, including his friends. Suicidal thoughts rang in his head.'What do I do now, who will aid me now, Oh God!' Scot sobbed bitterly. Scot's felt totally useless at this point. Nothing made sense to him any longer.“Jane!” he screamed at the top of his lungs “After everything we've been through together," Scot said bitterly.Scot was filled with rage, hatred, and despair for everyone that made him feel this miserable.'I can no longer sustain this marriage,' his inner voice said. Scot had enough of everything and decided to go pack his belonging from the house because he felt too ashamed to face any of Jane’s family or Jane herself. He continued shaking his head and folding his arms in desperation as he walked to the plac
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Chapter 4
"I can't believe I finally met my father after all this time." Scot expressed the excitement he felt by just meeting him. Scot and his father were already seated in one of the city's largest restaurants. Scot couldn't believe what he was seeing because everything seemed surreal to him. When the server arrived, Mr. Donald told him to order whatever he wanted."S-s-Sir, are you serious?" Scot inquired, his eyes wide open in surprise. Mr. Donald laughed and nods his head. "You have nothing to be concerned about, make your order, son," his father assured, while smiling.Scot still couldn't believe what was happening but he knew deep inside of him that something great was actually waiting for him in the form of knowing who his father was."Sir, I have a question for you," Scot said, gaining his father’s attention.While they waited for their order, his father drew his seat closer to him."Go ahead, my son," he said.Scot's finger clapped the table in front of him, his expression lost and
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Chapter 5
Scot spent the night in one of his father's mansions, where he was treated like a prince. The house was so large that it could house a whole community. There were housekeepers on duty at all times to attend to Scot. The chef prepared many meals for him upon his arrival last night, and a warm shower awaited him. It made Scot feel so good, something he hasn’t been able to feel in a very long time.The mansion’s interior was well furnished with modern amenities and the paintings on the wall completed the color of the curtains. When he was shown his room, he couldn’t believe how large it was because it looked larger than Jane’s parents living room and dining joined together. It could fit an entire family.Scot's new life is so great that he has forgotten about the difficult times. Scot even slept like a baby under the cool air conditioner for the first time in his life. He was so deep in in the sleep that it was his phone's ringing that woke him up."Good morning, son, how are you?" Mr.
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Chapter 6
"Hey, Mr. Manager, are you going to fire me as well?" One of the employees inquired humorously as everyone laughed at Scot.They all take him as a joke or to be more precise, they take him as a laughing stock. "I promise that you all will lose your jobs today," Scot remarked, his face expressionless.Everyone continued laughing at how silly he sounded and continued to humiliate him. He ignored the lashes and urged Jason and the security guards to leave the office and never return."Who are you to tell me what I ought to do?" Scot was aggressively pushed by a member of these security crew. Scot ignored him and repeatedly shook his head.A coworker stepped towards the receptionist table then asked in a mocking tone. "How can a common cleaner sack me?" everyone burst out laughing loudly at Scot.They took him for a cleaner, and he just can't wait to show them that the person who they take for a cleaner is more than just a mere cleaner Jane was embarrassed by Scot. Jason, on the other
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Chapter 7
The senior manager's loud voice grabbed the attention of everyone in the workplace. She dashed down the stairs, breathing heavily like a hound being hunted. Her heels continued to hit each step of the stairway. Her expression indicated that something is amiss and there was trouble. She immediately gets down and walks towards Scot, who was being held roughly by two security guards as if he was a thief."Get your hands off him, you fool," Mrs. Costa screamed at both security guards.Everyone was confused by what was going on. Scot was released by the two security guards and Mrs. Costa cradled Scot and attempted to straighten him out.Mrs. Costa implored, her lips shaking in panic, "I'm sorry sir, I apologize sir."Everyone was stunned. They were all taken aback by the Senior Manager's attitude."What's going on?" one of the staff members inquired. Everyone continued to whisper to themselves. "Why is she calling Scot sir?" Another member of staff murmured.As they watched Mrs. Costa cl
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Chapter 8
Jane felt horrible about how she mistreated and spoke to Scot, she was overcome with remorse and had no idea how to approach him.After a while, she mustered the confidence to approach Scot and beg forgiveness. As she walked around the workplace, she noticed Scot inside his father's office, with his father seated beside him."What do you want, betrayer?" Scot was enraged at the sight of Jane.Jane promptly knelt in shame, holding Scot's left leg in tears, saying, "I'm sorry, my love, please forgive me." Jane begged, her eyes welling up with tears. Scot displayed no remorse and was unmoved by Jane's sobs."So now I'm your love… did you consider love when you and your mother mistreated me?" Scot yelled angrily. His face was held hate but the pain somehow overcame it. Jane was still on the floor, sobbing like a baby who had been thrashed by his mother. She refused to leave Scot without getting a positive response from him."It was the devil's work… my mother duped me," Jane explained b
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Chapter 9
Scot walked into a fancy store after leaving his father's workplace. Everyone looked at him oddly as he stepped into the shop because of how harsh he appeared. Scot greets the salesgirl he saw, "Good day ma'am." Scot was given a snide glance by the lady who looked like she didn’t want to attend to him but she came from behind the counter and stood in front of him."You need to leave now sir." She stares disgustingly at him then looked back into his eyes. “We don’t have cheap clothes for homeless people here.” she spat proudly and she felt delighted to be insulting the lady.Scot was irritated by her sudden harsh words to him. She didn’t even know who he was and was already talking in this manner.Scot ignored her harsh words and answered her "I need something that looks good on me." He walked further into the shop and she walked quickly in front of him to stop him from going further.Still baring the odd look, she said "Mr. Man!" She exclaimed in complete disgust. "We don't have a
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