Screw the Sage

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Screw the Sage

By: Amaza Rashi OngoingFantasy

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Hello there, person behind the screen. I'm a self-proclaimed author and God of this novel world. Well, about this book's story, it's all about this little girl who wants to be a sage and acquires a tattered book from a stranger. So what are the three things you must and shouldn't expect from this kind of novel? First, I'll try my best to cover the entire world and put a little bit of sugar coating inside. Two, don't expect too much from this novel or the world itself. I'm not a good storyteller, and I won't please everyone. Lastly, if you're lucky and went inside this world... Then do your best to survive and have a fun life. I don't know you, and you don't know me; don't expect that I'll cover you or put your name here. And that's all! Enjoy reading! :')

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    2023-04-18 22:26:42
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26 chapters
She's only a porter.
The blistering heat burned, the sun shined down from the highest peak on the people, and the eight individuals were struck by the crown. When they try to overcome what is in front of them, sweat and blood combine. He called out, “Kacha, now” and the wizard finished his chant, killing the elite minotaur. These eight persons exhaled in relief as the smell of burning flesh filled the air. They then called for the ninth person as they caught their breath and recovered some strength. Porter. A young girl with a huge cart and a large bag suddenly emerged and started to go toward the burning monster body. A holy-looking woman wearing a tight dress and a robe gave the order, “Make it quick, slave.” She simply nods and starts gathering and disassembling the charred flesh, hide, and horns that she can still save. The dismantling process was completed in less than three hours. “Leader, I'm done,” she says as she walks away from her job. “Why do you take so long?” he grumbled. “But, leader,
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The Book of a Sage
“What a beautiful drawing,” she says, mesmerized. She keeps on staring and touching the book. “I wish I could read; I don't have the luxury of attending school.” She sighed and kept imagining that if she's a scholar, she can do a lot of things. Learning to count from one to ten is the only thing she learned while watching and imitating the people around her. “I suppose I can get a few copper coins for this book? Maybe silver coins as well?” She instantly headed towards the road, and while it was now dark, she continued to walk. “But before that, I need to find a party of adventurers who are in severe need of a porter.” Even though it was almost midnight, the street was as crowded as usual with people going about their business. The full moon and starry sky delighted everyone. In the middle of it are the adventurers guild, who are active twenty-four hours a day. She entered the building and proceeded towards the quest list. Searching for a good quest for which a porter will be neede
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Meeting the Sage
A girl climbs inside the deserted home to seek temporary refuge. Through the rear entrance, she entered and proceeded to the hallway. She discovered a staircase leading to the attic while investigating. She said, “I think that's a decent location,” and made a decision to go up to the attic. Even though the room had only low light and was really dark and chilly, it was nevertheless rather comfortable. It was peaceful and warm. “Well, all I need to do now is prepare myself and delight in this magical book” she opens the magical book, and a dazzling light bursts forth, blinding her. “Eh? What's that light all about?” She asks as she squints her eyes in perplexity and flips to another page. When the light fades, she looks down and sees words in front of her like a spell, spelled out in blood with the same red hue as fresh blood. "Screw the Sage: The Worst Secrets You Will Learn On This Planet," the sage book, was now getting a new chapter. Unexpectedly, a left black arm reached out and
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The young child who emerged from the flower
“What a big plant. What a big nut.” His iris in his eyes expand as his emotion surge for curiosity he looks closer to investigate the strange plant, and the big nut besides it. “For further investigation I, Screw— need to touch the nut.” He stretches his arm and gently touch it. Feeling every inch of the nut excites him more. “Hmm… What a big bulge, black nut. Should I smell it?” Without removing his plague mask, he drew closer and try to smell it. *Sniff* He smacks the nut as hard as he can and says, “Ahahahahaha, that was foolish of me. I'm wearing a mask. Dang it.” “I'm intrigued by this weird plant, especially this nut, since it reminds me of things I've long since forgotten.” “What do you think?” “Alright then, it's decided we will take these nuts.” He pulled his knife from his belt, unsheathed it, and examined the stem. His hook knife was used to attempt to cut it: “Dang, it's hard to cut... it's just a stem.” Screw, laugh hysterically once more, smack the nut a few times
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First night together.
“Can you walk?” Screw asks the young Gura, who is sitting in front of him, as he places his cheek on his right hand. She said emotionlessly, “Numb,” wearing a poker face. He snatches Gura and carries her on his arm, saying, “Come up; I'll carry you.” She said, “Sticky.” The little lady was dragged by Screw to a lake not far away. After setting the small girl down, he doused her in water. The moment the water touched her body, she shuddered a bit. “Cold.” He uses his own hooded cloth to dry her after washing her. To cast the spells [Clean]* and [Dry]*, he lifted his hand and snapped a finger. [Casting spell: Failed] As expected, he can't use his magic and cast it to people apart from himself. Even the most basic and necessary spells are prohibited for him to cast. After picking up the little girl, he went to the forest with the intention of spending the night there beneath the huge tree he had just found. He doesn't frequently save his food; therefore, the child needed to be fed e
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Ultimate Skill?
They've been inside for a few days now, and they're still moving slowly and cautiously through the tangled jungle. Nevertheless, today it appears like someone arrived here before them since he can clearly hear their footsteps resonating loudly among the tall trees. “Someone is approaching us,” Screw said as he retreated behind a bush. [System notification] [Another beast was detect] A swarm of goblins was in front of him. They appear to be getting ready to battle. After some time, the goblins' line of defense was breached by the stamp of a hoof. A large bull with two enormous horns arrived, standing on two legs and brandishing an axe. In front of the goblins, the minotaur's foot struck the ground and stomped on it. A goblin charged forward to assault him but was stopped by an axe that slammed down quickly on his neck and severed his head. The lifeless corpse hit the ground as it dropped. The might of this beast astounded the goblins, who were quickly overpowered. “(⁠@⁠_⁠@⁠)” “(
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Deja Vu?
Another bright and brilliant day enveloped the entire woodland. The migrating birds' chorus is being performed by saplings. Fish are moving about, and animals are swimming. But death lurks beneath this beautiful repose. [Is that a little horned squirrel?] The system inquires, looking down at the little creature who is feeding. The small creature chirped, its mouth full of wall nuts, and gazed up at it innocently with huge, innocent black eyes, giving it the appearance of a puppy rather than a squirrel. It was charming and adorable in a strange manner. It had no idea what it was doing here. “Let's change the subject,” he suggests, “because it appears we've done this kind of stuff before.” He rubs his head in frustration. [Really?] [The system thinks you're just imagining] [Anyhow, let's change the subject again.] [How come I seem to understand those goblins?] He questioned, “Meaning?” The system was completely muddled. Screw, read the system prompt, and keep glancing back and f
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Unknown Creature
Elite goblins and hobgoblins were gathered in the middle of the battlefield when a swarm of elite minotaurs plummeted from the sky one by one. The goblin army was alarmed by their unexpected presence. Caught off guard, the goblin king hastily ordered the attack with his entire army, leaving just a few brave guards and even one brave wizard behind him. Unaware that their destiny was sealed that night, they stood there helplessly, powerless to save them. The minotaur general, who appeared to be the most terrifying monster in the forest, let out a loud roar as he plunged head-on into the goblin army, his armor clanging and scraping across the stone floor. With each swing of his battle axe, he slashed at the goblins and killed several more, leaving much more hurt than dead in his wake. He battled fiercely like an ancient warhorse. The minotaur kept going, brandishing death at his foe. When he swung his battle axe, he brought more dead victims into the fray, until the weapon was dripping
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End of the first Chapter.
He immediately slaughtered everyone who dared stand in his path as he made his way to the goblin king after slaying the minotaur commander. The system prompts, [Why should you jump into the middle of their war instead of finding Gura?] He laughed and responded, “I want to join the fun, you know,” after reading the prompt.He made a hand motion to signal to the system that it was unnecessary to be concerned at all. The system inquired, [Do we need to save her now?], and he said, “No, she's already been saved and safeguarded from the very beginning.”This perplexed the system even more, but instead of asking further questions, it became silent. While the man in question was enjoying himself by massacring the monster within his reach, the system activated more talents to defend and aid him.The system had no opinion, but it was pleased that it could assist, and even if the guy was an awful and twisted killer, it was still wonderful. It would be tragic to see his trash sorted around the wo
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Signing the contract.
The girl got up immediately, perplexed as to what had occurred. She recalls a ruthless hand grabbing her body and dragging her into the book, and then she witnessed the life and tale of a guy in the third person. She's still drowsy from the tiredness, so she just sleeps there, staring at the attic ceiling, for a few moments until her memory returns. Her pulse rate increased slightly as she recalled what had actually occurred, and she became scared. She attempted to remain calm because it wasn't real. ‘This is not true.’ She reflected to herself. Everything was in her head. “The man, his narrative, the little kid, and everything else are all creations of my mind.” She told herself, "I can do this." Everything will be alright if I remain cool and continue to take deep breaths as before. “I'm hungry,” she grumbled as she touched her tummy. “I guess it's already morning,” she replies, rising up and collecting her suitcase before looking and thinking if she would take the cursed book wit
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