Risen To The Top

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Risen To The Top

By: sadboy101 OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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HEAVEN HAS NO RAGE LIKE LOVE TURNED TO HATRED..... The desire for vengeance is all that's keeping a very bitter Alexander Kane alive after he was betrayed and left heart broken by his high school sweetheart,he gets framed and sent to jail for twenty years but with luck on his side he escapes. Alexander Kane has been reborn by pain and betrayal, he meets Joanne, who shares similar goals as him, together they seek revenge on everyone who ruined their lives. But can Alexander kane focus on his goals when he finds himself falling for the beautiful Joanne. HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A WOMAN SCORNED.


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179 chapters
Alex tapped on the screen of his phone, as he gently massaged his temples with the tip of his fingers,he could feel the stress weighing down on him heavily, he and his team had been working non-stop all week trying to finish off their project for the company.The screen of the phone came to life at his touch,he heaved a sigh of relief, even though his team was short of a member they had managed to come this far in such quick notice,it was already late at night but he didn't care, he would have to take the long late night walk back home, even though he lived only a few blocks from the company, he had a lot to do, he hadn't heard from sarah for a week now,he barely saw her at work,he wondered if it was all because he was always busy and he never had time for the relationship.The office door flew open, startling him as Jim ,his co-worker, ran inside excitedly."It's happening!" Jim screamed excitedly,he held his phone to his face as he screamed at the screen excitedly."What's happening
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Sarah looked beautiful.Alex could see her from where he stood, concealed by the well trimmed bushes, she was moving slowly, with a particular beautiful rhythm, even from where he stood he could still make out her eyes, they looked dreamy, she had always been beautiful, he couldn't deny that, that was one of the things that always blew his mind about her, she always looked beautiful and innocent.He moved closer to the building trying to avoid the security guards, who had been patrolling round the entrance to the pool building.He looked through the small crowd of people in the hall again trying to locate her.There she was, dancing in his arms. They looked like they had known each other forever.Alex felt his chest tighten, he was finding it harder to breathe, his face was hot and steamy from the stream of hot tears.Nothing ever made him cry but he couldn't control himself now.She looked at him with a different kind of passion burning in her eyes and he did the same.Alex's heart s
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Alex struggled to his feet blindly as he tried to see where the voice came from, everyone around the scene had immediately become quiet, he struggled to his feet and turned around.It was Bruce.Alex clenched his fist and gritted his teeth angrily. Bruce stood there, staring at him with a wry smile spread across his face, he looked like he was mocking him. Alex wondered if Bruce knew about him and Sarah all along.On one hand he was holding a phone, Alex could see that Bruce was truly filming a live video on Dukduk, everything was true. Sarah was truly leaving himHe was holding Sarah with his other hand, holding her romantically against his shoulders.She was wearing the dress he got for her,the new expensive dress she had cried to him about and he had gone ahead to spend his two months salary on the dress just to make her happy. He had gone by months without buying anything for himself all because she had said she wanted it and now here she was, this was the first time she was weari
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Alex came back to consciousness with a thudding headache, eyes closed against the dull pain.The back of his skull throbbed causing him unexplainable pain; he bit out a curse and moved his hand to inspect the damage , except that it didn't move, he couldn't move his arms, Something was restraining his arms. His legs too were immobilized, they had been tied tightly, he had noticed just now as he tried to get upA steady dripping echoed all around him, but it seemed to come from a single source.A runny tap, or a leak in the roof.How long had he been out cold? He felt bruised all over his body. His lips were parched and hunger growls in his stomach. He cracked open his eyes to see better and perceive how deep in shit he was.The blackness continued to engulf him. A tremor of panic vibrated in his core.He could hear a loud sound coming from outside, it was the sound of other vehicles.Everything was coming back to him, the dark events of the last two weeks. He could remember everythin
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Alex was shoved from behind as he staggered to the huge gate. The officers who had brought him here immediately handed him over to the men at the huge gate and walked back to the huge black van.After going through the fingerprinting, photographing and strip searching procedures, he was finally led to his cell.Alex couldn't help but notice the stares he was getting from the other inmates. He was going to be an easy target for everyone, he was thin and frail looking with little experience in fighting. He had once played baseball back in highschool,he was very good at it, that was where he met Sarah.Why did everything remind him of her? The memory of her in court testifying against him had been plastered in his head, he was seeing it every time he closed his eyes.He looked around, horrified at what he saw, he couldn't survive twenty years in here, he had no one to turn to, no connections to even help him out of here.All through the night he kept on thinking about how his life had ta
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Thin rays of the Moonlight streaked into the tiny cell ,showing a visible part of the aged cracked face infront of Alex.The face looked ancient under the light of the moon, even though the cell was dark,Alex could still make out the image of the rest of the body.He slowly walked to the corner of the cell, opposite the man.The floor was moist from the lack of fresh air and sunlight, Alex held in a sigh of relief as he sat down on the floor.He could make out the man's face, turning to stare at him.The man looked at him with a crooked expression."I've not had a cellmate in two years." The man croaked, his voice was hoarse and weak."Why are you here?" The man continued.Alex was too stunned to speak, the man's voice didn't fit the face.He looked like he was around seventy years old but he sounded younger and like someone that had once lived sophisticatedly." Marshall." The man continued.Alex knew marshall, he was one of the nicest wardens if not the nicest."He usually has a lit
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The loud clanging of the gates made him sit up immediately, he had a swift dream, he could barely remember the details, it was something about a cliff, he could remember seeing sarah.oh yes! he could remember seeing sarah hanging off a cliff, he had attempted to save her and she had taken him down with her instead.The loud clanging on the prison cell made him open his eyes again, he looked at the opposite cell of the room, the old man sat there, bent over like he was a scribbling something on a piece of paper.Marshall stood at the gate, looking at them suspiciously."suspension time is up! we're returning you back to your cell.""hope you learn to be on your best behaviors boy!" Marshall grunted loudly as he watched Alex drag himself off the ground.The old man stood up and walked over to the gate, he whispered in Marshall's ears and handed the paper to him.Alex walked to the gate as he watched the old man scruffle back to his corner."Take care of yourself chap, good luck." The
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Alex looked at the darkened roof as it vibrated dangerously, debris pouring into his eyes, the building was falling apart.The smoke was too thick and it stung his eyes. He looked at the old man again, the flames were not near him yet, it would take a while for it to get near him, meaning he still had time to get a wet blanket or something to beat the flames and smoke with.Alex turned around, he had to run back through where he came from in search of a wet blanket, time wasn't on his side.He heard a loud rumble, a louder one following the first.The ceiling was collapsing already!He was halfway down the hall already, Alex rushed down the hallway back to the old man, the ground behind him giving way as the ceiling collapsed chasing him and he ran.He grabbed the old man's arm and pulled him into what appeared to be a hallway closet“Al—?” he couldn’t get another word out, as Alex's big hand clamped over his mouth. His muscular arms held him tight and the look in his eyes told him h
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In his life,Alex had done many crazy things but this was the craziest.The air was cold against his face as he leaped into the air, the building crumbling and going up in flames behind him. The hard ground came rushing at him. Unable to stop the momentum, he lifted his leg to take the brunt of the impact.A roar erupted from his chest as his whole body connected with the solid hard ground, pain splintered through his body, especially his leg. He had angled his body so his legs could take the fall and held his hands tight around his head as he crashed to the floor.Everything went dark.*****With every ounce of strength she had left Joanne tried to hold herself together, Marshall had called her late last night telling her about the fire at the prison, she had rushed here, driving all through the night and here she was, in Marshall's cramped up apartment, Marshall was lucky, he wasn't on shift last night but immediately he heard of the fire he had rushed straight to the prison.He had
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Chapter 10
He had taken some of the drugs he found on the cabinet and he felt better.He watched her eyes blink several times.She didn't look worried but he knew he still had to put her at ease.“No one knows what happened to me. It’s all over the news that a lot of us were killed in that explosion." Alex said as he motioned towards the black couch. " Yeah, you guys don't have much time.I'll call them to set the record straight,” Marshall chipped in.Alex glanced over at him, he looked like he was prepared for whatever storm was coming“What—what would happen if they get hold of you? or if they know I'm with you?” She twisted her hands in her lap, starting to look very nervous.Alex shook his head firmly and she relaxed a little in her seat. “We shouldn't be worrying about that, we should be preparing to leave here before twelve.once it's twelve, every of the city's exits would be shut."“What did the police say?” She leaned closer to his chair as she asked Marshall,who stood across the room
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