The First Step

As instructed in Edward’s letter, Andrew visited the Dynamic Company, a place written on the map he provided.

Andrew was pretty shocked.

Instead of a company, the place he arrives to look more like an apartment than a company.

In fact, it is an apartment.

“Am I in the right place?”

He looked at the letter again. It obviously points at the apartment.

He entered the apartment and talked to the receptionist.


The receptionist looked at him though Andrew wasn’t sure where to look.

The height difference makes Andrew able to peek from above. The miraculous cleavage under him makes him sway. He shakes his head profusely.

‘Stupid me. I’m just engaged, what am I thinking!?’He thought.

Andrew cleared his throat and stated why he’s there.

“I’m here to meet Harley”

The woman was clearly shocked.

She stares at Andrew.

“How do you know that name?”She asked with a doubtful eye.

“Eh? Ed–I mean Sir Edward told me to come here and find someone named Harley”

The moment Andrew stated Edward’s name, the woman’s eyes opened wide.

“Are you perhaps Andrew!?”

She asked while leaning on the table towards him.

“Indeed I am”

The woman quickly bowed her head when she confirmed Andrew’s identity. 

“I’m very sorry for not recognizing you immediately!!”

Andrew was shocked.  

She bowed for a few seconds before straightening her body again. “I’m very sorry for my rather rude behavior. My name is Harley Vinson. I’m the one responsible for the management of Dynamic Company” She said.

Andrew was surprised again. 

She is the Harley that he's been looking for. “but…then why are you here?”

Andrew has to ask. If she is the manager of the company, then why is she here as an apartment receptionist?

Harley tilted her head, confused about Andrew’s questions. 

“Mh? Because this is the company”she answered him.

There was a moment silent before Andrew could catch what she just said.

‘Sir Edward established a new company…but why did it look like an apartment?’

He thought.

“uhm…” He tried to say something but Harley cut him off.

“I knew what you were thinking. Why did a company built by Sir Edward Wilson look like an apartment right?”

Andrew’s eyes opened wide. He nodded in confirmation.

Harley smiles.

“This way, sir Andrew”

She leaves the reception desk and starts guiding Andrew towards the elevator.

She then started explaining everything the moment she pressed the button.

“It’s pretty simple actually. It is efficient, cost-effective and time saving,”She said.

“Ah… I see.”

In other words, everyone that works for the company is basically working from home. No late attendance or overtime because they were basically working in the room provided by the company. 

The elevator stopped once it reached the tenth floor.

“It’s very practical. I like how he thought of this through”

Andrew said as they stepped out from the lift. They start walking down the hallway towards an unknown destination.

“Obviously, he is one of the Kings after all”


The new terms cause bewilderment to Andrew


Harley was surprised. She then starts explaining about the Kings to him.

“'Kings' is a term people use for those who have reached a certain level. For example, they called sir Edward the Fox King”

“Ah…I can see that”

Sly as a fox. That’s what the article that Alfred sent to him is all about. The way he used manipulation to get to where he is shocked everyone that witnessed. 

All of his questions have been answered. Especially about how Edward thought of the scheme.

He nodded understandingly and changed the topic.

“If the term Kings exist, it basically means that there are others that were given the title as well, right?”

Harley stopped on her track as Andrew continued walking. She then catches up and starts praising him.

“excellent foresight, Sir Andrew. Yes, there is.”

She said, confirming his theory.

Andrew nodded his head. 

The term King is actually much bigger than it seems. A king is a person that governs a nation. Sometimes, there will be wars involving kings.

This means that if the term existed, fights between the holders of the title would bound to happen.

“Anyone I need to look out for? A foe or a friend”

He said, which caused another stop for Harley.

“…that’s…another excellent foresight… there is actually.”

They reach the end of the hallway which leads into a grand door that was designed magnificently. Harley opened the door and let Andrew inside.

“This is the Chief room”

“So Sir Edward's title here is chief huh?”

“Yes, since you now own the company, should I call you chief as well?”

Andrew lifted his palm towards her as a sign for her to stop.

“Keep using Sir. It will cause a commotion if you called me chief during my next visit.”

He said before sitting on the chair.

The chairs were so comfortable that he almost fell asleep immediately. He shakes his head and focuses on Harley that stands across the table that separates them.

“Then I will keep calling you Sir Andrew. Your status will be our contributor, how’s that?”

“Perfect. Now, about the kings. Please explain them in further detail.”

She nodded and started talking.

“First of all, there’s four most known Kings in this world. They were Mr. Tyler, Mrs. Skye , Cordelia Family and Dragon clan”

“Dragon clan?”

“Yes. They were the ones you need to look out for. Just like their name, never I mean ever try to mess with them. They were an infamous family that’s very well known in the underworld”

“As for the others, Mr Tyler is the King of Land, Mrs Skye is the Ruler of the Sky and Cordelia Family is the King of seven seas.”

Just from their title, Andrew can already know their field of expertise.

King of Land means that they basically got the land covered. Tyler is most likely a car manufacturer.

Ruler of the Sky. It’s quite obvious. They were a plane manufacturer or something that related to air.

King of seven seas. Andrew knew of them, especially the name Cordelia. One of their family accidentally builds an unsinkable ship and all sailors from around the world start craving for their invention.

Andrew nodded his head after knowing all of the King's name and Title.   

“I see…”

“If we were talking about friends, then the King of Rozes is our choice” Harley said again.


“They were a manufacturer that managed to make excellent products from mother nature. Their well known products is Roses Scent, a perfume that blew up a few years ago”

She said as she handed over what looked like a paper. On the paper was written the net worth of the Rozes company.

They had a million net worth but it wasn't as great as when they first blew up.

“I see … using our market research service, we can strike a deal with them”

Andrew said after realization.

Harley gives him a light clap and starts praising him.

“Excellent, sir Andrew. That’s the very same thoughts as Sir Edward. No wonder he chooses you”

Andrew could feel his eyebrows flinch. 

'As I thought, that's a big responsibility.'

Andrew thought after remembering that Edward purposely chose him.

He shakes his head denying her.“Nah, I’m just a useless son-in-law. Talking about me, is there anyone else that knows about this company other than us?”

“Rest assured. The company manager is me so most employees don't know that the company rightfully belongs to you. Your identity will be kept confidential alongside the existence of this company.” She replied.

Andrew nodded.

“good, keep it that way. And one more thing. I will be mostly working from home myself, just not here. When I’m not around, I want you to take care of this place in my stead.” He said as he fixed his t-shirt.

“Understood Sir. Rest assured, all the team we have is one of the best that sir Edward could recruit. I’m confident that we will reach or even surpass your expectations” She said with absolute confidence.

“Glad to hear that. I will be going now. Keep doing whatever you were doing but make sure helping Cecilia’s company become our priority.”

Andrew stands from his seat and makes his way towards the exit.

“Absolutely, sir. Please take care and I will be awaiting for your next visit” She bowed to Andrew as he exited the room.

He entered the elevator and leaned on the wall. 

“Haaaah, first step done. I need to plan my next step but fuuuhhh, I’m tired…”

He complained as he tried to crack a few bones.

“There is a very long journey ahead and to think that this is only the beginning… haaaah, as I thought, I should have rejected the marriage after all”

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