Again The Shadow

“Yes, hello?”

I hesitated before responding, “Dr. Pearsion?”

“Ah, Sam, yes, how can I help you? I wasn’t expecting a call until next week.”

“Well, that’s the thing. I just have a few questions. If you have some time?”

There was a moment of silence, “Yes, I can’t be long, but I can spare a few minutes, I suppose. What questions do you have?”

I caught myself pacing and sat at my desk, with pen in hand, “First, um, I know you helped me with my dreams, with the accident,” I said, unsure how to ask him what I wanted to know.

He responded by asking me, “Yes, are the nightmares back?”

“Well, no, yes, not really. Do you know by chance what burnt eyes mean in a dream?”

He sounded thoughtful and asked, “Burning eyes? Do you mean like eyes that are on fire?”

“No, like, where the eye should be, there’s a charred hole, but with no end to it, I guess, fuck, I don’t know.”

“I see. Like any dream that focuses on a specific detail, like you just stated, the meaning can be symbolic. Like with
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