Paige's Club

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Paige's Club

By: Blessing Wisdom OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Suddenly, she hears more glasses crashing against the floor behind her. "Who are you?!" Whirling, she says breathlessly. However, before she could make any other move, a strong hand grasped her right shoulder such that it hurts bitterly and unfortunately before she could pull the trigger, the gun was violently pulled from her trembling hands. And after that dreadful cold night, it's a great shock to find Paige's corpse in the washroom at her bar. Her eyes were plucked out of their sockets, leaving them empty while profuse blood was gushing out. Her body and dress are completely bloodstained, which propels perplexity in the viewers. This unprepared sudden death of Paige Elmer drives cold into everyone as no one can explain how or why she died, much less, the murderer. Shortly, a dark ghastly creature begins to haunt other people. No one can kill that creature as it has a Dark Secret that will eventually be unveiled. Who is Paige Elmer, The Dark Secret, and the murderer?


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16 chapters
Chapter 1. Paige's Death.
The customers were gone and Paige had dismissed her workers for the night. She locked the entrance door, slid the glass close, and then walked down to the passage leading to the washroom where she stood in front of a large mirror on the wall. As a young, gorgeous, tall, and slim lady in her late twenties, her dazzling green eyes with massive lashes and thick arched brows coupled with a pointed nose and thin red lips, made her look even prettier. Her thick black hair that cascaded to her waist was also center-parted. From the thin lines that rested between her brows, it was obvious that she’d had a stressful day but it’s just one of the many others. While gazing at her reflection in the mirror, the thought of taking a shower crossed her mind but as the weather was cold, she immediately crossed the thought out of her mind especially as she was only wearing a short sleeveless gown. The cold struck her badly as the breeze blew from one of the open windows. Reaching for the parcel of
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Chapter 2. Clayton's Hunted Imaginations.
It has been a few months since Paige's death. Still, Clayton Milton has not been himself because, in every of his quiet time, the memory of Paige's corpse always flickered in his mind. Each time this happens, his heartbeat accelerates to a violent bang against his chest. The champagne sparkled and frothed as he was filling the wine glass in his left hand. Then he listened to the relaxing fizz and pops produced by the eruption of bubbles. He was sitting on a fluffy sofa in his wide, well-furnished, and luxurious living room waiting for his sister, Lucinda, to arrive so that he could take her to Paige's club and show her around. Since Paige died, her club has been shut down for six months. Within this period, Clayton had discussed with Lucinda, telling her to manage the club which she agreed on. Well, there was something she didn't know. He picked up the wine glass from the small stool beside the sofa and sipped the drink. "Hey, Clay!" Lucind
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Chapter 3. The Gloomy Figure.
"Look in the mirror", Lucinda said behind him. Why? He had not recovered from the shock of seeing her legs floating in the air and the way her voice was echoing in his ears propelled perplexity in him. Then he tightened his lips and raised his head slowly. Casting a puzzled look at the mirror, he saw a figure behind him and blinked in doubt about what he'd just seen. Was it, not Lucinda that was standing behind him a few seconds ago? The figure was black, faint, and transparent such that he saw through it. Facing downwards, its thick, black, and long hair covered its face. He watched in terror as the figure began to raise its head slowly. To be sure he wasn't dreaming, he turned to confirm what he was seeing but found no one. Suddenly a ghastly face erupted in the mirror; its eye sockets were empty and blood was gushing out profusely while gnashing its teeth. At this point, Clayton didn't know whether he should scream or not because the pressure on him was extreme. Cold sweat bega
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Chapter 4. Encountering The Ghastly Demon.
The night was cold and the rustlings of leaves grew louder as the near gale blasted, and trees were swaying continuously. While Clayton was standing by the mirror at Paige's Club, In a rush, the washroom door opened with a rattling creak, and whispers boomed into his ears at once. Wondering what was going on, curiosity gleamed in his eyes as he turned toward the washroom whose door was slightly open. His heart thumped brutally against his chest at every step he took toward the washroom such that he was choking. Gazing bewilderedly at the door, he noticed something like a gigantic shadow rising to its feet. What! Clayton exclaimed in his head, pausing his movement. His head was spinning and he was overwhelmed mostly by the whispers which sounded louder, filling the air and echoing in his ears all along. Was there anyone in here for real? Or was his imagination playing pranks on him?! Despite the coldness of the place, he felt the heat of the profuse sweat sliding down his back in
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Chapter 5. The Lady In Black.
The club was illuminated by a red light and customers flooded the place dancing to the hip-hop song that was booming in the air. Some people were dancing alone while some were dancing in pairs. On stage, other gays and lesbians were moving their bodies seductively in bras and panties. Meanwhile, Lucinda was sitting in a corner, having a bottle of froth on her table. She was thrilled by the way the club was filled with customers dancing and popping up champagne joyfully. With a smile, she gulped the drink while moving her body to the rhythm of the music. Wrapping his arms around his girlfriend, and kissing her passionately, Reece noticed she was trying to pull away. "What's wrong, baby?" With his lips pressing against hers, he asked. "I'm pressed," Kelsey said. "Really," Reece replied. "Yeah," Kelsey replied, looking around. "Comm'n baby," Reece tightened his arms around her. "You can manage that, can't you?" He continued kissing until she jerked away from him. "I'm pressed, R
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Chapter 6. Lady in Black 2.
Staring back to be sure of what he had seen while driving, he saw nothing but was still looking. "Watch out!" He heard Kelsey say and he turned immediately. The car's pace was too high and he could barely brake when he saw someone in front of the car. It happened too fast and he'd already knocked down the person when the car halted suddenly. He exhaled and got out of the car only to find out that he'd just hit Kelsey who had been in the car with him. What! He looked at the car and noticed that she wasn't in there. Wait. Now, this was the weirdest thing that had ever happened to him. He raised an eyebrow and squatted. But…how the fuck did she get out of the car, that he even knocked her down? "Kelsey?" Was she dead? She was bleeding in several parts of her body. "Kelsey? Kelsey!" He shook her hard but she didn't respond. "Oh no!" Damn! He was so confused, he couldn't think. What the f*ck! He wanted to lift her into his arms when a car drove past and with its headlights flashing a
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Chapter 7. The Little Psychic.
"Mom," Lunasha said when she opened the door. "You were talking with a ghost." Standing out the door in the dark, with two big heavy bags, Lucinda tossed an odd gaze at her daughter. "Let me in first." Lunasha shrugged and carried one of the bags while her mom shut the door. "Jeez! It's super heavy. What's in here, Mom?" She said and waddled toward the sofa on which she plopped the bulky bag in a thud and heaved a sigh of relief. Lucinda plumped into a chair in the sitting room, feeling exhausted. Sitting, she was feeling the weight of herself all over her. She blew out and wanted to ask after her youngest daughter when she heard Elise's tender chuckle while climbing down the stairs excitedly upon seeing her. "Mommy!" Elise clasped her delicate body against Lucinda's. "I missed you, Mom." Snuggling her kid warmly, she said, " Mom missed you more, sweetheart. How have you been, honey? How was school?" "Cool, Mom," Elise replied. "Done with your homework?" "Yes, Mom…" Elise sai
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Chapter 8. A Letter Of Awakening
"Why did you do that to me, Clayton? What did I do wrong?" These whispers echoed in his room while he was asleep. Clay…Clayton! Upon hearing these whispers Clayton's eyes flung open with a glint of shock in them. Initially, he thought there was someone with him in his room, but when his consciousness was restored he realized there was no one. The room was ample and elegant, and the scent of his black Orchid cologne was lingering in the air. His large and well-designed ebony wooden wardrobe was shut and mounted almost close to the window whose light curtain twirled continually as the calm wind was blowing. Beside his bed was a little crystal table on which a bed lamp, a voluminous book, and his wristwatch lay, ticking quietly. Sitting on the bed, still sleepy, the whispers lingered louder in his ears, but once his eyes flung open the whispers seized. Alarmed, he exhaled, and as he could hardly see, he quickly turned on the bed lamp, and then the room got illuminated. He quickly pi
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Chapter 9. Clayton's Flight
Although he was nervous, in no time he hurried upstairs and started packing a few clothes and a few pairs of shoes into a portable suitcase, and twelve glistening steel guns in another suitcase, then he waddled to the kitchen downstairs. He opened a cupboard where he kept glinting sharp knives, took five of them, took two sharp scissors from a small crotch on the cupboard, and got out of the kitchen, leaving the cupboard open. Sure that all electronics were off and everything was okay, he took a brief gaze around, got out, and locked the door. Having mixed feelings and holding two briefcases in both hands, he observed the environment before leaving for his car. Once he had gotten in his car and shut the door, he kept the suitcases on the passenger's seat and started booking one of the hotels in Newington, and luckily he found a room. Exhaling, he put his phone in his suit's inner pocket, started the car engine, and drove off. From a few distances aw
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Chapter 10. The Stranger With Green Eyes
It took 1 hour and 5 minutes to arrive at Alicante Airport, and this was even worse. Clayton was like a fish out of water. Looking around, he felt like disappearing from here to Newington. Sadly, there was no going back now. He was already in Spain…for safety, he thought, trying to reassure himself. With his luggage beside him, he stood, glancing at people moving to and fro. He observed how the majority of people spoke Spanish. He exhaled. ** About an hour… Passengers' luggage had already been kept. The passengers got on the aircraft one after another, heading to diverse seats. Clayton was about to get on the aircraft when he turned and felt like his heart just leaped to his forehead, slamming violently. He stiffened, feeling numb as chills swept inside of him. Tension began to soar inside him. W…was that her for real? Was that her?! He panicked almost in tears. He couldn't believe his eyes. The shock was overwhelming, he could hardly breathe… "Oye, ¿tú qué miras?" An aged la
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