Failed Plans

The sun had warmed the house enough I could shut the windows before going outside and making a fire pit.

Several bricks and cinder blocks were sitting next to the shed, so after using a very old shovel I found, I dug a small burn pit and surrounded it with the blocks and bricks.

It took me a while. The ground was hard from the cold, and for being supposedly fertile dirt, there were a shit ton of rocks.

Once I was finished, I went inside to start grabbing the stuff I had planned on burning.

The small pit was halfway between the house and the woods, so it was safe from setting fire to either.

Eventually, I had a nice blaze built, have found a random lighter in one of the boxes Abby gave me. It was easier than lighting paper on the stove.

Standing there and methodically tossing stuff in, I failed to notice the farmer, Chuck, had come from the backside of the house.

“Heya, Mr. Lake, having yourself a BBQ?”

He startled me initially, and then I felt slightly irritated, but I just no
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