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Jayden hides his identity as the famous conglomerate's heir in order to love the daughter of his family's enemy, Bella. But she betrays him and almost kills Jayden to marry a man who looks richer than him. Jayden decides to take revenge, he returns to his true position and slaps everyone with the fact that he is the richest. Now, Jayden will make Bella regret and marry Bella's younger sister. Jayden will avenge the pain and insults he has received, even though he has to live among the arrogant people in Bella's family.

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    I like it!!

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CHAPTER 1Jayden was a 26-year-old man. His background was not very clear, and he was known to be a loner. He worked at a fairly famous clothing store in Swient City, and now it was time to go home, but he wanted to give his girlfriend, Bella Moore, a little surprise."Jayden." Jayden turned his head when he was called. He was preparing to close the store, and the manager told him to come over. "Come here."Adam Scott, the store manager, looked at Jayden with his cold eyes. Jayden was happy because today was his day to receive his salary."This is yours." Adam handed Jayden the rather thick brown envelope, making Jayden impatient and even happier when he saw that there was more money than usual."Is this my salary this month? Wow, that's a lot, Mr. Scott.""That's your severance pay." Jayden was silent, stunned. "You can stop working starting tomorrow." After that, Adam turned away and didn't want to talk anymore.But Jayden needed an explanation."Mr. Scott, why was I fired?""Isn't
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CHAPTER 2Jayden didn’t know how long he had been unconscious, but when he opened his eyes, all he saw was the ceiling of the hospital room and the face of a man staring at him with his big eyes.“Are you already conscious?” asked the man with slightly curly brown hair, looking surprised. “I’ll call the doctor right away!”“How long have I been unconscious?” asked Jayden, making the man pause and look at Jayden. “Sit down and let me ask. I’m fine, so I don’t really need a doctor.”The man was a little dumbfounded at Jayden’s words.“You’re fine? Sir, you were in a coma for 5 days and almost died of blood loss. If I hadn’t found you while cleaning the hotel room, you would’ve died from the deep gunshot wound on your shoulder.”Jayden was pensive, remembering what happened to him.That night, Bella really shot him; it was unexpected that the woman Jayden loved would try to kill him.“Sir, I know life isn’t easy or fair for everyone, but suicide isn’t the only way.”Jayden glanced at the
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CHAPTER 3 Jayden got out of his luxury car in front of a large church where the wedding ceremony would take place.Today was the wedding day of Bella Moore and Baron Wills, just two weeks after the night when Bella shot him, and the woman would end up happy with the man of her choice."I didn't think I'd be a guest at my beloved woman's wedding," Jayden said with a sad tone, but then he smiled back and said, "At least I won't be kicked out for looking poor."Jayden then entered the church, and he arrived as the wedding vows were being said by the bride and groom. Jayden watched the couple, who were saying their vows with solemnity. It seemed that their love was so sincere that it made Jayden hold back his nausea."Baron Wills and Bella Moore, I hereby pronounce you husband and wife!"Everyone in the church applauded loudly and had big smiles on their faces, blessing Baron and Bella for officially becoming husband and wife.Jayden did, too. He clapped his hands and shouted."WOOHOO...
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CHAPTER 4"How did that happen?"Bella entered her room, throwing the bridal flowers. She angrily threw everything on her dressing table, while Baron just stood and watched."How could that poor man be the son of the richest family in the city?" Bella said, still feeling upset and out of her mind. She felt fooled and was played by Jayden. "I can't take this humiliation!""Bella, stop it. What do you want with all this? He's just playing you. He's a loser like always," Baron said, unable to stand seeing Bella angry.But the woman gave the baron a sharp look."You don't understand my feelings. You don't understand what it's like to be played since you are the player!"Baron felt offended."What do you mean? I'm playing with you. We've agreed to ignore that man and live happily together.""No! I won't be able to live happily with this humiliation! Argh!" Bella broke the decorations in her bridal room, but she remembered something. She ran towards the bed to pick up the small box Jayden h
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CHAPTER 5Jayden prepared a very festive wedding for Medeia. No one could stop them.Even when Benjamin expressed his disapproval of the wedding, he still let Jayden use his money to organize the most festive wedding party in town.Jayden invited a lot of people; he even invited Medeia’s entire family to come. Although he knew that Medeia’s father would definitely not come, Jayden was quite surprised when he saw Bella in his dressing room.The woman seemed to be holding back anger, looking like she was going to throw Jayden with her expensive bag, but she pulled Jayden’s collar and kissed him.Jayden didn’t move, but that didn’t mean he liked it.“Are you drunk?” asked Jayden. Bella tried to kiss him again, but this time Jayden dodged. “Think about what will happen to you if I spread this news to the media.”Bella stared sharply.“Bella Moore, the favorite daughter of Moore’s businessmen, came to secretly meet the future husband of her sister and planned an affair? No, maybe this can
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CHAPTER 6"I was quite sad not to see you at our wedding. I wish you could have come and blessed us."Desmond laughed at Jayden's words. He seemed to be trying to keep his cool, even though he wanted to crush Jayden. Desmond came down the stairs, facing Jayden more closely."After seeing it up close, that arrogance you hide behind your mask looks even more annoying," Desmond said."Really?" retorted Jayden, "even though I'm not wearing any masks and have nothing to hide from you.""So you're going to openly show your desire to destroy me? Is that why you married my daughter?"Medeia gave Jayden and her father a worried look. Jayden said, "Do you know why someone would share a bus seat even with a stranger? It's because they have the same goal." Desmond gave Medeia a cold, cynical glance, making her lower her head even more."I'm not surprised. Even from the beginning, I understood that the baluch would still grow into an obstacle, but at least I'm glad that it has found a new host."M
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CHAPTER 7Jayden ran down the deserted hospital hallway, rushing towards the front of the ICU room where Yohan was waiting for him. "Young master...." Yohan stood up and approached Jayden, who looked panicked and confused. Anyone in Jayden's position would probably panic and not expect anything like him. Jayden did not think that there would be a robber who entered Benjamin's room and hurt him. "Grandpa...." "The medics are still trying to heal him." "Is it worse?" asked Jayden. Yohan didn't answer, and Jayden saw his expression. That was enough to answer his question. Jayden approached the door of the ICU room and saw the busy medics, moving quickly to save Benjamin, who had been injured badly. Jayden could not see his grandfather's face, but just looking at the amount of blood around the bed where Benjamin lay, Jayden could already tell how serious the situation was right now. Jayden moved away from the door, looking very anxious, tense, and somewhat confused. "What exactly h
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CHAPTER 8Jayden was in Benjamin's room, sitting on the chair that Benjamin usually sat on while working. As a result of the violent robbery incident, Benjamin was left in a coma. A severe head injury was the reason, and Jayden took over Benjamin's position as the leader in the family and in the company. The police stated that the incident was a robbery, and they were trying to find the perpetrator even though it seemed a little harder."It feels like it was a ghost and not a robber that entered my grandpa's room," Jayden said, still thinking about the robbery. "There's no footage of the robber entering, passing through the corridor, or being near Grandpa's room. Judging by the number of items missing, it's thought that only one robber entered." Jayden laughed a little, but what he was thinking was no joke. "If it's not a ghost, then what kind of professional would have broken into Grandpa's room that night? He also did it under 12 p.m., while most robbers would break into their ta
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CHAPTER 9The reality of life began to dawn on Jayden again. He was finding himself trapped in a circle of enemies."I am convinced that someone is trying to lay hands on Granddad and the problem is the difficulty in figuring out who this culprit is." His voice was shaking as he wondered who could be after his grandfather's life."We must give this piece of information to the police as it would be helpful for investigation. Or what do you think?" Brian asked, trying so hard to maintain the line of conversation and keep Jayden from slipping into thoughts."At this point, I have terrible trust issues," Jayden scoffed. "I cannot stop imagining that even the police are involved in the failed murder attempt of my Grandfather. The two questions that cannot leave my mind are; Who and Why?"The two men stared into the night quietly only the sound of their breathing filling the vacuum. "Where is my wife, Medeia?""The last time I saw her, she was taking a quiet walk in the garden. She seems a
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CHAPTER 10How it began was Jayden thinking through and finally accepting the fact that he is the head of the Conglomerate and deciding purposefully that he had to start running the affairs of the company even though he was neither prepared nor willing to do so.He talked extensively with Nora and Brian they advised that he had to first set up a board meeting where he would issue the new order of things. "I would love to see Aunt Hellena's face when I break the news to her that she no longer has a place in this company unless I decide otherwise," Jayden muttered to himself. "The woman's wings need to be clipped."Brian and the others exchanged glances and laughed out hard. They admired their young master and loved his ways of coming back at his enemies."But I suggest you have to tighten up security young master Jayden, as this new order could shake things up a bit for the business security-wise," Brian suggested."Very correct! Grandpa Benjamin is feared and his name injects fear but
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