The Fierce Mason Gray And The Jinni

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The Fierce Mason Gray And The Jinni

By: Princez OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Mason Gray, a poor student of a rich university is constantly mocked by all because of the woman he loves but one day when he chose to die after going through what was the most worst moment of his life, luck shined upon him as he inherits a treasure that changes his entire life making him the most powerful man in the world. Then and there he vowed that he will never let anyone work over him without making them pay, however, there are other powerful individuals who wants his treasure and his destined wife. A wife in which together they will become more powerful, however, Will Mason Gray be able to get his wife attention as a poor man in disguise and fight his enemies in the shadows?

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  • Ernesto Quijano


    I like it when a story would have less chapters than long-running ones.

    2023-02-12 18:20:41
  • Haniff


    Disappointed! Why sell book that is not completed?

    2023-01-02 07:04:12
  • South Ashan


    Nice story, has a lot of potential.

    2022-08-18 20:05:46
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14 chapters
The Jinni. Episode 1.
Out in the open in Sycamore City."Cynthia what the hell are you doing?!" Under the ice-cold rain, Mason screamed at the top of his lungs for the whole world to hear. At the same time, lightning crackled in the sky almost as if it was reacting to Mason's scream of frustration."Oh look at that…if it isn’t the broke loser!" said a man wearing a very expensive blue designer's suit, smirking while standing beside him was a very beautiful lady in a long thigh-high slit pink dress that hugged her body tightly, accentuating all her sexiness.It was raining heavily in Sycamore city and unlike Mason who was drenched, the lady and man before him were different. They were both being shielded from the rain by two black umbrellas held by two tall muscular bodyguards in raincoats.As if having bodyguards weren’t enough, right behind them was a Bentley Mulsanne worth $300,000 and for a fact, everything about them screamed, wealth!However, when one looked at Mason everything about him screamed poor.
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The Jinni. Episode 2.
Hearing his question, Cynthia trembled for only just a second as she watched Mason breathing heavily while standing in the rain with a glint of confusion and sadness in his eyes. Her eyes glistened with shock for only just a second and then she sighed and opened her mouth.“I’m sorry Mason but…I just don’t think our relationship can work anymore.”Rumble.The lightning lit up the sky like it was the day for only a brief second to reveal Mason’s face of disbelief before reverting to its state of darkness.“W-What...What do you mean?…” Mason’s voice became weak almost as if he had lost all strength. “You don’t mean what you’re saying…what did he tell you? Is he blackmailing you?! Tell me and I’ll make him pay!”“Mason, no...It’s not that. It’s just that…Derrick said he loves me and I love him too so we started dating.” Cynthia said with a nervous but adamant voice.“What?”Mason just didn’t want to believe what he was currently hearing at the moment. Is this the Cynthia he knows that’s c
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Inheritance. Episode 1.
..Am I dead?Mason was currently stunned by what he was seeing.Standing before him was a lady, however, it would be an understatement to call her just a lady. The lady was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his entire life!It will be correct to say that she was as beautiful as an angel. No, an Angel is still an understatement. The lady was a goddess!She had a set of charming blue eyes. Her blue eyes were so charming and seductive that it put Mason’s blue eyes to shame. Mason couldn’t help but look away in shyness even in his last moments.However, he looked back at her to continue adoring her, after all, that is what any man would do.Standing before him was a tall lady with a body that depicted the words ‘figure eight’. She had very long hair that fell behind her back like a waterfall and the fringe of her red hair accentuated her beautiful oval face even more.She currently had on a navy blue transparent dress that was slightly revealing her seductive blossom on her ch
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Inheritance. Episode 2.
. . Is this a dream? Mason could not tell. However, one thing didn’t change. He was not finding himself waking up from any bed even after consciously pinching himself more than 20 times! Looking through the balcony of the Luxurious room, Mason’s eyes became widened, reflecting only one thing. Greed. Mason could tell that he was now in a room that was obviously on the higher floor of a mansion. No, this was a castle. From the how high this balcony is, Mason could tell that he was currently inside a castle. He was now looking at the ground through a balcony that was 40 floors high! Looking through the balcony, at the compound of this castle were various cars. These weren’t just any cars. They were luxurious cars! Cars that could actually buy people’s entire generation. Mason used to work inside a mechanic shop and sometimes he fixed big cars and even if it was not everyday he saw an expensive car, when he did see one he was always fascinated and this somehow brought out his interes
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Inheritance. Episode 3.
..Mason couldn’t believe it. Everything was beginning to look like what happens in those novels he usually reads.Although he had so many questions he wanted to ask he kept quiet to watch the video record of his grandfather trying to get down everything he needed to know before bringing up his questions.Mason stood there with his eyes fixed on the old man who was still talking on the screen.He pinched himself once more to see if he was still dreaming but even after feeling pain from this action, he didn’t find himself waking up on any bed.Robinson Gray, his grandfather kept on speaking. “Yes. You are now the master of the Jinni by your side and also the master of the entire fortunes under Gray’s family control. Although all these are probably enough to make you feel much more pride than before I have to tell you there are certain rules to things.”“Those rules have to do a lot with the Jinni. Don’t worry the Jinni will explain the rules to you and for your good, it will be best to
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The Five Big Families.
..Mason was more confused than ever.How is he married? It doesn't make any sense. It was then he suddenly realized why it was so.Seeing the confusion in his eyes for a moment, the Jinni smiled and began to explain. “You were bound to marriage by your parents to a girl in the family with the second treasure while you were still a baby”“Wait that means technically it was all an arranged marriage?”“Yes.” The Jinni smiled seeing that the young man was beginning to catch up. “The girl in the second family is supposedly your wife and I’m sure she will still be waiting for you.”For the very first time since meeting the mysterious beautiful lady in front of him, Mason frowned due to her words. He did not like the idea of this his proclaimed wife one bit.“I don’t think I can fulfill this wish of my grandfather by getting together with a woman that I do not know.” Mason quickly spoke out in a serious tone. “My parents may have married me off to someone else before I knew about it but I
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Arranged Wife.
..For the very first time in a while, Mason was glad to wake up and this was mostly because he was not waking up as the poor boy he used to be, but as the owner of the best treasure in the world. Not only was he the owner of the best treasure in the world but he was also the leader of the strongest family.With so much wealth and power in his hands, there was only one thing Mason wanted to do and that was to flaunt his wealth and relax. He wanted to enjoy himself as much as possible since he was now rich but life was a sucker that still had to mess up his plans.Even though he was now rich, he quickly realized that he can’t reveal his identity just yet. Hearing from the Jinni that people would want to take his life to get his ring made him cautious. After all, he doesn’t know any of these people that will be after his ring so revealing himself to the world will only increase his chances of not enjoying his inheritance for too long.Mason was quick to realize that if he wants to enjoy
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The Unexpected Shock.
..The knock had interrupted both Mason’s and the Jinni’s conversation so Mason got up to see who was on the door.Upon opening the door, a familiar face came into his view.“Good morning master.” Ted bowed respectfully.Ted had now changed and freshened up from his old look of only a few hours ago. He was now wearing a morning tailcoat suit. He was dressed like how any butler would usually be dressed except that he was a very young man compared to the image of an old man.It was now 11 am late morning and Ted knew his new master needed enough time to sleep through everything and that was why he was only coming to wake him this late.“Master I came to inform you that breakfast is now ready in the dining room,” Ted said with his head still slightly bowed.Mason was left in a daze for a few seconds before he swiftly recovered his composure. Honestly, this treatment of importance is something he will have to get used to.“I’m sorry…thanks for the information but Ted I have to ask, is t
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Back to Sycamore City. Episode 1.
. . Since yesterday Mason had been shocked so much that he had lost count of the number of shocks he has received so far. And now he’s receiving another shock. A shock so great that his expression couldn’t hide it. “A-All these companies…” “What about the companies?” Pablo asked with an indifferent expression. “All these are big popular companies!” Mason exclaimed. When Pablo first talked about companies listed in the files, Mason was expecting to see a few successful companies but he wasn’t expecting to see this. Inside the black file in his hands is the world-known multi-billion dollar company listed. Companies that influenced the entire world in different industries. There was Amezon, Mike, Louis Vu*tton and there was even gaogle! The first hundred companies Mason could see on the files were all known companies and there were even more. “A-Are you saying I own all these companies now?” Mason asked as he gulped in his saliva. “Of course.” The Jinni's sweet voice entered his
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Back To Sycamore City. Episode 2.
..A journey that would’ve taken him two days to get to his destination only took two hours by flight.The benefits of being rich are worth any work after all.The helicopter landed at Sycamore city’s airport. Before Mason got off the helicopter, a beautiful flight attendant had him change.Mason wasn’t too stunned by this because he had been briefed in their meeting about this part. Even though he’s still trying to hide his identity, coming out of a luxurious helicopter with his old clothes will only do more harm than good.If anyone is watching every move of the Gray family right now, they will probably find it fishy to see such luxurious service being rendered to someone who looked unimportant. So Mason’s clothes were changed and he took a haircut which made him look like a brand new person.Mason stepped out of the helicopter feeling great and then he entered a black Rolls-Royce.Entering the car, Mason got a shot of another dopamine inside his head.He and the Jinni sat inside t
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